Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back Again

Sallam guys
it is a long time since my last post, a year and 10 days exactly. Also I should admit this post is response to Lebeeya campaign to bring old blog family back to life.
I have an interesting experience and I think I will benefit from your input about it. as all of us know facebook is take over all the websites and become more important than any other web site. my point is I have to faces or two personality in the facebook which I founded very confusing and not comfortable. I have two account one by my name written by English and the second with my name but written by Arabic. The reason behind of creating two accounts is that. I used to write some status about Libya in my account but this bring more complains from my friends especially who live in Libya and they complain this might affect them because they are in my list (which I believe it is a silly thing). However, I respect their opinion and created another account just for Libya issues and I added only people who has the same interest. The account has my name, my picture, the same information but by Arabic. I thought by doing this I will be ok, but what happened was totally different. I lost the ability to make any states whether in my original one or my new one. Also I started to feel as I am two person and two personalities. I lost the desire to communicate with my friends in both accounts as I don’t know, which personality I should use.
I need your advice shall I keep both of them or delete one of them or just leave it as it is?