Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Award

I'm very thankful for all who participate in this vote and spend their time on my blog.

For me blogger world is a place when you can find different opinions and different points of view of the same subject. I think our small piece of writing can reflect at least some features of our personality. Through blogger world I restored the faith and the believe in our future as Libyans, I think we have such great personalities which they can make the difference in this life if they have the chance to do that. Giriani, Highlander, Happy, Anglo Libyan, Dunia, Tansim, Ahmed, Ph, Benghazi C, Leebya, Ema , DTD, and White African all of them show the ability to be great leaders (plz Mr Qadafi don’t get me wrong), I think in Libya we need more and more of this kind of people, before I came Uk, my believes was only intelligent people can make the difference but after three years now and with many different experiences I believe only people who have leadership features can make the difference and I think most of you have these features.

Now I'm delight to introduce BH's Award winners for this year 2007:

1-Anglo Libyan (Life Experience is talking) with 30 points

2- Leebya (The next revolution leader)……15 points.

3- Highlander (The true original Libyan mind)…….13 points.

4- Ph (The right information at the right time)……11 points.

5- Happymoi (The hungry of success)…..10 points.

Surprisingly, 3 out of the first 5 winners didn't vote, hope they will do next year inshallah, also I'll add the worst blogger next year:-P ( what you think PH)

Also, I would like to name Giriani as the golden father and Safia as the golden mother, if we have parents like Griani and Safia I think our future will be in bright and in safe hands.

Hope 2007 was successful year in your life and hope 2008 has more to add to your happiness and success.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Brave Heart Award 2007

Alslam Alikum Guys, hope everything is going well with all of you, as all of you noticed that the blog family became very quite last two or three months, Lebeeya is in the top of the list, which she must be busy with her study and work. other reason i think the facebook. has something with this quietness, at least with me, which i'll write about it later inshaliha.

walhi guys i think the year become shorter than a week, i hope this year was successful one and u were able to meet ur resolutions. i promised Highlander about my award which i want to share with u in the end of this year. i have the pleasure to announce my Award for the best blogger for 2007 and all of you are invited to participate in this award. as u dont know i'm big fan of football, thats why i take FIFA system to select best player of the year and use it in my award. the way is very easy each one of you can nominate his best five bloggers which he/she believes they are the best.( i know u'll all of u nominate me :-P) it's totally depends on ur views and ideas and i think most of us have open minds and will not feel offended cos she/he dont select him in his/ her list. this mean this award totally depend on selective thinking and not objective one. it's depand on ur thinking and how u can rate the other which point u think it's more important than the other.
ur list it will be 5 names and list it from 1 to 5, number 1 will have 5 marks and the number2 will have 4 and so on . at the end of the month will see which one got the highest marks to take his award from Brave Heart.
let's go on guys.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Embarka needs you

Sallam Guys , i came cross this case on the net , and i think we can help a little bit, this is the story

Assalamu alaikum (peace be upon you) and thank you for visiting this Justgiving page

We have had a phenomenal response to our fundraising appeal for
Embaraka (the young lady in the photo in the cream coloured hijab) during this past month. Embaraka is a schoolteacher from Libya who is in the UK for treatment for blood cancer (chronic myeloid leukemia) because she can't get this treatment in her home country.

She was previously successfully treated for this condition in 1999 and has lived cancer free in Libya for many years. Unfortunately she suffered a relapse earlier this year and had to return to London for more treatment, where she has been struggling to survive, virtually on her own for many months. Her cancer is in a stage called 'blast crisis' which means that she won't live very long unless she has urgent medical treatment. The treatment offers her a chance to live.

Unfortunately, her family in Libya have run out of money and she is not entitled to free treatment or care on the NHS. So, Iman Mahmood (the lady in blue) and I appealing to you to help us raise the 150, 000 pounds she needs to cover the cost of the drug, Glivec, which is used to treat this type of cancer and to pay for a stem cell transplant and after care.

A recent, large donation made to the Hammersmith Hospital anonymously, has enabled Embaraka to undergo chemotherapy treatment and a stem cell transplant. However, we still need to raise another 70, 000 pounds (GBP) to pay for the cost of at least 6 weeks of post surgery aftecare in the Hospital and at least 6 months for monitoring her response to the transplant.

We are really fortunate that the UK registered charity Muslim Global Relief (MGR) agreed to set up a special emergency appeal for Embaraka to help raise funds for her treatment.

You can make a donation in either of 4 ways:

1) Make a donation on this Justgiving page by clicking on 'Donate Now'; donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure and you have the added benefit of seeing how much progress is being made to reach our fundraising target. Muslim Global Relief will receive your money quickly and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

2) Going to the MGR website ( and donating online by clicking on the Embaraka emergency appeal and following the links.

3) Making a cheque or postal order payable to 'MGR' and posting to MGR, PO Box 2018, Nelson, United Kingdom, BB9 7WB (please write 'Embaraka fund' on the back of the cheque);

4) Making a bank transfer to:

MGR, HSBC Bank plc: Sort code: 40-15-17 Account Number: 81582526 (for international donors only, the SWIFT code is MIDLGB22). Again please use the reference 'Embaraka' for your bank transfer.

In all cases MGR will send you a receipt for your donation. If you have any problems with any of the above ways of payment, please contact MGR through their website, or alternatively email:

So please, please- if you haven't yet made a donation-donate now and help save a life!

"...and whoever who saves a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind." (Qur'an ch5:v32)

And please don't forget to mention Embaraka and all of us in your prayers!
Wa 'salaamu alaikum
Saliha and Iman

and this is the link

i also create a group in the face book to support her u can find it in this link

i think we can arrange a visit to her in the hospital, i think she will be happy for that, what u think Ahmed and Anglo?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Suheir Hammad

check this clip guys, i haven't any description for her words,she is amazing

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sallam guys, i hope Rammadn is going well with u, personally i enjoy bab alhara2 and the different food staff. these are random pictures from Benghazi and wadi alkof where cidi Omer Almokhtar were fighting against italy, wadi alkof bridge was the highest bridge in the world in the sixties

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Observations

i spent a week now in Benghazi, no major changes were happen in Libya in general and ib Benghazi in particualer, when u r outside and read libyan websites u feel that libya changed to be Dubai no 2, but in the fact it is in the same situation, whereever u go in Benghazi u will find many adevertisments about big projects espically that related to the infrastraction but u will not find any thing in real live just advertisments. it's exactlly meet the arabic idom اسمع جعحعه ولا طحينا
However i obsoverved two or three things i think they are new to me

1-Leebya(not our leebya) FM
now i can understand why people were angry when they stoped before three or four month ago i think mayson and Damoon mentioned that in that time. lebeeya FM is totally different from goverment radio. first time i heared i thought theey r MBC FM, they are more proffesional than goverment radio, even the programms they intrdoce have good quality.

2-the shortest way to the haven
u wont beleive just in one week more than 25 people died from car accedents, the driving situation is horrible in libya no roles no laws, i think if this numbers continou for a year libyan people will disappear, i found difficality in my first 2 days to restore my libyan driving system, alhmiduliiha i drive now savaly without seat belt , no need for side mirror just drive as fast as u can and u will arrive to the haven so fast.

3- Niqabi women
i hardly remeber any niqabi woman in benghazi before i went to uk, but now i think the number is growing. i'm not with oragainst , i believe it's personal choise, but i dont know the reasons that bring niqab to Benghazi women,the numbers is not to much but i believe i saw around ten or so in this week.

i hope in next 2 weeks less people go to the haven by cars. Rammadn Kareem

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rammadan Mabrook

كعادته فى مثل هذه الايام من كل عام يقدم برايف هارت
حفظه الله ورعاه
التهانى الى كافة الرعية بمناسبة شهر رمضان الكريم
وهذا ان دل على شى
انما يدل على ايمانه (قدس الله روحه) وتمسكه بعرق العطف والمحبة
على رعيته
ويعلن حفظه الله وادام الله عزه بان البلوق مفتوح لاستقبال التهانى
على مدار الشهر الكريم

Friday, September 07, 2007

God's Warriors

i came across this programm throyugh Entropy blog, so thank too much Entropy for grabing my attention to this. well this program is very good one, it give insight about the extreem people in the 3 main religions islam -joish -Christian. i think it published be4 in Alarabiya Channel but i'm not sure,i advice u to take a look on it,i think it will be usful.

Now if Libyan airlines tries to do good job Tomorrow and keeps thier time table fixed without any delay, if that happen i'll be in Benghazi AT 6 PM, I'll arrive Tripoli at 3 pm and fly to Benghazi at 5 pm.welcome benghazi and welcome Rammadan

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Finally: The Freedom

Today guys I've submitted my dissertation, this mean I finished nearly 95% of my degree and I'm waiting to my oral exam on the 5th of September, for the whole past year I felt as a slave to the books, study, exams and most importantly slave to the system ,do this and do not do that, which I never did. It is too difficult when u come back to the study after spending some years working, cos it is totally different environment and different prospective, ur mind will be adjusted to the job environment and u will find more difficulty to come back to study environment, so my advice if u have attention to carry more study, do it after u finish ur undergraduate degree directly do not work for long time and after that start study again

I would say thanks to Kemi for her help in reading and correct my bad English in my final draft, also I would thank Bill Gates for the this thing called word application, which I spend horrible week only to know how it is work.

This is my acknowledgment u can rate it, I know it is between 9.5 to 10, don’t say less than :-P :-P :-P


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

"وما اوتيتم من العلم الا قليلا"

صدق الله العظيم

Now, I am watching my keyboard, I do not know what I should write, many pictures are passing in front of my eyes for the whole past year at Warwick, I think I passed through many challenging, frustrating, difficult times in this year. However, I must admit that the support that I got from Allah (God) was unlimited which allow me to pass over all these difficult times.

First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Ricardo Banuelas, for his strong support, thanks to Ricardo's trust and generosity, thank him to his trusting on my ability to do this research; I particularly would like to thank Ricardo's patience and kindness.

Further, I would like to express my gratitude and love to my special friends whose care and encouragement have helped me through this journey. Thanks to Reda, and Anas, for the ultimate support.

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to say thanks to my mother, who has always given me her deep care, support and love without expecting anything in return and without her I would not be the man I am today. These words are not enough to honour what you did for me, but I do want you to know that if I have ever achieved anything significant in my life, it is all because of you.

Update 05-09-07

The game is over

it's officially i have MSc in Supply Engineering and Logistics.

Thanks God

Monday, August 13, 2007

i need help

Sallam Guys
any one who is professional in word , could you please help me in this two matters

1- how i can number the first pages in file by Roman numbers and numbering the following pages by digital numbers.

2- how i can generate the table of contents, list of figures and tables automatically.

3-how i can name the header and the footer of any page

thanks for the quick response

Friday, August 10, 2007

Mobile Phone Salesman Sings

i come cross this video through onlibya blog, i think the guy is amazing

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

i'm very desperate

Do not ask why, it is very complicated

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Second generation Issue

Yesterday I had phone from my friend, who is living in Manchester, it was as usual about Libya, we had long debate on the phone about one hot issue related to the Libyan second generation who born and rise here in uk, my friend living here since 1990 and he has 3 children the eldest 11 and the youngest is 6, he is working as engineer in respected company, yesterday he phoned and told me I need your advice, his question was I need to go back Libya for good what is ur for advice me? I told him it's depend in his reasons and situation, which I was totally sure it's related to his children, which he replied and told me listen I need my children to be pure Libyan, I don’t want let them face conflict in the future about their identity, are they British or are they Libyan, to be honest all my friends here who have families they face this problem, all of them they suffer from this point, and all of them start to think to go back to Libya or to another Arabic country (most preferred country is Emartes).my friend told me the first problem I face is that children communicate to each other in his house by English not by Arabic, he told me he never speak English with them he just speak Arabic, but it seems the children find it easy to communicate by English, last few month I visited my friend in London who have two adorable children I think they were 5 and 7 and he faces the same problem the amazing thing is that when the father ask them to do any thing, he ask them by Arabic but the kids replay by English which I founded very strange, how can brain of small kid can understand the question by language and replayed the answer by another, also this friend start to think to leave uk to another country just to maintain the identity of his children, last month I went to a Libyan wedding in Birmingham with my friend and his two sons, which I know them very good, they both speak good Arabic, actually their father use his power and some times he punishes them if they speak English in their house and he do his best to let them remember all the Quran and read it every day in the mosque just to maintain their Arabic language, these kids I never hear them speak English , but that day, their father just left them with me for 5 minutes to speak to another friend and immediately the kids start speak English to each other, which I was completely surprised, I asked them what happen u just speaking Arabic before seconds , why u speak English now, they told me it takes long time from them to express what they think or what they want if they speak by Arabic but in English it so easy.

These examples and others from people who I know they lift Canada just to maintain the Libyan identity for their kids, it seems to be big problems for the families who live here, actually I can not feel this problem some times I told my friend you make problem from nothing, but in the other hand after these kids grow up I think they will find difficulties to answer this question am I Libyan or British, Canadian or American, to which part of this world they belong to.

Actually I face some thing similar to this problem now, my father who is from Albida 200km east Benghazi, ask my younger brothers and sisters to move from Benghazi to Albida to tack care of our land and house there and to be near our roots, but he faces a big opposition of them, they told him how we can move to another place completely different, as you see these guys refuse to move to another city even it is in the same country, same language, same law, what about these guys who born here after they grow up, will they find it easy to move to Libya with different environment, different prospective, I think it is very complicated issue. What you think?

Friday, July 13, 2007

will women rule Libya?

l just read the news about the secondary schools result in Libya, to be honest i was shocked, from the first 47 students there are 43 girls this mean more than 90% of the future leader will be women,if this percentage continuous next 10 years i believe one day will find lebeeya as our president. may be there is some argument about how guys don't focus to much on study like girls due to our social habits but in all conditions it will not reach to 90% , there is some thing we must consider it which is the number of girls is equal the number of guys in secondary school. for me i saw this girls invasion on the Qaryouins university last year, when i was study in my department in the engineering school we were 25 student just 6 girls, my department was called men department because it's very tough for girls, but last year when i went there and met my old doctors they told me the girls percentage in mechanical department is 70% now this was in 2006 i don't know how much now.
if we take the blogger as a case study, my thoughts can be rights, number of girls is much more of us(poor men), the other point is all girls are ambitious and they are hunger to succeed. Ema,Happy,Piccolina if u read their posts, you will feel as these girls can be project of good successful girls in real life which can benefit the country. if u read highlander blog you will find a bright example about how Libyan girl can be. Safia as well give very good example about how a woman can be successful mother and successful in her professional life.
but not just the succeed in education stage mean that you can succeed in real life, because the challenges is totally different, and there is a important point which is missing in this case which is the social effect of the society, i think there is a lot to do in this field and it's girls responsibility to solve these problems. i read one very good book about libyan women and how we want them to be,the writer is Sadiq Alnihoom, and the book was published in 68 but still valid till now even after 40 years.
for me i can accept a woman as manger in house for peace purpose, but defiantly i wont accept her as my manger in my job.

Monday, July 09, 2007

is it true?

A world-wide survey was conducted by the UN.

The only question asked was:

"Would you please give your honest opinion about solutions to the

food shortage in the rest of the world?"

The survey was a huge failure because...:

In Africa they didn't know what "food" means.

In Eastern Europe they didn't know what "honest" means.

In Western Europe they didn't know what "shortage" means.

In China they didn't know what "opinion" means.

In the Middle East they didn't know what "solution" means.

In South America they didn't know what "please" means.

In the USA they didn't know what "the rest of the world" means.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

To Plastaine

yesterday i went to London to join a demo to support Plastine , the weather was god but high humid which remembered me by Benghazi in these days, i managed to took these pics, i hope u will enjoyed

Brave Heart has good relation with everybody even with police

People from every where come to support
Albrgothi -information minster of Plstaine
Me t00 i need him
Alqaida flag in Trafleger square
Enemies or Supoorters i dont know
But i liked their hair, thats why i took another pics for them
Chi in every where
Libyans always looking angry apart from that guy in the left

finally Plastaine Flag

Monday, May 28, 2007


this describe what will happen to Anglolibyan when he will go back to Libya

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

نسرين ومشراف

this question to Lebeeya, WA, Piccolina, Ema, Highlander
who are you mshraf or nessrin

Friday, May 11, 2007

clever guys

yesterday i went to London to attend a human right conference , i know my heart is getting softy these days, i think because the age.
in my way back to my city, i went to Victoria station to take my coach, suddenly one guy stop me and ask me are you Arab bro? i told him yea You can speak arabic.
he started by way i don't liked ,he told me he is arab and muslim and his name is mohamed (btw he is egyption) i told him ok i'm not muslim i'm Jewish but i'll do my best to help him, i told him this because i dont like any one use islam or the name of prophet mohamed in such situation.
and i told him he can ask me directly what he want.
he: well i want to go Manchester and i have £11 and i need another£5 to buy the ticket.
now i knew what he want and i must take a decision, but the problem for me i feel this guy is liar, because in libya there are many people do the same in stations and they told you the same story.if i decide to give the £5 i might be stupid and he will take my money and tell himself how he is clever and how me is stupid, and if i dont give the money it might be he is true and he is in need for this money to go to his city and if i dont give him money i'll lose a chance to help one guy in problem, all this i thought about it in seconds and i must take decision.i decide to take the money which he has and buy the ticket by myself to him,if he is lair he will refuse and if he tell the truth he will agree, that's my decision. i asked him again where u want to go, he answered again to manchester, i told him ok come with me and i took hm to ticket office and i asked about manchester ticket they told me it's £23, which mean i must pay extra £12, i told him give me ur£11 to buy the ticket, which he start loooking right and left and told me my money with my friend i'll go to bring it to you, and went and never come back. which i told myself how i'm clever and how he is stupied(don't worry guys i'm clever than this).
when i arrived my city, one guy (from sudan) stoped me and ask me r u arabic brother, i told him yea, which he said alhedulilh from 10 am i was looking for arabic people to speak with them( it was 8pm) i told him that is fine brother what u need, he told me i need to go to my city and i need £2 to buy the ticket because i have just £8 and the ticket price is £10, at this moment i exploded from laughing and laughing i swear all the people in the station were looking at me and they think i'm crazy, after i finished laughing i told him i just met his egyption friend in london, which he start looking at me and doesnt understand any thing, i told him ok brother give me your £8 i'll buy the ticket for you, he told me ok just a minute i'll go toilet and come back to you, and he went and never come back.
i dont know what is written in my forehead, i think there is some writing says that"stupid rich man" which exactly opposite the truth. one of my chienese friend in the uni, first time i met her in the class she told me u must be very rich and very wise man? whick i was suprise and i asked her why, she told me u have big head with big ears with big nose and these features are features of rich and wise men in budiest relegion , and told me ur already looks like buza, which i replied to her whith big smile ok may be buza soul after his death coming to me,and i can be the chiense new god. day after day i'm getting to believe i'm very rich

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Libyan funny story

As most of u, I think have not any ideas about Libyan military system, for that I hope to share with u some funny stories about Libyan military and some of my experience with the military, in Libya after u finish ur graduation u must serve in the military for certain period in order to get job with any sector or company after that, if u don’t serve the military u wont get job it’s easy like that, after u finishing the military period which now just 3 month, u must serve each year one month in ur original camp, actually this month is some times be good because u can find wasta and just go in the last day and collect ur paper shows that u serve this month and u can join ur job, and most of us do that in other word it’s holyday month, or some times ur luck is very bad and they will take u to serve in Libyan border with Chad or Sudan or Niger.

Now come to funny story that pushes me to write the post, last month my friend sent to me an email asking me to contact our camp manger to let my friend go and come at the end of the month to collect his document shows that he serves the military during this month. Actually this camp is my camp as well and I know the guy who manages the camp, he is a General in the military, I told my friend just go to him and tell him B.H ask u to let me go and come back at the end of the month, keep in ur mind my friend is an engineer and has a master degree in the engineering and a supervisor in one of the important companies in Libya

my friend went to this guy and told him B.h eyslm alik and blab la bla , the guy ask my friend how he contact me, my friend told him we always chatting by the messenger, which the guy ask him what is the messenger, my friend explain to him every thing about messenger, which the guy found it amazing and told my friend it’s good invention and ask him to explain to him more and more, the surprise is this guy is managing the most important commutation camp in the military and he doesn’t know any thing about email or messenger or any thing relating to the internet, I wonder if Ameica wants to invade Iibya as it did with Iraq , how Libyan military can face them or how it can mange the communication, I think they will use pigeons is more faster than emails. This is the situation of our military and its leaders they don’t know about any thing in technology even the easy thing messengers or email, the other funny thing is that the guy told my friend he can’t let him go for the whole month but he will ask him to come and serve one day in every week this mean 4 month, now I need from u imagine what kind of service can an engineer do it in the military camp, I’ll give 2 sec to don’t go away, my friend duty was preparing tea for the soldiers, or work as security in the main door to check every one entry the camp and register his name in a paper, remember again my friend is engineer with 7 years experience, supervisor in important company.

This is a funny Libya and how the military function, I have many funny stories with Libyan military and police I think I’ll post about them another time

Monday, April 16, 2007

Brave Heart's life style

1-First of all if you have advice to me about how I can blog a youtube clip tell me please, cos since I transfer to new blog by using my email as username I can’t blog any thing from youtube.

2- Eating habit, I told white African in her blog that I never cock before, and she can not believe that. I swear I don’t know how to cock, in Libya I was frying egg every day 2 some times 3 times a day but here I can say in nearly 3 years I fried egg 3 or 4 times only, my daily food is constant I think since I start study since last October

2 tuna +cheese + hareesa toasts, and one fruit cocktail, I never use the gas, I never use the microwave, I never buy rice or meat, one time when my friend Hamza was here we bought chicken and we didn’t know how to cock it, I think it remained one month in the refergrater, till it called the police and ask him to let us cock it.

My shopping is the same does not change since I came from Libya, always the same stuff, I’m shopping now from tesco and I believe I’m the fastest person in Uk do shopping because I know the places and straight away take the stuff and go to the till, I think it will not take 3 or 4 minutes to finish shopping. My shopping is 5 skimmed milk, 6 fruit cocktail, 6 tuna in brain, one bag of toast, 2 sweet corn, this my shopping since I came from Libya some times there are more stuff but not always.

3-these some pictures show that how I’m messy person and how my room is. i’m that kind of person who loves living inفووووووووووووووووووووووووووضى

some times i forget my clothes in the washing machine for 2 or 3 days some times a week if nobody use it.

i know u will be shocked from these pictures but it's the reality. and i believe 100% if my mum see these picture her pressure will increase and probably it might take a plane to here to sort every thing, she always telling me that i must live in the jungal not in the city.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Are Libyans mature enough?

Since I came to England I met many Libyans from every kind of people, from Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata even from Kufra, the funny guys were from Ghrian, I met those who consider them selves as politics, business guys, student , even I met Libyans who don’t know why they are here.

Before I came here I have a picture about Libyan abroad, they are intelligent, smart, hard worker and the most important thing I thought they are civilized people, to be honest I was chocked, the first thing the Libyan mind doesn’t change any more still close on itself , I’m rarely I met Libyans has friends from other nationality, they try to find their friends from the same city or even the street in Libya and that is it , no more relation no need to interact with other cultures , I think being in England is big chance to know people from every where and know how they think, eat, sing every thing about them. But we Libyan still close mind and when u ask some one why u don’t make friends from other nationalities the answer will be what I’ll benefit from them?

Other thing is that Libyans r divide to many funny group, if we take it from religion view, they divide to salfi people, akhwan muslimeen, jihadist, and all of them they believe in Islam but they hate each other and if u speak or make relationship with any one belong to one group others will see u as an odd thing and stupid person and come to u and tell u all bad thing about these people.

Qurma is the best job for us as Libyans and we can spend hours and hours in Qurma and trying to convince others by our stupid opinion or ideas and if u don’t agree u will open the hell doors in your face.

Other thing we can’t be independent any more, we must have someone who make every thing for us, one take u from the airport, rent a room for u, enrol him in school, open a bank account to him and the most difficult thing is to get good job for him all this u must do it for him when he is sleeping in his room, the reason is he can’t speak English, which is reasonable reason if I don’t see people especially girls from every where, Brazil, china, Poland, eastern Europe do these things by them selves and they don’t know any English word and they don't relay on anyone.

You can’t satisfy Libyans they always see the empty half of the cup and always have excuses about any thing .

I think we have deep social problems inside our society in Libya or here, I think we need an impact to restore our values and principles and being one respected nation.

In the same time, there must be some good people and respected, but they try to be away from this sick society and keep them selves away from this headache.

The funny thing I have strong relationship with three guys I never met, I just know them by the phone, I’m always wonder about this relation how to be strong enough just by knowing them by phone, I swear if I saw them in the street I wont know them.

Any way this our society and we must repaired by any way, I think I mixed things up.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

March's issues

There are two main issue I faced this month, first one I was surprise how many of bloggers or their relative were born in March, I will start by last one lebeeya and her father, Ema’s father, a_akak (Ahmed), Damoon’s sister, Hannu and finally myself, seven person from this a small community were born in march, as I mentioned before most of great men were born in march, this mean I have chance with Ahmed to be some thing great, the definition of great mean I can be a president of Libya of the head of the Mafia I don’t care, about our other halves I read that great women were born in the month number 13, what do u think ? I need ur views.

The second issue was the marriage problem; I think I was talking about this issue nearly daily in this month, which is very strange for me, because I don’t like to discuss any subject more than one time, the start was by my younger brother who sent my family to ask his lady’s hand for marriage and he is planning to do his wedding next summer not this one, his action opened the hell’s gate in my face, all my family start shouting and asking me when u will married and how , why blh blh blh , this kind of useless conversation, I told them I actually married with an old English woman who is 80 and I’m waiting her dead to take her money and go back Libya, I think it’s reasonable reason, my mum asked me (plz BH, I need to see ur children be4 I die) I told her mum u still 50 years this mean depending on the statistics u still have another 25 years to live , which she replied by anger voice ( this kufar’s country destroy ur mind, the life in Allah’s hand not in the statistics books, complete ur study and come quickly be4 u change to Abu Jahel) she told me.

The second time I face the marriage issue when I read in bander blog about ftwaالزواج بنيه الطلاق) ,it allows man to married with نيه الطلاق for 1 or 2 or 3 years when he is outside his country especially when he is in west and there is one condition he must don’t tell his wife about that, how come I don’t know, it’s clearly HARAM, I DON’T KNOW HOW THESE sheeukh think. To be honest I heard this ftwa when I arrived to uk nearly three years now from some Libyan sheeukh in Manchester , and one of my friends told me there is one shekh married more than 12 times using this ftwa, which I replied to him that’s why Qadfi control Libya more than 40 years.

Third time one of my friend who is Algerian need to married one girl and she is Yemeni, her father ask him for £6000 as a MAHER, I told him her father need to sale her not to let her married, and 90% he will buy QAT by your money, I think high number of MAHER is not fair for the both side man or woman, in Libya I think the situation is better than here, the normal rate of Maher is 1000 LD which is good for both sides.

Actually I have many points about marriage issue, I think I’ll blog about it later with your help

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday, as u see I’m getting older and older, if I consider the statistics this mean I reach the middle of the road of this live, the nice thing is that I read that Osama Ben laden 50th birthday was 4 days ago, he is older than me by 20 years, this mean we born in the same week, actually there are many famous people they have a big effect on the world were born in the same month. I wish when I’m in my fifties I’ll have the same effect of Osama on the world but in different way.

Actually I’m 31 years now by HJRI age, I was born in Rabia althani month, the same month that prophet Mohamed was born, and it was Monday as well, the same day.

All this gives an indication about how much potential I have to be one of these who change the world, but I don’t know in which way I can do that, my best friend always telling I have potential to be Almaseekh Aldjal. What u think?

The last time I celebrate my birthday happen when I was ten or nine I don’t remember, it was a traditional in the building where I was live, all the families gather together and everyone bring his gift and make a small party, my last gift was a guitar, I’m always like to have guns and swords as gifts in that days.

My problem is that, I’m looking older than my age, people give me an extra 10 years at least which I find very funny. I have a number of these funny situations which I’m find myself laughing and laughing.

These are my two younger brother and sister, every time I took them me by my car or buy some chocolate for them; people said ربى ايصون انشالله – ايتربو فى عزك , u have a cute children, which I find myself just smiling and say thanks, but inside me I wish to beat them.

In my previous job I attend a meeting with head manger of or company, and he introduce some stupid points which I explained to him it’s wrong and was me only who argue with him, during the argument he asked me, where u were working before Mr B-H, I told him I just graduate last year and this is my first job, directly he asked me what’s ur DOB, I answered, 1977, suddenly he start laughing and told me, walahi I think ur DOB is 1877 not 1977, keep that in ur mind I was in that time just 24.

Now anyone ask my about my age, I replay u can guess, any guesses I’ll agree with him because the most clever one will give an extra 5 years.

My brothers and sisters always telling me that “alhmudullih u r male, because if u r female u will never married” at least I’m lucky from this view.

Any way please, please, don’t cost urself and send any gifts by royal-mail, DHL or TNT, just visiting my page, it’s the big gift for me, but I don’t mind if u send an e-card.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Strange decision

yesterday I read news said that, Libya will not allow women less than 40 years to travelling alone, she must travel with Mohrem, it seems Libya every day going back rather going forward, the problem is the Libyan government is not religious government, that is the main reason for me to ask why why why, I cant understand the benefit of this decision, as an individual I wont affect by this decision,

But this gives a clear indication about how Libyan government think, rather they try to solve women problem like divorced problem, high unmarried percent, they try to make it more difficult, what is the different if a woman travel from Benghazi to Tripoli (1000 km) without Mohrem and woman travel from Tripoli to Tunisia (350 km) she must have a Mohrem, it’s totally not logic.

I think Libyan government try to play with religion issue to let the extremes religious groups attack each other in the country, and the victim always the people.

I know there are some groups they don’t allow a woman to go even shopping, and I think Libyan government play a danger game with the religion issues, if they need to implement Islam laws we will be very happy, they must let people go to pray Fajer without fear, prevent the interest banking for working in the country, close the hotels which dirty women work with, not just take a stupid decision has no benefit.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

i hate writing

walahi guys i'm really suffer these days because of my dissertation, when i started my studies i thought i do engineering master not English Literature master,engineering masters means as i understand using equations, computer systems, numbers any thing related to logic thinking, but my master is totally different, this uni make me crazy ,their system is to write an assignment for each module u attend and each assignment u must write between 4000-5000 words ,do u believe that ,the problem is u r not allowed to write what the others write before,u must understand the subject and write by ur words.
my problem i hate writing and always i like writing every thing as short as possible, even in my language Arabic i can't write 3 sentence in any subject i remember my Arabic teacher in secondary school ask me after he saw what i write in alensha subject "يا ابنى هل انت متاكد انك درست موضوع الجمل المفيده فى الابتدائيه او لا"
in secondary school my degrees were very good in mathematics ,physics,but they were very poor in arabic language.
i hate writing
even in my job in libya , i was responsible to write weekly report about my department ,but i failed and always the management cut days from my wages cos i didn't write any thing .i'm always telling them if u need any information just ask me i will tell u no need to write.
one day they ask me to write report about one problem, i did in 3 sentence do u believe, seconds after the manger read the report ,he phoned me and cut 3 days from my salary and give me lesson in how to write report.
back to this crazy uni my dissertation must be between 15000-20000 words and i just write 2000 ,i know i still have 6 months to finish, i passed two module now and the module tutor's remarks lie on my language body and how i must extend my writing vocabulary in the subjects in the future ,i told them in the future i will use the sign languages in any study i'll do.
what is ur advice?help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I went to London to join a demonstration organized by Stop War Coalition; the aim from this demonstration is calling for no new trident, troops out of Iraq, and no for attacking Iran.

I planed to this demonstration from last week; I took off from my part time job, I shift all my study work to Sunday, but I failed to secure somebody to join me from my friends all of them told me they r busy and if they go the war will not stop. Even the uni failed to secure some student to go we were just five guys.

The demonstration was very nice and the most thing effect me that there are many old people over 70s and they don’t lose their faith and they came from every where from uk , I managed to take several nice pictures ,I hope u will enjoyed

The start was from the Hyde Park “my favourite place in London

these guys demonstrate against Gontanomo pay and especially for Libyan guy called Omer Degis
all the time they shouting free Omer

even the babies,they have their views
be kind with usa man , they r poor people
be optimistic my grandfather
Palestine has a big place in this demonstration

a very beautiful Iranian girl, I wish the last few words were for me
Nasser Albadri - Aljazeera's correspondent
Palestine was there
Iran as well
some Arab girls
Tony Balir
Palestine again
one of the demonstration organized group
u can understand that
trfalager square
a sister pray the Asr i think, i felt guilty coz i didnt bother myself to find place to do wdu and pray
CHi was there as well
the guy who ate shlfuta "lebeeya's cat"
some banana with some love
finally a lovely couple