Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Help me to decide

Today i've received an e-mail from my parents,mum told me that she find very beutafual girl to get married with her,she send me a picture to take a look on it,and Dad told me that if i accept my Mum offer he will buy one modern car as a gift to me and send me a picture of the car as well.
can you please help me and told me your idea about what i must do ,plzzzzzzz help,these are my expected wife according to my mam and the my Dad car gift

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Klam Alnas

Today I had chat with my best friend in Libya, as usual we chatted about every thing, we are extremely different, if I’m in the east he is in the west, and if he in the east I’m in the west, but he is the only one can understand me and can predict what I will do in next step which I found it amazing,Reda decide to get married next summer but he has as he see a problem and as I see it’s not problem ,his expected wife still in the second year in the university this mean she still have another two years to finish ,and he can’t wait another two years ,I gave him solution get married next summer and let your wife continuous her study, because its her right to finish study and decide after that if she want to work or no, this was my solution, he told me this solution is the worst solution he can accept .guess why ?

Cos he will be a tutor in the same college and is not accept that he work in the same place where his wife study, I asked why? He told me because people's talking.

Ohhhhhh my god how many time we make weight to the people’s views and it was wrong, how many times we did thing against our believe just to take care about what the people say, “klaam alnas” how many times these two words destroyed our life, why we must care about people views if we believe we do the right thing.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


These some pictures of my city, my lover Benghazi, and these pictures were taken by my brother last month when he was in Libya, I think there is strange relationship between any Benghazino (any one from Benghazi) and Benghazi. It likes the relationship between the mother and her children, we as Benghazinos consider Benghazi as our mother, doesn’t matter from where originally you com from “Tripoli, .Misrata, Derna, Tobrock,” I hope you will enjoy these picture and believe me these pictures were taken last moth not last century.

Other pictures were taken in my family city Albidda 200 km in east of benghazi ,and some pictures in SHahett the tourist village just 10 km on the east of Albidda.
you will find big hole on the mountain(the green mountain) this is where AL-mojahedon were fighting Italians.
and there picture from Benghazi Arena ,and the much was between Ahli Benghazi vs Ahli Tripoli

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Am I Grandfather?

I dont know what happen these days ,i feel like i am older and older ,every thing happen suddenly ,
how i dont know ,but i think this idea started just last month when i started my study ,most of the group were younger than me by 4 or 5 years,most of them are Chinese ,there are very small and they act like children, i'm look like their grand grand father,i used to be the youngest in any group that i join ,secondary school,the university,my firm where i used to work in libya,any event i join usually i'll be the youngest,but now every thing is changed,i'll be 30 after few months and this notion terrify my because i think there are some years were stolen from my life from who i dont know,how they were stolen i dont know,suddenly i realised that there is a big gap from my graduation in 99 till this date when i started my MSc in 06,i worked hard all this years and i did every thing i wish but there isn't anything is tangible,all what i gain is the life experience ,is it enough? i dont think so.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Me , Hamza and Goerge Gallowy

today was good day for me ,i met Mr Gallowy in the uni he came to speak about islamophopia in the west ,one of my friends told me that he(gallowy) was in Libya last month which made me crazy cos i thought he has double standards,to be honest i didn't make sure he was in libya or no .
when the quastions starts ,i asked him how you attack arab dictators and in same time you went to visit Qadhafi in his tent ,he looked to me and smiled and told me please make sure about your information ,i didn't visit libya and i won't ,cos i didn't agree with Qadhafi anymore ,he replied.
for me he was the first western politicans i met ,i met some libyan ,but the differnt point between him and them he was clear about his ideas but for libya they all have foggy ideas ,you cannot know which wing he is left or right.
it was good chance for my friend Hamza who just came from libya just two month ago to work as a doctor here in uk,to speak about politcs without fear ,cos in libya we was just talking with fear from everyone even the traffic police.