Monday, May 28, 2007


this describe what will happen to Anglolibyan when he will go back to Libya

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

نسرين ومشراف

this question to Lebeeya, WA, Piccolina, Ema, Highlander
who are you mshraf or nessrin

Friday, May 11, 2007

clever guys

yesterday i went to London to attend a human right conference , i know my heart is getting softy these days, i think because the age.
in my way back to my city, i went to Victoria station to take my coach, suddenly one guy stop me and ask me are you Arab bro? i told him yea You can speak arabic.
he started by way i don't liked ,he told me he is arab and muslim and his name is mohamed (btw he is egyption) i told him ok i'm not muslim i'm Jewish but i'll do my best to help him, i told him this because i dont like any one use islam or the name of prophet mohamed in such situation.
and i told him he can ask me directly what he want.
he: well i want to go Manchester and i have £11 and i need another£5 to buy the ticket.
now i knew what he want and i must take a decision, but the problem for me i feel this guy is liar, because in libya there are many people do the same in stations and they told you the same story.if i decide to give the £5 i might be stupid and he will take my money and tell himself how he is clever and how me is stupid, and if i dont give the money it might be he is true and he is in need for this money to go to his city and if i dont give him money i'll lose a chance to help one guy in problem, all this i thought about it in seconds and i must take decision.i decide to take the money which he has and buy the ticket by myself to him,if he is lair he will refuse and if he tell the truth he will agree, that's my decision. i asked him again where u want to go, he answered again to manchester, i told him ok come with me and i took hm to ticket office and i asked about manchester ticket they told me it's £23, which mean i must pay extra £12, i told him give me ur£11 to buy the ticket, which he start loooking right and left and told me my money with my friend i'll go to bring it to you, and went and never come back. which i told myself how i'm clever and how he is stupied(don't worry guys i'm clever than this).
when i arrived my city, one guy (from sudan) stoped me and ask me r u arabic brother, i told him yea, which he said alhedulilh from 10 am i was looking for arabic people to speak with them( it was 8pm) i told him that is fine brother what u need, he told me i need to go to my city and i need £2 to buy the ticket because i have just £8 and the ticket price is £10, at this moment i exploded from laughing and laughing i swear all the people in the station were looking at me and they think i'm crazy, after i finished laughing i told him i just met his egyption friend in london, which he start looking at me and doesnt understand any thing, i told him ok brother give me your £8 i'll buy the ticket for you, he told me ok just a minute i'll go toilet and come back to you, and he went and never come back.
i dont know what is written in my forehead, i think there is some writing says that"stupid rich man" which exactly opposite the truth. one of my chienese friend in the uni, first time i met her in the class she told me u must be very rich and very wise man? whick i was suprise and i asked her why, she told me u have big head with big ears with big nose and these features are features of rich and wise men in budiest relegion , and told me ur already looks like buza, which i replied to her whith big smile ok may be buza soul after his death coming to me,and i can be the chiense new god. day after day i'm getting to believe i'm very rich