Wednesday, November 22, 2006


These some pictures of my city, my lover Benghazi, and these pictures were taken by my brother last month when he was in Libya, I think there is strange relationship between any Benghazino (any one from Benghazi) and Benghazi. It likes the relationship between the mother and her children, we as Benghazinos consider Benghazi as our mother, doesn’t matter from where originally you com from “Tripoli, .Misrata, Derna, Tobrock,” I hope you will enjoy these picture and believe me these pictures were taken last moth not last century.

Other pictures were taken in my family city Albidda 200 km in east of benghazi ,and some pictures in SHahett the tourist village just 10 km on the east of Albidda.
you will find big hole on the mountain(the green mountain) this is where AL-mojahedon were fighting Italians.
and there picture from Benghazi Arena ,and the much was between Ahli Benghazi vs Ahli Tripoli


Lebeeya said...

These are really nice pictures. I've never been to Benghazi but would really love to.

I think there is a strange relationship between libyans, despite where they are from in Libya :)

Brave Heart said...

your are welcomed at any time you wish lebeeya,i believe you will enjoyed

white african said...

thanks for those pic braveheart they really bought back lovley memories for me, i am half benghazawiyah lol, my mothers family is from benghazi and i loved my time their, i loved visiting the mountains as well.

Ronan Jimson said...

Good day braveheart, This is a good article site.
i found many information here.
Good luck, braveheart

Brave Heart said...

Hi White African
this mean you are completely Benghazia ,cos we give our nationality to anyone has Benghazi's blood

white african said...

cool, i took some pic when i was there last time (2004), i might just put them on my blog, problem is it was before i had a digital camera so i gotta scan them first which takes time but worth it inshalah..

Anonymous said...


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