Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Award

I'm very thankful for all who participate in this vote and spend their time on my blog.

For me blogger world is a place when you can find different opinions and different points of view of the same subject. I think our small piece of writing can reflect at least some features of our personality. Through blogger world I restored the faith and the believe in our future as Libyans, I think we have such great personalities which they can make the difference in this life if they have the chance to do that. Giriani, Highlander, Happy, Anglo Libyan, Dunia, Tansim, Ahmed, Ph, Benghazi C, Leebya, Ema , DTD, and White African all of them show the ability to be great leaders (plz Mr Qadafi don’t get me wrong), I think in Libya we need more and more of this kind of people, before I came Uk, my believes was only intelligent people can make the difference but after three years now and with many different experiences I believe only people who have leadership features can make the difference and I think most of you have these features.

Now I'm delight to introduce BH's Award winners for this year 2007:

1-Anglo Libyan (Life Experience is talking) with 30 points

2- Leebya (The next revolution leader)……15 points.

3- Highlander (The true original Libyan mind)…….13 points.

4- Ph (The right information at the right time)……11 points.

5- Happymoi (The hungry of success)…..10 points.

Surprisingly, 3 out of the first 5 winners didn't vote, hope they will do next year inshallah, also I'll add the worst blogger next year:-P ( what you think PH)

Also, I would like to name Giriani as the golden father and Safia as the golden mother, if we have parents like Griani and Safia I think our future will be in bright and in safe hands.

Hope 2007 was successful year in your life and hope 2008 has more to add to your happiness and success.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Brave Heart Award 2007

Alslam Alikum Guys, hope everything is going well with all of you, as all of you noticed that the blog family became very quite last two or three months, Lebeeya is in the top of the list, which she must be busy with her study and work. other reason i think the facebook. has something with this quietness, at least with me, which i'll write about it later inshaliha.

walhi guys i think the year become shorter than a week, i hope this year was successful one and u were able to meet ur resolutions. i promised Highlander about my award which i want to share with u in the end of this year. i have the pleasure to announce my Award for the best blogger for 2007 and all of you are invited to participate in this award. as u dont know i'm big fan of football, thats why i take FIFA system to select best player of the year and use it in my award. the way is very easy each one of you can nominate his best five bloggers which he/she believes they are the best.( i know u'll all of u nominate me :-P) it's totally depends on ur views and ideas and i think most of us have open minds and will not feel offended cos she/he dont select him in his/ her list. this mean this award totally depend on selective thinking and not objective one. it's depand on ur thinking and how u can rate the other which point u think it's more important than the other.
ur list it will be 5 names and list it from 1 to 5, number 1 will have 5 marks and the number2 will have 4 and so on . at the end of the month will see which one got the highest marks to take his award from Brave Heart.
let's go on guys.