Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back Again

Sallam guys
it is a long time since my last post, a year and 10 days exactly. Also I should admit this post is response to Lebeeya campaign to bring old blog family back to life.
I have an interesting experience and I think I will benefit from your input about it. as all of us know facebook is take over all the websites and become more important than any other web site. my point is I have to faces or two personality in the facebook which I founded very confusing and not comfortable. I have two account one by my name written by English and the second with my name but written by Arabic. The reason behind of creating two accounts is that. I used to write some status about Libya in my account but this bring more complains from my friends especially who live in Libya and they complain this might affect them because they are in my list (which I believe it is a silly thing). However, I respect their opinion and created another account just for Libya issues and I added only people who has the same interest. The account has my name, my picture, the same information but by Arabic. I thought by doing this I will be ok, but what happened was totally different. I lost the ability to make any states whether in my original one or my new one. Also I started to feel as I am two person and two personalities. I lost the desire to communicate with my friends in both accounts as I don’t know, which personality I should use.
I need your advice shall I keep both of them or delete one of them or just leave it as it is?


Lebeeya said...

I think you should permanently delete both Facebook accounts and start blogging full-time ;)

Welcome back!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

welcome back :o)

stick to one account

Super-Ego said...

I was reading book ,about the people ,who is have double personality ,in his life that is because they have schizophrenia, also about people who is delete his personality and start other new look ,that is because they do not have brave.
generally the people be cowardly until they can know and discover himself.
about your friends who do not like what you write, you should live with them until you can description them by silly.

welcome back B.H.

Anonymous said...

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Enlightened Spirit said...

Look who is back!
Lebeeya u r doing great job, my hat off!
Do u know Brave heart that when Lebeeya first started nagging over my head on facebook to blog, I was thinking of telling her: Lebeeya I will be back if u could bring Brave back. In the hope that I will get more time.
But as I didn't decide to quit the game yet, and I really still have the desire to write, I thought I will put myself in a trap if she fails to bring u back. I'll lose my dignity as I am going to blog again in any case.
But here u are prove me wrong.

7837847483 welcome back

Many facebook accounts, bad sign multiple personality disorder :)

Highlander said...

Can I say it's good to see you back brother !!!! :)

Also this is a powerful comeback post.

with regards to Facebook I don't think it is the most important tool online. If you want to express yourself blogging is better. Facebook is to keep up with friends. One account with your real self is enough.
Updating your status with some messages that may make your friends back home uncomfortable ? hmm I would say that they should just remove you from their friends list and keep in touch by email. Because our activities online are watched by potential employers and affect our credit rating and reputation nowadays so we need to think about that and about with who we are associated online. Our private life should not matter but unfortunately it does. Which is why I do not even remotely have anyone connected with the blog world in my Facebook friends as I cannot control that.

Any blogger I know and who knows me in real life is in my email list and has all my details and is now a full part of my real self.

It's very difficult to live on the edge. So add all your friends in one single account delete the other one and ask them to remove you from their list and join you somewhere else or you simply block them.

Your friends have real grave concerns which should not be dismissed lightly but I can't ask you to change yourself and personality because of other people. They have the choice to block you and you have the choice to monitor your words :)

Hope this helps

[Lebeeya] said...

So, what did you decide? You can't just keep your readers hanging without informing them of your final decision ;)


Anonymous said...


abdullah SH said...

one account 4 sure & inshallah el7al ylaim ^_^

by da way same idea here when we confuse if writing arabic or in eng so take my advice & write what u feel at that moment somthimes n arabic somtimes n english so thers a ixture from here & there & ths is good point to make ur reader nt feel bored ^_^

yala we wait next post abt ur cousin whch meet on facebook


Hamza-x said...
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Hamza-x said...

to 彥宏 ...what the...?? why do you have to be so nasty? you though nobody will figure it out? flash news buddy,there's a tool called Google translate ..and I know exactly what you wrote..
brave heart..never mind man..may Allah bless you as well