Sunday, June 17, 2007

رسالة الى من بقي له ضمير في غزة

i haven't any thing to say


a_akak said...

Brother, thier is not much to say ...... allah galib and do you blame the Jews? i hope the Jews start bombing them both, at least they maybe Martyrs

Fe Aman Allah

Lebeeya said...

I just dont understand why 7amas and fati7 are fighting!!! Smilahi, the enemy is right there yet ga3deen yogtlu fi ba3dhum.

I'm sure its fitna, the Jews are known to start fitna between the muslimeen so they distract them from the main problem and start killing each other.

As Akak said, Allah ghalib oo khalas.

white african said...

aaaaah ya filsteen aaaah.

like you said brave, no comment!!

Brave Heart said...

a_akak is not solution to let jews bomb them,but at least better than killing each other.

i'm hammas supporter but they don't have political experience, been good muslium doesn't mean u r good in politics

WA:THAT'S comment WA

PH said...

That is a good video......but the Americans and Egyptians have been arming and training Fatah since last November, while they were sanctioning food, money and medicine from entering Palestine they allowed weapons in *sigh* if hamas hadn't had Fatah for Lunch Fatah would have had them for Dinner........... Now their punishing the people of Gaza for democratically choosing Hamas, by lifting the sanction on the West bank and leaving it in place in Gaza, you can find some good post on it here.

nona said...

BH. I appreciate it to think of our catastrophe thank u.. I don’t know how we are still alive in gaza after the last 2 weeks we had, it was tragedy.. I feel as tsunami passed from here… thank u so much I like this poetry … ama very sorry for all the ppl who love Palestine and believe in the Palestinian case, work for it and support us.. I really don’t have words to write about it because it is beyond the words

Brave Heart said...

u r right brother it's the ugly face of western politics.

welcome sister , long time, plastine is the case for every Muslim, and we must work hard to support them

ايمان اسلام -ماليزيا said...

مرحبا القلب الشجاع

انا عندي ايمان انه ربنا موجود هو الحاكم فب هذه الامور يمكن احنا مابنشوف الحكمة لكن تضل حكمة الله موجودة

صدقني حتضل دوامهة الصراع دائرة حتى يظهر الحق

مع انه لمن تنظر للامور حتشعر بكثير من اليأس على الوضع الراهن

دمت سالماً

LovelyHibo said...

نعم الله غالب
ماباليد حيلة
سماح وفتح يتعاركوا واليهود في النصف يصبوا في الزيت والحكومة الفلسطينية تصب في البنزين وشوفوا كيف يولي الوضع

هما الفلسطينيين في بعضهم احرف من اليهود ويقتلوا في بعضهم و عاطيني اليهود فرصة أكبر باش يزيدوا ظلمهم.

النصر حايجي بس وقت حايجي حاتكون الدنيا اقتربت من النهاية وهذا معروف في اشراط الساعة و ظهور العلامات التي تكلم عنها سيدنا محمد صلي الله عليه وسلم في احاديثه في صحيح بخاري

Brave Heart said...

شنو حالك وشن اخبار الدراسة واخبار ماليزيا انشالله امورك تمام
امتى يظهر الحق قوليلى بس
lovly tripoli:
اذا كان النصر يعنى قيام الساعة خلينا مهزومين احسن :-P

ايمان اسلام - ماليزيا said...

الله يسلمك ويسعدك

انا كويسه انت كيف حالك

القلب الشجاع

وكيف حال دراستك

والجو عنكم

ربنا معاك ان شاء الله طمنا عليك دايما

PH said...

Hey brave Heart whats up ? and how are things at your end? inshaa allah everything is tamam :) no new posts ?


Highlander said...

I echo PH ! where are you braveheart ?

As for Palestinian issue it is not gonna go away by wishful thinking but only by a specific strategy for which non of us is yet ready it seems. When we are it will become very obvious.

Brave Heart said...

ايمان اسلام - ماليزيا
الله يسلمك باقى 8 اسابيع وينتهى تعب الدراسة للابد

thank u bro 4 asking i was very busy, walahi.

thank u 4 asking, at least i disappear for days not like u by weeks.:-P
i think we haven't the ability to make creative solutions.