Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Me , Hamza and Goerge Gallowy

today was good day for me ,i met Mr Gallowy in the uni he came to speak about islamophopia in the west ,one of my friends told me that he(gallowy) was in Libya last month which made me crazy cos i thought he has double standards,to be honest i didn't make sure he was in libya or no .
when the quastions starts ,i asked him how you attack arab dictators and in same time you went to visit Qadhafi in his tent ,he looked to me and smiled and told me please make sure about your information ,i didn't visit libya and i won't ,cos i didn't agree with Qadhafi anymore ,he replied.
for me he was the first western politicans i met ,i met some libyan ,but the differnt point between him and them he was clear about his ideas but for libya they all have foggy ideas ,you cannot know which wing he is left or right.
it was good chance for my friend Hamza who just came from libya just two month ago to work as a doctor here in uk,to speak about politcs without fear ,cos in libya we was just talking with fear from everyone even the traffic police.


Hannu said...

Make the most out of these years you have in the civilized world. Best of luck!

Lebeeya said...

Moral of your story: To avoid embaresment, never believe anything that comes out of a libyans mouth :)

Brave Heart said...

I think u r right lebeeya,but some time u find urself forced to do,any way,any thing new is coming from libya