Friday, July 13, 2007

will women rule Libya?

l just read the news about the secondary schools result in Libya, to be honest i was shocked, from the first 47 students there are 43 girls this mean more than 90% of the future leader will be women,if this percentage continuous next 10 years i believe one day will find lebeeya as our president. may be there is some argument about how guys don't focus to much on study like girls due to our social habits but in all conditions it will not reach to 90% , there is some thing we must consider it which is the number of girls is equal the number of guys in secondary school. for me i saw this girls invasion on the Qaryouins university last year, when i was study in my department in the engineering school we were 25 student just 6 girls, my department was called men department because it's very tough for girls, but last year when i went there and met my old doctors they told me the girls percentage in mechanical department is 70% now this was in 2006 i don't know how much now.
if we take the blogger as a case study, my thoughts can be rights, number of girls is much more of us(poor men), the other point is all girls are ambitious and they are hunger to succeed. Ema,Happy,Piccolina if u read their posts, you will feel as these girls can be project of good successful girls in real life which can benefit the country. if u read highlander blog you will find a bright example about how Libyan girl can be. Safia as well give very good example about how a woman can be successful mother and successful in her professional life.
but not just the succeed in education stage mean that you can succeed in real life, because the challenges is totally different, and there is a important point which is missing in this case which is the social effect of the society, i think there is a lot to do in this field and it's girls responsibility to solve these problems. i read one very good book about libyan women and how we want them to be,the writer is Sadiq Alnihoom, and the book was published in 68 but still valid till now even after 40 years.
for me i can accept a woman as manger in house for peace purpose, but defiantly i wont accept her as my manger in my job.


a_akak said...

Well, I think guys are just lazy, me being the laziest of laziest, and girls tend to work much much harder and this is taking the families & friends i now as an example

I wouldnt mind Lebeeya as president or any other female as long as they are the best candidate i wouldnt mind

My friend, if you dont want a female as your boss then you are in the right industry, as in one of the journals i was reading that less that 1 in 10 engineering companies are run by females and i believe Mechanical is even less

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Brave Heart,
I would be curious to know your opinion on why you would not accept a woman as your manager at work?

piccolina said...

thanks for what u said about me that was really nice of you
i don't aree with u about a female being a boss , at the same time i agree
my point is it has lots of dif conditions to judge the situation !!

it's a big thing to talk about , but anyway i would like to ask Q that IBEE asked
thanks again

Anonymous said...

Libyan women will have the same problem as Algerian women, finding suitable men to marry, which is happening even now.

Libya having a woman as President in a male chauvinist society!!!!

In general women do not like to have female bosses, they prefer men bosses as they are not moody as woman's hormones affect their daily behavior.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

I do not care if the president is a woman as long she does her job and not spending her time opening a new factory as if it is a President job


mani said...

Excellent post Brave!!! :) :)

I personally am seeing the whole trend. Can young Libyan girls and women really make some excellent role models in civil society in all its forms?

I definately think so.

What are the challenges?

Well, there are the girls themselves first of all... there will be new opportunities in Libya that should give them the chance to re-consider their self worth and self esteem and help them make confident choices in life.. rather than be indoctrinated early to accept the faith of the prisoner wholeheartedly and so becomes a progressive agent of 'backwardness'.

The second important challenge is society. Are the males, heads of families, husbands old and new, brothers, colleagues and even fello w women... are they prepared to help understand the needs and aspirations of the young women and help them acheive their potential.. ?

or will they lie in wait for them at every angle and corner with spite, hate, harrassment and oppression, just because they fear the outcomes of women's empowerment?

These challenges will not arrive after new opportunities emerge in Libya, but are rather the main obstacle against them emerging.

What Libya as a state needs to do at least is create a space where trust can be built between the government and the women entrapenurs in civil society (old & emerging)... create options for choice and support and protect the fruits of their labour...

Only when women and society as a whole can see tangible female participation in a productive civil society will the cultural stigmas begin to slowly erode.

There is certainly nothing in Islam (as a set of principles in the Quran Alkareem) against women's empowerment, (in fact it gives a contrary picture to traditional lowly position of the female in supposed 'Muslim' societies) and even the seerah of the Prophet SAW is rife with examples of female leadership that can be invoked to boost this process.

Misratia said...

"for me i can accept a woman as manger in house for peace purpose, but defiantly i wont accept her as my manger in my job."

No problem,
you can quit, and it will NOT be the end of the world :)

Anonymous said...

"for me i can accept a woman as manger in house for peace purpose, but defiantly i wont accept her as my manger in my job"

Now, that does not sound very brave, braveheart, does it? ;o)
You can easily get over this issue though...Make use of Leebya's gender empowring online game! Surely there is "throw stones at girls" version. :)


Brave Heart said...

u r right guys are very lazy, how i can accept lebeeya as my president and i can't accept a woman as my boss?

it's hard question, i think because women r more emotional and they can't work under pressure.

u welcome sister, i have bad experience with girls especially in my graduation project in the uni and in my previous work as well, women if they face a small problem and they can't solve it they start cry and cry, the other thing in work u must shout and fight with ur boss and if ur boss is women i can't do anything because i'm so polite :-P

u r right that is what happen now, and sadiq alnihoom refer to that in his book in late sixties, i think the presidency issue not depend on the gender no, it is depend on the general mood of the population.

how r u man, i hope every thing is ok with u,if u need to telling u what libyan state must do i wont finish this year. i think the social challenge is the biggest challenge for us as country.

long time misratia, where u were, i already quited be4 i even start.

welcome to my humble blog,finally one supporter from the other gender,u know some times been brave is not good thing, that's why i prefer to be brave in my job than my house :-P, any way i will start to throwing girls from now

PH said...

Another factor is that studying doesn't pay much in our countries and women almost never share financial responsibility even those who work, which is why a lot of guys leave university and opt for easier degrees or nothing altogether.

As for women being managers, as long as she has earned the position as a result of hard work and is qualified to hold it I don't mind. Generally speaking I hate to work with unexperienced under qualified managers ( males or females ).
Anyway women are better with men than men are with each other, as long as she is higher up in the Hierarchy not to compete with you it could work to your advantage :P.

Meticulousness said...

Remind me, how many female ministers do they have in Libya? Does it sound weird to you that over 90% graduates are females now?

Lebeeya said...

I like the idea about me being presidant :P

Interesting post :)

Highlander said...

Good post Braveheart so you fear a woman boss who is not your wife eh :P

Thanks for the heads up but I don't aim to be a role model for women at all, but I can certainly see great potential in several female Libyan bloggers.

I'll vote for Lebeeya as president too :)

PH said...

@ highlander :


I think he is still in denial over his wife being his boss .......... don't remind him :P.


algetaani said...

القلب الشجاع أظن انك شجاع بما يكفى حتى تعطى القيادة للمراءة فى البيت او العمل وهذا مااتفق معك فيه(ولو انو الرجال قوامون على النساء) ...اما الواقع يقول ان المراءة لاتستطيع تولى الامر بوجود الرجل طبعا والحديث الشريف يقول انه لايفلح قوماولو امرهم لامراءة (حديث ضعيف) ولكن اعتقد انه قوى بما فيه الكفاية حتى نعمل به ...التاريخ الاسلامى والعربى وحتى العالمى كان فيه الرجل رمز القيادة الحقيقى وكانت قيادة المراءة مجرد استثناء لايستحق الذكر احيانا ربما لمجاملة المراءة فى عيد الام او فى يوم المراءة اما بخصوص الوضع فى ليبيا فانت تعرف ان الشباب لم يعد يجد الدراسة ذات فائدة له فلقمة العيش لايمكن تحصيلها من الفيزيا او الكيميا ولكن من الفندق أو سوق العرب (ربنا يسامح من كان السبب( عموما البنات يجدن فى دراستهن فرصة للقضا على الملل المنزلى وربما لاكمال بعض المزايا التى يحبها الرجل فيها!! ...هذا ليس انتقاصا من النساء ولكن لايصح الا الصحيح الرجل اذكا واعقل واكثر حكمة وشجاعة والا لكنا قد سمعنا ببعث نبى او رسول من الجنس الناعم ...سلام

Brave Heart said...

yea u r right, but i think women have financial responsibility more than be4, now especially with the complex situation of Libyan economy.

i think there is a big difference in the generation, women chances now are completely different from 20 years ago.

u like it, but me no :-P


actually i'll fear just my wife :(( , anyone else i can deal with.
if leebya will be president, definitely i'll be the opposition leader.

I'M denying anything, my wife will be my direct manger just for peace reasons. :-P


i'll let girls to deal with u, i know how to convince u

LovelyHibo said...

نازل فينا ياعموا..

توا غدوه نرجعلك برد مسموم

Happymoi said...

ouch ouch ouch...should we declare strike on you??? j/k ..i think its time for an update bro..and be easy on us:) cuz we dunn wanna be tough u know:P

Maya M said...

At a family gathering at my friend's house, somebody asked about her work on her PhD thesis. Then her husband's brother, who had secondary education and no intention to study further, said in a self-confident tone, "Girl, no matter how hard you learn to obtain degrees, I'll always be better paid than you!"
I think this explains why women generally are harder learners.

Brave Heart said...

yes u should :-P, walhai i'm very peaceful guy, no need to be tough on me.

Maya M
welcome to my humble blog, i don't think this guy is right, may be if both with the same level of education he is right, but with this big gap he is wrong

Hanan said...

Here in the UAE, the statistics are one Emirati graduates for every four women.
And two of our ministers are women; one of them is the minister of economy. Whether men like it or not, women will rule the world! :)

Mujahada said...

It's truely amazing. Libya is a place where women work and men sit around. (???)In Ramadan the colleges in Libya look like WOMEN ONLY but its just that, only women continue to go and guys take the whole month off. It's amazing! and ridiculous!

Brave Heart said...

no problem u can role the world, but after i die :-P

welcome Mujahada, i think it is not just in libya, it is international phenomena, dont worry Rammadan will not come in the study time for the comming 10 years, we can try to solve this problem now

Anonymous said...

Interesting subject as a female who has big plans to be role model in Libya, I have to confess it isn’t an easy dream to achieve.

We live in male’s community where man is no need lots of effort to prove his capability while we girls have to prove that hormones wont effect our performance at work, I was one of the bright students in the school when I look to all my colleagues I found them either married with kids or working as teacher since it’s the favorite job the Libyan men.

Ahhh it’s a long story no one is completely right but let’s hope that we will have Libyan lady who will be a minister and be qualified to such a position.


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