Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back again to Study

Many Sallams to all of you guys,many thanks to ut, maya, DTD, and Enlightened spirit for their concern and their comments. i was really busy last weeks in finishing my proposal of the PhD, so i'm going to study again ( wa wa wa wa wa wa) i know it will be at least very tough 3 years , i need ur duas to support me and do the best. i was lucky to get the offer from Cranfield university which is one of the best in my field,also i got very good supervisor for my degree who is from Iraq ,to be honest 60 % of the PhD decision belong to his support and motivation,may Allah reward him for his kindness and support. it took from me more than one month to take my decision which i think it's hard decision, cos spending 3 year just on study is adventure especially if u don't have scholarship from anywhere, inshaliha i hope i'll manage and i'll try to get the most of it.

Also i was involved in getting offers and acceptance for master and PhD degrees for the Libyan student who have scholarship from the government. walahi guys it's funny experience,it's amazing how people act, especially Libyans.i got many funny emails and phones u can't believe that can happen, read this email and told me what i should do

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة
نحن الطالبتبن سين وصاد من كلية الطب البيطرى جامعة عمر المختار من طرف الاستاذ اكس نحتاج الى قبول اكاديمى فى تخصص التشريح بالنسبة لصاد وعلم الانسجة بالنسبة لسين فى احدى الجامعات البريطانية
ولكم جزيل الشكر
now what i should tell the universities give Ms s and MS y offer of master degree or what .
the other day i got call at 6 am,and directly the call went like this

هى: انت الى ادير فى القبول الاكاديمى
انا: لا مش انا

she call at 6am this mean 8 am in Libya, but she couldn't say good morning or sallam alikum or anything good. there are a lot of funny stories i think it needs one especial post.

this funny experience has brought my attention for many things i wasn't aware of, most of those students are girls i think at least 80 % from the students who contact me, and all of them are singles which make their life more difficult because American and British embassies refuse to give visas to their fathers or brothers ,this bad situation put those poor girls in front 3 difficult choices

1- forget about the scholarship and stay in Libya and lose a big chance to discover the world and gain high qualification from abroad.

2- travel alone which i believe most of families will resist because of our highly respected values. at least 2 students told me that if they can not take her father or brother with her to uk, they will not come alone because it's against the isalm values( which i don't believe).

3- married the first one knock the door just to keep the chance of studying abroad and keep her progress.

now what you think and what you will do if you in that situation,if u r father or brother what u will advice your sister or daughter, and if u r the girl what decision u will take