Thursday, March 29, 2007

March's issues

There are two main issue I faced this month, first one I was surprise how many of bloggers or their relative were born in March, I will start by last one lebeeya and her father, Ema’s father, a_akak (Ahmed), Damoon’s sister, Hannu and finally myself, seven person from this a small community were born in march, as I mentioned before most of great men were born in march, this mean I have chance with Ahmed to be some thing great, the definition of great mean I can be a president of Libya of the head of the Mafia I don’t care, about our other halves I read that great women were born in the month number 13, what do u think ? I need ur views.

The second issue was the marriage problem; I think I was talking about this issue nearly daily in this month, which is very strange for me, because I don’t like to discuss any subject more than one time, the start was by my younger brother who sent my family to ask his lady’s hand for marriage and he is planning to do his wedding next summer not this one, his action opened the hell’s gate in my face, all my family start shouting and asking me when u will married and how , why blh blh blh , this kind of useless conversation, I told them I actually married with an old English woman who is 80 and I’m waiting her dead to take her money and go back Libya, I think it’s reasonable reason, my mum asked me (plz BH, I need to see ur children be4 I die) I told her mum u still 50 years this mean depending on the statistics u still have another 25 years to live , which she replied by anger voice ( this kufar’s country destroy ur mind, the life in Allah’s hand not in the statistics books, complete ur study and come quickly be4 u change to Abu Jahel) she told me.

The second time I face the marriage issue when I read in bander blog about ftwaالزواج بنيه الطلاق) ,it allows man to married with نيه الطلاق for 1 or 2 or 3 years when he is outside his country especially when he is in west and there is one condition he must don’t tell his wife about that, how come I don’t know, it’s clearly HARAM, I DON’T KNOW HOW THESE sheeukh think. To be honest I heard this ftwa when I arrived to uk nearly three years now from some Libyan sheeukh in Manchester , and one of my friends told me there is one shekh married more than 12 times using this ftwa, which I replied to him that’s why Qadfi control Libya more than 40 years.

Third time one of my friend who is Algerian need to married one girl and she is Yemeni, her father ask him for £6000 as a MAHER, I told him her father need to sale her not to let her married, and 90% he will buy QAT by your money, I think high number of MAHER is not fair for the both side man or woman, in Libya I think the situation is better than here, the normal rate of Maher is 1000 LD which is good for both sides.

Actually I have many points about marriage issue, I think I’ll blog about it later with your help


mani said...

Salam Brave..

I just know this is gonna be an awesome subject to comment on :D.. need to collect my thoughts first though :)


white african said...

its a good thing you wherent born in April brave, all dictators are born in april, so if you are to be the next ruler of libya then at least we can sigh and say 'well he aint no april man'.

the whole marriage issue, aaaaaaaaaaah to many things to say but how to word it, thats the trouble.

AngloLibyan said...

if you become the president of Libya then please remember your blogging family, us :o)

Brave Heart, many people throw fatwas at us all the time, many can not even issue fatwas, just use common sense.
regarding the marriege issue, I think maybe its time you settled down with your family's choice for you, Remember?

ايمان اسلام - جده said...

بصراحه انصدمت في الموضوع

ماادري بصراحه مخي تشوش؟؟؟

افكر وارجع اقولك

DaMoon said...
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DaMoon said...

Yes Braveheart March is a busy months, my dad's bday was on March 10th as well, my auntie on March so add them to ur list hehe jk and all of them are great ppl smart too I have to say!
Regarding "great women r born in month 13!!!!!!!!!!" EXCUZE sheno gasdik bezabt?? tlama7 le 7aja mesh mazbota jk bro
I love ur mom's comment rabe u7fdhalik, bahi elli magalitish "bladd errwama" Ruwama el ajanib....I am yapping away sorry I just at three ka3k 7algoom my fav high in sugar so never mind me....
Regarding marriage, finish off ur study and then take a step towards that....I don't like none sense fatwas and it's my personal opinion mesh kul sheekh has the ability to efti! anywayz! enough for me...good luck Braveheart with everything :o) and if u need matchmaker....just give me a shout ;o) hehehe

Cr8ivia said...

1st .. hehe i was born on march too! and i disagree about good women only were born on month 13 :@

2nd .. about marrige .. how old r u? o Allah iywafeg ur brother

3rd .. about the fatwa marrige "bineyat il6alaq" hatha zawaj ilmut3a which is allowed only 3ind ilshee3a !! its haram! 100% haram! zina!

4th about almahar .. yes i agree with u .. Alrasol 3alaih ilsalam said khothohum foqaraa'a yoghnikom Allah
o alsalfa not bee3a o sharwa

Brave Heart said...


white african:
no worries i'll be democratic president.
tell us about this many things, u can start.

i'll do my best, i'll try to remember all of u especially cofman.
about my family choice, i lost this chance because she got married.

ايمان اسلام - جده
ليه بس انصدمتى فهمينى

u only make this fun , walahi i cant stop laughing, and only u who has objection about month no 13, why?
do ur best about the matchmaker from now, no need to give shout

DaMoon said...

da search for Braveheart's 3rosa BEGINSSSS, I am putting on da khatba gear that is "extra extra magnifying glasses, to see every single detail, extra sama3at to hear the unspoken words....7a nflehalik fali...and hey I don't want funky shroot from ur side like she has to be blond tall and stunning, alright!!!

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

I know many good people were born in march , i think that march is a crazy month , and craziness always create fantastic mutations ,some are bad mutation like Osama and some are good hopefully like you lol!
but if u ever will become the president of Libya, just don’t stay over than 40 years , leave the chance to other good march people lol , and remember ur good blog friends :0)

white african said...

what would the 13 month be called in the islamic calander?

mani said...

Salam again :D

I'm sorry I made you wait walahe I'm being really scatter brained these days. Its been painful making a trade off but I finally have done it in favour of traveling to Libya inshallah and deferring my study a year or two because the project I want to start is simply speeding ahead and the opportunity is too great and too demanding to simply delay... so yeah you can feel me out of breath in that paragraph I hope.. Where are you anyway u supposed to call? Oops I still aint given u a number... or do u want me to have your's? email it email soon please I am going back to Brighton in Like a week and wont becoming back to this god-forsaken grey city for ages loll.

I aint got nothing to say about March birthdays at all. WA said Tyrants are born in April and I second that though. My sis, Asia is born on 20th April, sharing that with the Queen and Hitler!!!! In fact I usually have nothing to talk about birthdays the subject zooms past my head like an annoying fly from time to time hehehe... its nice to celebrate it once in a while for the substance of it but making a regular commercial ritual out of it and dedicating serious amounts of thought and capacity to personal self-congratulation is very trivial for me..

What a party pooper eh??? :D .. But yeah that's just the way I was brought up and I loved it... I get a lot more in terms of fun and excitement, joy and happiness from the serious side of life, which is contrary to most peoples views, as they try and sideline the serious part of life with excuses such as 'its the world u have to live in it' and 'have fun and enjoy your life' 'ignorance is bliss etc" that glorify dedication to this earthy and faneya Life, nothing but lahow and la3eb which directly contradicts for me the core and basic tenants of Iman (واللذين هم عن اللغو معرضون ) for a little example..


ooops :P

See... walahe I'm soo sick of coming across as condescending and intimidating its past the stage that it's's just hilarious! Now I'm just embracing it as part of my personality...laughing it off, and showing some dipples while I'm at it... what did Ahmad_Akak say again on his blogger profile?? "la tathonna allaytha yabtasemo..." hehehehe..

sorry please forgive these rantings my fingers are feeling totally free on this laptop keyboard it's like stroking a soft kitten at speed hehehe.. ok what was the subject again.. ah yeas.. birthdays.. we're done pooping on that lol...
[update: I started by saying that the solution to Marrige was istikhara and then I just went into detail about the dynamic of tawakkol in our lifes contrast tawakkol 3ala Allah and tawakkol 3ala nafs.. Im still writing it but itll be long so I will just post it in my blog by tomorrow inshallah :)]

MaySoon said...

I was born on the 13th month :op hehhe

Yes people born in March are great people with great sense of humor... one more thing don't worry the right person will come along ;o)

Brave Heart said...


welcome to march party. and happy birth day.i agree with all ur point.

don't worry Damoon, i dont want blond or green eyes one, what i want someone looks like Julia Roberts, i think it's easy to find, and tell her ur man looks like Aiad Alzlitni. easy to find Damoon, do ur best.

plz dont say 40 years , this mean the stupid guy will stay another 2 more years.
i promise if i being libyan president i'll change it to kingdom in the same day, and i cant propise to remember people from my past days, i'm sorry.

white african:
u start challenging me WA, it's difficult Q,but i'm not talking about women right , i talk about great women, count how many great man and how many great woman in this life and tell me, believe me u cannot compete us, rise ur white flag, i'm waiting u.
about month 13, believe me there is month called 13 in some area and religion in the world,i thought it's a known thing.

i phoned Hossam Gwial , asking him about ur number, but he told me he lost it. any way i'm in birmingham today i'll try my best to catch u.
and i'm waiting ur post.

that's great Maysoon , u r the first woman in our we have great man and great woman it's challenge for the rest now.
i'm not worry about right person , cos i'm in save hand now(Damoon)

Misratia said...

All women are great regardless when they get born,
but it seems that great men get born in March ONLY!!!!

don't you agree???

Relay it seems that March is mirage month, many people get married in this month

عقبالك braveheart :)

yesterday I read an article in كتاب وحي القلم
about mirage, I will post it soon in my blog.

ايمان اسلام - جده said...

فاهمتك والله فاهمتك

بس من جد حسيت ايش اقدر اقولك

ماني عارفة؟؟؟

يمكن الموضوع اكبر من سني :) :)

أمزح أمزح

بس ربنا معاك ويفرحنا فيك

Lebeeya said...

Braveheart, my new goal is to find a 3arosa for you. Kaif tibeeha? shagra?? 3yoonha zorug??

Brave Heart said...

u make it difficult to me to disagree with u, u r the winner.i'm waiting ur post.
الحمدالله انكى فهمتينى و1000 امين على دعوتك

u will spend all u ur life to reach impossible goal.any way i'll make it easy for u,i dont want blond or green eyes one, what i want someone looks like Julia Roberts, i think it's easy to find

Lebeeya said...

Julia Roberts.. no problem.. amta injoo nokhtboook??

Brave Heart said...

i'm available 24/7, i'm really surprise , u achieved ur goal quicker than i thought.

AngloLibyan said...

واحد ليبي طلب من اهله في ليبيا يبعتوله عروسه
قالوله كيف تبيها؟
قاللهم نبيها طويلة وبيضا وصوتها واطي
أهله دزوله ثلاجة

Lebeeya said...

LOL @ Anglolibyan

Don't worry Braveheart, mish hanib3atlik thilajaa ;)

life's cycle said...

hey brave heart , by the way me too i notice that many people thier br in march , and i know many people thier br in march too , strange .
any way , for ur marrige it is ur choise no other one choise , but to tell u the truth with marrige ur life will be beautiful do not worry that if u found ur right girl .
well and by the way me and bsheshentra are true sis , and if u looked all over the world u wont fine a strong relashion ship like we do have it .
plz if u get the presedent of libya do not forget us :P

cofman said...

Really funny ya Anglo lol

Very good wallahi, 10 / 10 lol

But talking with brave heart on this subject is like ummmmm
You know something? the best policy to deal with brave heart is to ignore him
The best thing, ignore him

( 7ala wallahi, he doesn’t have even 12 Dinars, talk about freezer? lol … hard luck Brave, lol, when you are 45 inshallah, lol, when you have 150 Dinars )
freezers aren’t cheap lol

Hanan said...

LOL your mom is funny! Turning into Abu Jahel! Hillarious!!

Btw: what kinda fatwa is that? I don't think I ever heard of it before?!!

a_akak said...

I totally agree with my Brother B.H. we the March generation are the ANTICIPATED GREAT ONES :) and as for the head of the Libyan Mafia, Bro you have stiff competition, stand in line ;)

I have heared about this Fatwa and i answer it by one thing

"Would you allow it to be done on your sister or anyone one of your family?"

so I say, anything you dont like for your self and family is probably now allowed

PS: B.H. welcome to the marriage pressure club :) ,however, i am not against it but i need a bit more time :)

Brave Heart said...

life's cycle:

it's amazing, this mean we have 3 sister couples in this small community,no worries i'll not forget u, i'll send to u my pictures to put it in ur home, car, every where.


u r taking peace on me, for that i'll marry 4.
باهى الثلاجه خير من الغاز

it's good thing u didn't hear about it.

welcome Ahmed, nice to see u here.
i'm ready for this competition, just if i find chance

white african said...

lol @ anglo's joke, i like it :)

can i just say that the best month is september, i know i know most of you are not born in september but come on you cant dispute that its such a lovley month :)

(no relation to awal september of course)

Brave Heart said...


the problem with September is the 1st of it, and this destroy every thing,change ur month to march is better for u.

BTW:my mum and sister were born in September

mani said...

salam brave..
your reply is up..
I can understand if you cant go through it all although I sincerly encourage u to do so..

salam dude

lawyer said...

احم احم


انا من مواليد شهر مارس

الف مبرووووووك لاخوك

الله يتمم عليه

ايييييييي والله حتى انتو في ليبيا عندكم غلاء مهور

انا عبالي بس عندنا !!

مشكله الزواج

اما عن الفتوى
لا حوووووووول الله

بوستك صدمني

Brave Heart said...


check ur hotmail email

اهلا بك فى نادى مواليد مارس.
لالا ليبيا تعتبر المهور فيها معقوله وبالعكس العائلات الان تتجه الى التقليل منها.انا حكيت على زميلى الذى اهل خطيبته طلبو 6000 باوند انجليزى كمهر . انا كان راى انها بيعه وليست زواج.
كل مانتى عايشه فى هالدنيا وانتى تسمعى الجديد والغريب

a_akak said...


hope you are doing well and things are fine,

No New posts? whats going wrong with this world :P

cofman said...

Aa7’7’7’7’7’7’7’ ya Zaman , A7’7’7’

Even those who don’t have 12 Dinars behave like Miliardia

ibeebarbie said...

Happy belated birthday Brave Heart and all the other March birthdayers. Recently new to the blogging world, and am enjoying the many topics.

Issue of marriage ---- ugh! Isn't it amazing how many have an opinion solicited or unsolicited on this topic?

Brave Heart said...

thanks, but really i don't know any subject to write about it.

hahahyahaha Alzman shaeen ya cofman

welcome to blog world, i hope this wont be the last visit to me.
as u said it's really amazing this wide range of opinions, i think its related to culture , where we live , how we see things.