Wednesday, May 23, 2007

نسرين ومشراف

this question to Lebeeya, WA, Piccolina, Ema, Highlander
who are you mshraf or nessrin


Anglo-Libyan said...

I know im not invited but have to say that it was quite funny, I like the بدوي accent :o)

a_akak said...


I dont i have much to say on this but it was good

Fe Aman Allah

lovelytripoli said...

الحمد الله ماضمتنيش للمجموعه

باركولي طلعت منها سالمه

PH said...

haba haba ......... looooooool

good one;), but I think you will have to translate it for most of our sisters :P..... that is if you want any feedback ..hehehe

MaySoon said...

LOL that was good, thanks for sharing

Brave Heart said...

I'LL post one for you,Ebdoy accent is nice one.

which one u prefer nsreen or mshraf

why? u can choose i think u r ?????

u r right me myself i can not understand some words it's typical ebdoy accent.

u welcome, which one u would like Mreal to be

Highlander said...

Thanks Braveheart :) no you don't need to translate I am Meshraf and I think her vacation was more fun and homely and warm than Nessrin .

That was a good video only criticism is that the photo is not representative of Libyan women :P

mani said...

Hahahaha yes Highlander the photo was taken in a Nero Cafe here in the Uk by some Libyans lololol

Ya braveheart I loved this she3r. I feel so happy when I can hear that young Libyans are still this creative in their old cultural tongue with new realities :) I think it's close to a post that Highlander put 2 weeks ago about Libyan gils who just got married having a chat :)

Salam Bro

Lebeeya said...

I'm assuming the blonde girl is Nisreen and the girl eli mdarga rasssha is Mishraf?! :P

lol great shi3r.. Nisreen seems very shallow and mishraf seems very homey.

I dont think I am nissreen or Mishraf.. I think i am more like the sha3ir abu baker rabi7 :D

Brave Heart said...

Highlander :
long time sis, about the pic i just found the clip in youtube and posts as it is.

it seems u know all nero cafe man

what about u r nisraf

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