Friday, July 13, 2007

will women rule Libya?

l just read the news about the secondary schools result in Libya, to be honest i was shocked, from the first 47 students there are 43 girls this mean more than 90% of the future leader will be women,if this percentage continuous next 10 years i believe one day will find lebeeya as our president. may be there is some argument about how guys don't focus to much on study like girls due to our social habits but in all conditions it will not reach to 90% , there is some thing we must consider it which is the number of girls is equal the number of guys in secondary school. for me i saw this girls invasion on the Qaryouins university last year, when i was study in my department in the engineering school we were 25 student just 6 girls, my department was called men department because it's very tough for girls, but last year when i went there and met my old doctors they told me the girls percentage in mechanical department is 70% now this was in 2006 i don't know how much now.
if we take the blogger as a case study, my thoughts can be rights, number of girls is much more of us(poor men), the other point is all girls are ambitious and they are hunger to succeed. Ema,Happy,Piccolina if u read their posts, you will feel as these girls can be project of good successful girls in real life which can benefit the country. if u read highlander blog you will find a bright example about how Libyan girl can be. Safia as well give very good example about how a woman can be successful mother and successful in her professional life.
but not just the succeed in education stage mean that you can succeed in real life, because the challenges is totally different, and there is a important point which is missing in this case which is the social effect of the society, i think there is a lot to do in this field and it's girls responsibility to solve these problems. i read one very good book about libyan women and how we want them to be,the writer is Sadiq Alnihoom, and the book was published in 68 but still valid till now even after 40 years.
for me i can accept a woman as manger in house for peace purpose, but defiantly i wont accept her as my manger in my job.

Monday, July 09, 2007

is it true?

A world-wide survey was conducted by the UN.

The only question asked was:

"Would you please give your honest opinion about solutions to the

food shortage in the rest of the world?"

The survey was a huge failure because...:

In Africa they didn't know what "food" means.

In Eastern Europe they didn't know what "honest" means.

In Western Europe they didn't know what "shortage" means.

In China they didn't know what "opinion" means.

In the Middle East they didn't know what "solution" means.

In South America they didn't know what "please" means.

In the USA they didn't know what "the rest of the world" means.