Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Finally: The Freedom

Today guys I've submitted my dissertation, this mean I finished nearly 95% of my degree and I'm waiting to my oral exam on the 5th of September, for the whole past year I felt as a slave to the books, study, exams and most importantly slave to the system ,do this and do not do that, which I never did. It is too difficult when u come back to the study after spending some years working, cos it is totally different environment and different prospective, ur mind will be adjusted to the job environment and u will find more difficulty to come back to study environment, so my advice if u have attention to carry more study, do it after u finish ur undergraduate degree directly do not work for long time and after that start study again

I would say thanks to Kemi for her help in reading and correct my bad English in my final draft, also I would thank Bill Gates for the this thing called word application, which I spend horrible week only to know how it is work.

This is my acknowledgment u can rate it, I know it is between 9.5 to 10, don’t say less than :-P :-P :-P


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

"وما اوتيتم من العلم الا قليلا"

صدق الله العظيم

Now, I am watching my keyboard, I do not know what I should write, many pictures are passing in front of my eyes for the whole past year at Warwick, I think I passed through many challenging, frustrating, difficult times in this year. However, I must admit that the support that I got from Allah (God) was unlimited which allow me to pass over all these difficult times.

First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Ricardo Banuelas, for his strong support, thanks to Ricardo's trust and generosity, thank him to his trusting on my ability to do this research; I particularly would like to thank Ricardo's patience and kindness.

Further, I would like to express my gratitude and love to my special friends whose care and encouragement have helped me through this journey. Thanks to Reda, and Anas, for the ultimate support.

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to say thanks to my mother, who has always given me her deep care, support and love without expecting anything in return and without her I would not be the man I am today. These words are not enough to honour what you did for me, but I do want you to know that if I have ever achieved anything significant in my life, it is all because of you.

Update 05-09-07

The game is over

it's officially i have MSc in Supply Engineering and Logistics.

Thanks God


PH said...

Mabrooooooooooooooooook Brave Heart wa 3a3'bal al - dactora .... I'm really happy for you and proud of you so keep up the good work bro and don't forget us when you start teaching in the UNI :P.

btw does Anis's surname start with an F, is he short and stubby ?


Maya said...

congratulation for you Brave heart
I'm really happy for you,,,you gonna make it better in
the oral examination I know that,,
and Its great to be a Slave to books nothing more

and it was a wonderfull to express ur gratitude and To send those
lovely words to ur mom ma sha Allah,, I'm sure she's happy & proud right
now for ur success.
And to be a successful you have to pass through many Challenging
and Frustration Nothing is easy Brave .
Fe aman Allah

Highlander said...

Braveheart! one more Libyan that I am proud of.... I am amazed at your immense progress during the last two years. Reading your blog from post number one in 2005 to today's post is a joy to the sense. You have achieved a lot my friend not only in English language but as a person too!
Mabrouk this is all from God and your parents' blessing!

mad at uk said...

الف الف مبروك

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Brave Heart,
MABROOOOOOOK! Oh what a great accomplishment, alhamdullilah.

What a great rememberance of those that have assisted, encouraged, and motivated you along the way....most importantly may Allah bless your mother dearly, inshallah.

Brave Heart said...


Allah yabark fik, but no study after today, do u mean teaching in مدرسة المشاغبين
Anas is Jordanian not libyan.


welcome to my humble blog, and thanks for the kind words, i thought doctors dont know good words,they only know how to tell u,u r sick and u'll day tomorrow :-P , good u r different.


blushing, blushing, blushing
thank u so much, i must admit you r the one who inspired me to create my own blog, after blogger world was introduced to me by Hibo.

mad at uk
الله يبارك فيك

Allah ybark fik,walhi i think u know Arabic now more than me.Ameen 4 ur due

dusk till dawn said...

Brave heart, the title of ur blog is spot on. congratulation and well done, the hard work has finally paid off. good luck on ur oral exam to, so nice to admire ur loving mother,allah will protect and give her gr8 health to,sure she is very proud and honoured

mani said...

Alllaaaaaaaaaaah mabrook ya braveheart!!.. man.. there is only one reasult for brave hearts.. winning.. and succeeding :) :) :)

you made me bproud bro.. May Allah swt bless you and th emother that bore you and nurtured you to be what u have come to be. Please be a model for us.. we know we can count on you bro :) :) :)


piccolina said...

ohhhhh those were the sweetest words about ur mom .. may GOD protect her for u inshallah and lead you to be the good son :))

mabrooook .. i'm so happy for u and yes i totally agree with u about forgeting how to study then going bck to the study system .. it's crazy lol but u did well after all mashallah so inshallah u'll do ur oral the best way .. AMEEN YA RAB

yalla take care and make us proud :))


Maya said...

OOOps Brave you shocked me ,,There is an exception
I know how to say kind words

not all of them are tough

Fe aman Allah

Brave Heart said...

dusk till dawn

thank u so much,and ameen for ur due.

i don't want to be model, i do want to be the new President of libya (Sorry Mr Qadafi, i mean after long life)
i might stay 2 days in tripoli
when i come, i hope 2 meet u

thank u sister, u must be proud because u comment in my page, not any one can get this honor. ;)

i'm sorry if u felt offended, but i already told u, u r different.

Lebeeya said...

MABROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!! Mashallah 3alaik!!! Really happy for you :) :)

How come you didnt thank us bloggers in yout Acknowledgement? :P Weren't we any support? :P

I'm starting my masters next week, going back to school after a 2 year and a half break. I hope its not as difficult as you make it sound :)

mani said...

salam brave hey that'd be great you can come to my place I'm a bachelor, if thats fine with you and we could spend some time.. when are u coming?

Brave Heart said...

Allah ybark fik, walhi i wrote one sentence about the blogger but i remove it later for some mesons i'll explain it later.
u have the chance to ask me any journal papers till the 30th of September when my membership in many academic journals expire


thanks man, i have one meeting in tripoli but we still didn't agree on the date, 90% i'll be there on the 10th

white african said...

mashallah that was a lovley dedication and i am sure your mother is very proud of you :0)

a thousand congratulations on finishing it and inshallah it will be great news when the results come in.

Brave Heart said...

Thank u WA,I HOPE THE RESULT will be ok, i'll know it immediately after the the oral exam.

Maya M said...

Congratulations and good luck for the final stretch!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

السلام عليكم....بادئ ذى بدئ مليون وثلاثمية الف مبروك مقدما عالتخرج (موش خير منك الجماعة ) بالنسبة للعبودية للكتب ماتزعلش كلنا عبيد ...فى عبيد للمدراء وفى عبيد للرؤسا وفى عبيد الدولار وفى رجال عبيد لزوجاتهم وفى نساء عبيد للغيبة والنميمة (القرمة)وفى من يكون عبد للعادة زى التدخين مثلا وفى النهاية كلنا عباد الله, على فكرة فى فيلم جميل نسيت اسمه هو للمثل انتونى هوبكنز ويمثل دور عالم بيلوجى مختل ممكن تحضره يعطيك فكرة عن عبودية الانسان لطموحه (قوى ننصحك بيه)...والمقطع الاخير قوى فيلم هندى اثر فى وكاد ان ينزل دموعى لولا سوء التصوير اخراجك فاشل لكن احساسك رائع (اول مرة نشوف واحد ليبى حساس)...تحياتى القطعانى

Safia speaks said...

Tell us how it went!

Gheriani said...

Congrat and Alaf Mabrouk and all best.

Brave Heart said...

Maya M, Safia speaks, Gheriani

Thanks so much for ur feeling and support.

(موش خير منك الجماعة )من قصدك انت ولا الطبرقى
(اول مرة نشوف واحد ليبى حساس) خليها مستورا

Maya said...

Salam gOOd Luck in your Oral
Fe aman Allah

Brave Heart said...


Thank u for ur concern, alhmidulilh every thing went well

Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

What wonderful news!!!
You did a very hard thing by going back to school. I for one am very proud of you!

Brave Heart said...

Chatalaine / شاتالاين
Thanks Chatalaine, u r so nice.