Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday, as u see I’m getting older and older, if I consider the statistics this mean I reach the middle of the road of this live, the nice thing is that I read that Osama Ben laden 50th birthday was 4 days ago, he is older than me by 20 years, this mean we born in the same week, actually there are many famous people they have a big effect on the world were born in the same month. I wish when I’m in my fifties I’ll have the same effect of Osama on the world but in different way.

Actually I’m 31 years now by HJRI age, I was born in Rabia althani month, the same month that prophet Mohamed was born, and it was Monday as well, the same day.

All this gives an indication about how much potential I have to be one of these who change the world, but I don’t know in which way I can do that, my best friend always telling I have potential to be Almaseekh Aldjal. What u think?

The last time I celebrate my birthday happen when I was ten or nine I don’t remember, it was a traditional in the building where I was live, all the families gather together and everyone bring his gift and make a small party, my last gift was a guitar, I’m always like to have guns and swords as gifts in that days.

My problem is that, I’m looking older than my age, people give me an extra 10 years at least which I find very funny. I have a number of these funny situations which I’m find myself laughing and laughing.

These are my two younger brother and sister, every time I took them me by my car or buy some chocolate for them; people said ربى ايصون انشالله – ايتربو فى عزك , u have a cute children, which I find myself just smiling and say thanks, but inside me I wish to beat them.

In my previous job I attend a meeting with head manger of or company, and he introduce some stupid points which I explained to him it’s wrong and was me only who argue with him, during the argument he asked me, where u were working before Mr B-H, I told him I just graduate last year and this is my first job, directly he asked me what’s ur DOB, I answered, 1977, suddenly he start laughing and told me, walahi I think ur DOB is 1877 not 1977, keep that in ur mind I was in that time just 24.

Now anyone ask my about my age, I replay u can guess, any guesses I’ll agree with him because the most clever one will give an extra 5 years.

My brothers and sisters always telling me that “alhmudullih u r male, because if u r female u will never married” at least I’m lucky from this view.

Any way please, please, don’t cost urself and send any gifts by royal-mail, DHL or TNT, just visiting my page, it’s the big gift for me, but I don’t mind if u send an e-card.


ايمان اسلام -جده said...

اول شيء كل سنه وانت طيب ان شاء الله

وشو جاب سيرة بن لادن في الموضوع الله يهديك والله من جد شكلك مداوم على الجزيرة والعربية

الجزيرة اتفرج الجزيرة الوثائقية مثلي وريح دماغك اما العربية فا انا انصحك ماتشوفها ليه؟؟؟

انا مقاطعتها هي

ومجموعه ام بي سي التافهه

واجندتهم في العمل الاعلامي اجندة ضد الاسلام والمسلمين

اما اتأثير الايجابي اللي نفسك تفيد بيه الانسانية هاذا مو ضوع تقدر تقول كبير بس انت ماشاء الله عليك باين عليك بطل يااخي يكفي انك ليبي من بلد البطل عمر المختار الله يرحمه ويتغمد روحه الجنه

اما على حكاية السن فضحكتني على حكاية لمن تاخذ اخواتك معاك ويقولون لك يتربوا في عزك من جد تضحك وصورتك حلوووووة مرة الامورة دي اختك ولا خطيبة المستقبل>>اقصد بنت الجيران

وبعدين على قولتهم احمد ربك انك ميل مو فيميل عشان ماراح كنت تتزوج من جد

أنا اقولك على شيء انا شكلي اصغر من عمري بس هذا شيء سيء ليه؟؟؟ لانه الناس بتعاملني اني صغيرة في الدنيا ولمن اقولهم عمري يتفاجأوا

ولمن يتعرفوا على عقلي تجيهم جلطه دماغية

بس احلى شيء حكاية الهدايا انا اهديك دعوة في احلى من كده طبعاً حتقول لا والله مافي احلى من كده

وانا مرة انبسطت بهذا البوست شكراً على تلبية دعوتنا

من جد والله شكرا البوست اصلاً يجنن

مو البوست اللي اول يكئب الواحد

طيب فين الدعوه حتقولي؟؟؟

حقولك ربنا يعطيك الا ان يرضيك ويمدك بالايمان وبخدمة الاسلام وانشوفك ضربت على بيل غيتس >>مع انه الضرب حرام

أقصد أغنى منه مالياً واكثر تاثيراً على مجرى التاريخ

وان شاء الله تحضر الدكتوراة وتصير عميد جامعه بن غازي

ها اشرايك؟؟؟

AngloLibyan said...

Happy Birthdy and Many Happy Returns Inshallah :o)

you are only 30, so young and so much to do, best of luck and inshaAllah you acheive all you want.

ps: i was going to send u a gift but since u insist then I wont bother :o)

white african said...

happy birthday brave, kul sana winta tayeb inshallah.

30 is young, remember the prophet, his wa7ee (revelation) came down when he was 40, they say a mans best age is 40.

so brave you you have 10 more years to mature :0)

Misratia said...

Happay birth day :)

piccolina said...

OH MY GOD that was a big time laughing lol
hope u liked my voice " e7m e7m "
i have same problem , i'm always older !
i remember when i graduated from hight school my mom's friend came to visit so i opened the door for her and she was like " mabruk for you sister " lol she thought i'm older and my sister is the younger !!! lol
so yeah that was a good point coz if u were a female you would have wriiten your age on you clothes LOL

Brave Heart said...

وانتى طيبه يارب
الصورة لاخوتى الصغار الى حكيت عليهم فى البوست.
اما دعوتك انشالله ايصير منها يا رب لكن لا دراسه بعد اليوم.

THANK U, BUT next year plz bother urself.

can u grantee i'll be mature in my 40s, i'll be happy if that happen even in my sixties.

thank u sister.

i can hear ur voice,its to loud mashalih.i'm happy coz i find someone has the same problem.

Lebeeya said...

happy birthday to your face.
happy birthday in a race.
happy birthday in the rain.
happy birthday in a train.
happy birthday to your family.
happy birthday to your shoe.
but most of all i'd like to wish
a happy day to you.

Happiness forever! You are not old at all! 30 is a nice rounded number :D From the pictures you posted of yourself, I think you look younger than your age!

DaMoon said...

Ohhhh, I only saw the post today, and feel so bad for not wishing you a happy birthday yesterday! so happy belated birthday, and I don't think 30 years is old, bel3aks fe 3z eshabab...hehe mazal ga3id shaboob sgahir, o inshallah u'll find a cute shabooba o t3esho happy shaboobeen ever after o talbso shbashib soba3 o todrbo sgharkum be shibshib naylo kana daro shtana...:o)
sorry I got carried away, all I wanted to say is 3ogbal el3umur kullah ya rabb :o)

Brave Heart said...


i think u must wear glasses,me looks younger!impossible.

no need for feeling bad,shaboba made me crzy these days, coz i cannot find it easyly.noo i'm peaceful i cant beat them by shibshb or without i just can through them from the balcony

Anonymous said...

Kool sana wa inta tieb

MaySoon said...

happy belated birthday to you braveheart, 3ogbal el3umr kullah

DaMoon said...

May Allah guide you to the door steps of your lovely future wife ya rabb and you may get all the happiness you deserve :o)

ReD Lady™ said...

keeeeeeel 3am oo ent b5er yaaarb .. oo 38bal el 93 oo n9 ;p

Brave Heart said...

thank u very much

10000000000 ameen

red lady
thanks,i find it difficult this writing by numbers, u must give some knowledge of that, which numbers means which letter.

Entropy said...

Every person sees the age he is in right now, and all the ones that are younger as "still young" and one year older and more is considered "old"
so don't worry about people thinking you are older because those who look at you as "old" will come to a point someday where they consider it as "young".
The point of being old is one that keeps science and cs we call it "sliding window" so who cares :-)

I hope you accept this birthday gift :-)

Anonymous said...

كل سنه وانت طيب يا غزال

princess of smiles said...

happy birthday nani :)

Safia speaks said...

Happy Birthday to you
You belong in the zoo
with the monkeys and the donkeys
for they look just like..hehe

Don´t forget a parachute up there where you currently are flying. It´s a loooooong way down!

mani said...

Salam Braveheart,

This is my first post to you bro, so I'm happy it has come on such an occasion. Many happy returns inshallah. Work hard. and Ill participate in ur blog more often from now :)

Brave Heart said...

welcome, and thanks 4 ur visit,its very nice gift.

وانت طيب لكن
الفرق بينى وبين الغزال كيف الفرق بين الشرق والغرب.

princess of smiles:
where r u, u disappear suddenly.

Safia speaks:
i know it's toooooooooooooooooo long, i just start now.
welcome bro, i read ur blog be4, i have the same interesting about the Libya economics,i believe in Libyan role in the future by improving the and developing the economic tolls anyway i'll discuss this soon inshalih

Anonymous said...

أولا.. الاحتفال بأعياد الميلاد بدعة و من عادات النصارى
ثانيا... الشيخ أسامة بريء منك و من مقارناتك...
ثالثا..عمرك بالهجري 30 عاما و 10 شهور ..يا شارف !!

Brave Heart said...

اولا يجب التفريق بين العادات الدينيه والعادات الانسانية
ثانيا:من يعرف راى اسامه بن لادن فى هذه المقارنه
معرفتك العمر الهجرى بالضبط يدل على انك شخص مغرى للحوار والاختلاف معه
فاهلا وسهلا

AngloLibyan said...

another version of Safia's song

Happy birthday to you
you belong in the zoo
you look like a monkey
you smell like one too :o)

its my son's favourite birthday song and brave heart it is not meant for you :o)

barrak said...

كل عام وانت بخير وصحه وسلامه
حياك الله بعالم الثلاثينيات

charisma said...

الثلاثينات وقار ورزينه وبنفس الوقت خفه

العمر كله ان شاءالله وكل عام وانت بالف خير

cofman said...

kol sana wa enta taib
a3azz el naas Brave, maybe now is the right time to start thinking about Drabeek wa zommara thing, in da tent lol

lovelytripoli said...

Happy ```~~~```Birthday ~~````~~ To~~~~~`````You ~~~`````Ya sloumah..

angle,he isnot` 30 he is 31 years old..
I am 30..LooooooooL

i know i am so late,but..You know that this week so buys with my work,"childcare"
they re busy on kids party 21-march.

Emmmmmmmmmmmm,I wish all Your Dreams come true..

but i am mad on you..You everytimes said to me hiba go to see my blogger and dont` see my noted in my blogger..

i want big gift when i will go to london..then my gift will turn to me...looool

Best wishs ya weld bladiy and
You dseirev good things becoues you have big good hearted for everyone..and i really like you..

ur vbest friend;Hiba

lovelytripoli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hanan said...

Happy belated Birthday BraveHeart!! Hope your days are filled with joy and happiness!

Brave Heart said...

no probs AL, u can consider me ur son.

وانت بخير
انتم السابقون ونحن اللاحقون

خفه ممكن اصدقكك لكن وقار وزينه مش عارف شن انقولك
لكن ارجع واقولك وانتى بالف صحه وسلامه

the tent is ready, u bring drabeek, i hope it today than tomorrow

my face is completely red now. just come to london and i'll sort every thing for u.

thanks very much Hanan

cofman said...

7’air ya Brave

I got your comment from my page, ie “shen sar fi aldrabeek eli qltli alihen”

Ya Brave, wallahi if you are serious there are good people here .. one of them, I think, is excellent, wallahi

cofman said...

really really good, now and for the future ( don't follow what your parents tell you ,,, old stuff they are our parents ) .. take the modern .. they work .. and up to date .. and from good families ( i think ) i am sure 80% now

Brave Heart said...


mani said...

salam brave..

um.. where where you in birmingham bro???

Im still there :P.. I thought i knew every libyan in brum...

Brave Heart said...

slam mani:
actually i moved to Coventry since October due to the study but i come weekly basis to Birmingham ,i always pray juma in Amana muath. r u living there

mani said...

salam brave!!


well.. my family lives in brum and I have been living there for the last 6 years.. although I have been in Brighton for the last year and a half.

I always pray at amanh muath too bro.. man.. Im sure I know you, or at least have met u before Im sure. doesn't the name hammam ring a bell? I used to work In Islamic Relief and thats the main reason i dont go to amanh these days cause my old boss (dr hany el banna) doesnt wanna see my face til I graduate.. :P

maaaan.. we should soo hookup Im in Birmingham for some time cause its easter..

msg back msg back :)

Brave Heart said...

well mani
i know abu-hamam pizza owner, and i think i knew u know, r ur father a dr or some thing like that.if u r in bir in easter i might to be able to meet u.

mani said...

salam brave

yep.. u got me :D.. that is I.
Used to work for Abu-Hamam pizza too.. old days ;)
Im in Brum now ;) (it's easter hols :P)

get in touch and if i havent freaked u out by now then ill call u if u wish :)

Anonymous said...

I guess i'm a bit late,,,,

but hey WTVR

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU... and 3ogbal 100 candle in shaa allah.

nice picture of ur sister and bro ;)

Brave Heart said...

sure i'll contact u as soon as i come to Birmingham.


thanks so much

lovelytripoli said...


ye, he is the one..

save all ur money for me..LoooL

see u

Safia speaks said...

Take iteasy, I´m still going strong but cannot continue blogging yet. Maybe there will be blog silence for another entire week.
Thanx for asking.

Lebeeya said...

Braveheart, the older you get the more blogging responsibility you have. Update ya rajil! :)

life's cycle said...

i am too late i am sorry for that , but happy birthday , i wish u the best birthday ever and enjoy ur life even when u will be 50th it is all depends in ur soul and i see that ur saul is young and full of life ,, happy bithday again .

lostkitty said...

happy birthday! (sorry its late!)

and 30 isn't that old at all...!

Brave Heart said...

i'm waiting u, just come.


if u need any help, i'm ready just for fighting, u know libyan men deal with any problem just by fighting, no need to use brain.

wallahi lebeeya u always make me laughing and laughing,i dont find any subject to blog about, help me.

life's cycle:
thanks sister,and welcome back, i hope i'll celebrate my 50th birthday with trip of children and wives.

thanks lostkitty,dont forget next year to say it early.

AngloLibyan said...

Brave Heart, you are nearly 31 now, get over it and update please :o)

DaMoon said...

life's cycle:
thanks sister,and welcome back, i hope i'll celebrate my 50th birthday with trip of children and wives. !!!!!!!!! WIVEZZZZZ ....3eeb 3leek ya btatma3 hiki bakri bakri u have to find wife number 1 then worry about DA REST ...wallahi za3ltni...:p

Anonymous said...

Ya Damoon Howa BRAVE yigdir 7atta 3ala wa7da??? HEHEHEHE

Brave Heart said...

bro it's to difficult to come over this issue.don't remember me i'm 30.

walahi sister u keep me laughing more than five minutes.i said i hope
وليس كل مايتمنه المرء يدركه
i think anno said the truth

a_akak said...

In true Libyan style, i am as late as ever, however, (here comes my excuss) i am a late subscriber to your post and i will await next year to be the 1st to congradulate u on your birthday,

Now............AGE? 30? you? When? How? where? Why and thats all i would ask

Happy Birthday
لأنى فى حوش العيلة عندى عربي فللمناسبة هدة كل عام و انت بخير

Olive said...

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