Friday, September 07, 2007

God's Warriors

i came across this programm throyugh Entropy blog, so thank too much Entropy for grabing my attention to this. well this program is very good one, it give insight about the extreem people in the 3 main religions islam -joish -Christian. i think it published be4 in Alarabiya Channel but i'm not sure,i advice u to take a look on it,i think it will be usful.

Now if Libyan airlines tries to do good job Tomorrow and keeps thier time table fixed without any delay, if that happen i'll be in Benghazi AT 6 PM, I'll arrive Tripoli at 3 pm and fly to Benghazi at 5 pm.welcome benghazi and welcome Rammadan


PH said...

Yes that was a good program. I'm still watching it, I've only seen the first part up to now.

I hope you have a smooth trip home and inshaa allah tawsal bel-salama .

salaam bro and have fun.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Brave Heart,
Thank you so kindly for sharing, I look forward to seeing it.

I hope your trip home is a safe one, inshallah. How long will you be visiting?

Anglo-Libyan said...

safe trip inshaAllah

Anonymous said...

انشالله توصل بالسلامة....هى الخطوط الليبية معروف عليها الدقة فى المواعيد فمابالك ويركب معاهم واحد اسكرونى اكيد اكيد حيكونو اكثر دقة .....نحن فى انتظارك ايها القلب الشجاع وكذلك.....تحياتى القطعانى

Lebeeya said...

Tusul bisalama inshallah. Have a safe trip and Ramadan Mubarak to you too :)

Don't go dead on us while you are there, I know its diffcult, but try!! :)

mani said...

:) :) yay brave so ur coming inshallah?.. dude.. i thought u were gonna stay in tripoli for a bit before you go to bengo?? what happened change of plan??

anyways.. if your still coming and intending to stay gimme an email

wishing you a safe trip and look forward to seeing you. Salam

white african said...

brave i pray that you arrived safely inshallah, hope you enjoy yourself, please give a big sallam to benghazi :)

Highlander said...

Mabrook Ramadan and have lovely time at home. When is the graduation party inshallah ?

Maya said...

salam brave
en sha Allah twseel be salama With your bags
eheheh I wish that you didn't
lose any one of them !!
Great that you gonna have Ramadan In Bengo with your family .
fe aman Allah

Brave Heart said...

u r right bro it's very good one, i just finish the Christian part.
thanks 4 ur wishes.

u more than welcome,the trip was safe alhmidulilha, i think i'll stay till the end of Rmaddan inshliha.

thanks bro

انت فى انتظارى مش مشكله لكن ال.... كيف ممكن نصرف معهم

Alhih yslmik and rmadan mabrok to u and ur family

sorry bro, the plan changed at the last mintue, i'll send 2 me phone number, inshaliha i'll meet u in tripoli.

thanks sister, i told ur sallam to everybody here but no one remember u ;)

aliha eyslamik, graduation party hmmm, ok u set the time and i'm ready.

Alhih eyslamik, alhmudulilh i didn't lose my bags, but i stayed more extra 3 hours in tripoli airport than what was planned