Sunday, March 04, 2007

i hate writing

walahi guys i'm really suffer these days because of my dissertation, when i started my studies i thought i do engineering master not English Literature master,engineering masters means as i understand using equations, computer systems, numbers any thing related to logic thinking, but my master is totally different, this uni make me crazy ,their system is to write an assignment for each module u attend and each assignment u must write between 4000-5000 words ,do u believe that ,the problem is u r not allowed to write what the others write before,u must understand the subject and write by ur words.
my problem i hate writing and always i like writing every thing as short as possible, even in my language Arabic i can't write 3 sentence in any subject i remember my Arabic teacher in secondary school ask me after he saw what i write in alensha subject "يا ابنى هل انت متاكد انك درست موضوع الجمل المفيده فى الابتدائيه او لا"
in secondary school my degrees were very good in mathematics ,physics,but they were very poor in arabic language.
i hate writing
even in my job in libya , i was responsible to write weekly report about my department ,but i failed and always the management cut days from my wages cos i didn't write any thing .i'm always telling them if u need any information just ask me i will tell u no need to write.
one day they ask me to write report about one problem, i did in 3 sentence do u believe, seconds after the manger read the report ,he phoned me and cut 3 days from my salary and give me lesson in how to write report.
back to this crazy uni my dissertation must be between 15000-20000 words and i just write 2000 ,i know i still have 6 months to finish, i passed two module now and the module tutor's remarks lie on my language body and how i must extend my writing vocabulary in the subjects in the future ,i told them in the future i will use the sign languages in any study i'll do.
what is ur advice?help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


AngloLibyan said...

you did very well writing this post! good luck with your homework :o)
Yalla get on with it and let us know how its going.

Lebeeya said...

Good luck breaheart! Allah yi3een. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

Praying for u..

بحرينية said...

الصراحة هاذي مشكلة مادري شلون قدرت تتعايش معاها طول هالسنين
what is ur advice?help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
امممممم ممكن الحل يكمن في انك تكتب اي شي يخطر على بالك باسهل اسلوب بالنسبة لك
كأن تكتب بلهجتك المحلية و بعدين تنسق اللي كتبته مع حذف و اضافة ما يعجبك من كلمات
شكرا على البوست
سعيدة بالتعرف على مدونتك

white african said...

maybe you need to get the right atmosphere for writting, it can all depend on where you sit, your surroundings, background stuff, all these things can affect writting style.

i like my surroundings to be quite, usually sat outside with beautiful scenery.

also you can make it fun, personnaly i love writting, i can actually express myslef better through writting than i can through talking :)

Brave Heart said...

AL: thank u 4ur support.

Lebeeya: thank u,welcome back, i think i just pass these modules because ur prayers,so try to increased make an extra prayer every day for me.
شكرا لزيارتك وتعليقك تاهيلى الحل هو انى نوصل كابل من دماغى الى الكمبيوتر والكمبيتر يكتب الى يبيها.

WA:I thank alliha that, they ask us to send all the assignments by emails,if they ask us to write it by hand i swear they wont understand any thing from my writing.
i'm always in the library it's too quite,but it doesn't help.for me sign language is the best to express myslef.

cofman said...

hi brave heart and how are you?
long time no see, eh ? lol

you are asking for advice I guess, right?
well, I’ll only say what I know which ought to be taken as an opinion, instead of advice

first, I hope you don’t mind me talking a bit of rubbish as well, so hopefully you will be able to take the good stuff, if you find any lol, and throw away the bad ones,
whatever you do I hope you agree it is my rubbish, not yours, and it is your responsibility, not mine

Brave, I have noticed from my humble experience a lot of difficult things we face in life and in our education can be traced to one simple but powerful reason:- we, as humans, we don’t like to be organised

Any problem ya Brave, if you analyse it, if you give it a practical thought, no matter how big the problem is, if you think carefully you will find the big problem is actually made of many many small problems

Now when you look at the many small problems you very often find this breakdown:-
- A - problems that are impossible to solve
- B - problems that can be solved but difficult
- C - problems that are easy to solve

In my opinion, the problem you have is somewhere between B and C - It isn’t easy, but it isn’t very difficult either

the reason why it isn’t very difficult for you to solve is because you have already identified the problem.
Remember ya 3azeezi, the great wise men say: Identifying the problem is 50% of the solution

So really, the solution isn’t that far away from you, it may only need a bit of organising

When the tutors ask for thousands and thousands of words, I guess they mean they like to see you have better communication skills. They probably want you to say something, and repeat it differently.

it maybe a bit difficult at the start because English isn’t our first language, so in all honesty we need to catch up a bit

Go the library and see old reports, or read about Report Presentation.
See these reports, and analyse them.
See their size, and how many pages they are made of.
See how many sections
See how long the Introduction is.
See how much they write about previous work.
See what they say about old stuff done by others.
See sketches, diagrams, tables, etc etc
See what they say when they give description of something. Do they say, for eg, “ container made of glass where we put milk in ”, or do they say “ a bottle of milk ”?

You know what I mean?
I personally think once you start practising slowly, and repeatedly, you will soon do it automatically

Good luck

Marcia said...

Hi Braveheart

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You are my first male commenter EVER!!!!

Anyway, I was going to say that your writing will get easier the more you do. It's like a muscle that needs to get trained. So keep on blogging something every day and you'll soon see that it gets easier and easier to write.

And hopefully your dissertation will get done soon too (with the discipline).

piccolina said...

ohhh that sounds bad , i wasn't the same , i mean i remember when i was in primary school my teacher had to ask my mom to stop writing for me lol , coz my writing was good and they thought my mom used to do my home works !!!
if you don't like writing then you don't speak alot right ?!!OH MY GOD that makes me look like a radio!!!!!!lol
just think of what u will say and don't go direct , make it looooong thins way you'll end up using more words than u should ;)
GOD be with u inshallah

DaMoon said...

I feel ur pain brother! I know writing has alwayz been one of my weaknesses...sometimes I wish I can hire someone to do everything for even thinking sometimes..gosh I am such a bum!
good luck anyway

Brave Heart said...

thank u very much, u as usual have the good advices and solutions.
u r welcome,i'm glad to be the first male,i think u should invite me to the dinner.

hi dear,long time, teachers always tell my mum that: don't let chicken write brave homeworks.

welcome,thanks 4 ur support,finally i find someone share me this stupid problem.

Anonymous said...

Brave, I forgot to add another thing

You as a person, you have a very healthy attitude, you know your strength, and you know your weakness.
Also, you aren’t too shy to admit areas you need help in ( as you know, we – people from the middle east generally – we are too afraid, or too proud to say: Hey? please help me I am bad and weak in this or that )

so, because of this quality you have in you, you can only go forward ( Listen Brave please, I am not trying to be too nice or too sweet to you ) you really do have a great attitude, and a lot of strength as a man, I have a lot of respect for you

a bit of practice every day, maybe 15 minutes, try and write on subjects you like, ie sport, music, politics, etc , just write and write and write
and read ya Brave, read stuff you enjoy, read newspapers, magazines, journals, read read read. soon you will find you have built a great library in your head, and it will come to you naturally when you need it, without even trying

a bit of work and with fun, that’s all you need ( you have both: strength & positive attitude for learning )

one last thing Brave, I suggest you ask Trabilsia for advice, I have a feeling she could be of great help

Anonymous said...

the last Anon was Cofman, sorry

Anonymous said...

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