Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sallam guys, i hope Rammadn is going well with u, personally i enjoy bab alhara2 and the different food staff. these are random pictures from Benghazi and wadi alkof where cidi Omer Almokhtar were fighting against italy, wadi alkof bridge was the highest bridge in the world in the sixties

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Observations

i spent a week now in Benghazi, no major changes were happen in Libya in general and ib Benghazi in particualer, when u r outside and read libyan websites u feel that libya changed to be Dubai no 2, but in the fact it is in the same situation, whereever u go in Benghazi u will find many adevertisments about big projects espically that related to the infrastraction but u will not find any thing in real live just advertisments. it's exactlly meet the arabic idom اسمع جعحعه ولا طحينا
However i obsoverved two or three things i think they are new to me

1-Leebya(not our leebya) FM
now i can understand why people were angry when they stoped before three or four month ago i think mayson and Damoon mentioned that in that time. lebeeya FM is totally different from goverment radio. first time i heared i thought theey r MBC FM, they are more proffesional than goverment radio, even the programms they intrdoce have good quality.

2-the shortest way to the haven
u wont beleive just in one week more than 25 people died from car accedents, the driving situation is horrible in libya no roles no laws, i think if this numbers continou for a year libyan people will disappear, i found difficality in my first 2 days to restore my libyan driving system, alhmiduliiha i drive now savaly without seat belt , no need for side mirror just drive as fast as u can and u will arrive to the haven so fast.

3- Niqabi women
i hardly remeber any niqabi woman in benghazi before i went to uk, but now i think the number is growing. i'm not with oragainst , i believe it's personal choise, but i dont know the reasons that bring niqab to Benghazi women,the numbers is not to much but i believe i saw around ten or so in this week.

i hope in next 2 weeks less people go to the haven by cars. Rammadn Kareem

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rammadan Mabrook

كعادته فى مثل هذه الايام من كل عام يقدم برايف هارت
حفظه الله ورعاه
التهانى الى كافة الرعية بمناسبة شهر رمضان الكريم
وهذا ان دل على شى
انما يدل على ايمانه (قدس الله روحه) وتمسكه بعرق العطف والمحبة
على رعيته
ويعلن حفظه الله وادام الله عزه بان البلوق مفتوح لاستقبال التهانى
على مدار الشهر الكريم

Friday, September 07, 2007

God's Warriors

i came across this programm throyugh Entropy blog, so thank too much Entropy for grabing my attention to this. well this program is very good one, it give insight about the extreem people in the 3 main religions islam -joish -Christian. i think it published be4 in Alarabiya Channel but i'm not sure,i advice u to take a look on it,i think it will be usful.

Now if Libyan airlines tries to do good job Tomorrow and keeps thier time table fixed without any delay, if that happen i'll be in Benghazi AT 6 PM, I'll arrive Tripoli at 3 pm and fly to Benghazi at 5 pm.welcome benghazi and welcome Rammadan