Saturday, February 24, 2007

I went to London to join a demonstration organized by Stop War Coalition; the aim from this demonstration is calling for no new trident, troops out of Iraq, and no for attacking Iran.

I planed to this demonstration from last week; I took off from my part time job, I shift all my study work to Sunday, but I failed to secure somebody to join me from my friends all of them told me they r busy and if they go the war will not stop. Even the uni failed to secure some student to go we were just five guys.

The demonstration was very nice and the most thing effect me that there are many old people over 70s and they don’t lose their faith and they came from every where from uk , I managed to take several nice pictures ,I hope u will enjoyed

The start was from the Hyde Park “my favourite place in London

these guys demonstrate against Gontanomo pay and especially for Libyan guy called Omer Degis
all the time they shouting free Omer

even the babies,they have their views
be kind with usa man , they r poor people
be optimistic my grandfather
Palestine has a big place in this demonstration

a very beautiful Iranian girl, I wish the last few words were for me
Nasser Albadri - Aljazeera's correspondent
Palestine was there
Iran as well
some Arab girls
Tony Balir
Palestine again
one of the demonstration organized group
u can understand that
trfalager square
a sister pray the Asr i think, i felt guilty coz i didnt bother myself to find place to do wdu and pray
CHi was there as well
the guy who ate shlfuta "lebeeya's cat"
some banana with some love
finally a lovely couple


بنت الديــــره said...

انا فرحانه لاني اول من راح يعلق على مدونتك

الصراحه الحرب لها اسباب كا للشقاء اسباب

سبب شقاءنا وحروبنا العمه امريكا

الله لايسلم فيها حفره

تعبنا منها

والمظاهرات تعبير عن غضب شعوب مقهوره لكن لاجدوى منها

لان اللي براس بوش الله يلعنه براسه

يعني رجل مدمر للدرجه الاولى

الله يدمره

وناهيك عن ايران واسرائيل

الله يستر

والحافظ الله

ويالقلب الشجاع لازم تكون قلوبنا شجاعه تجاه الاحداث اللي سنعايشها بمستقبلنا


دمت بتفاؤل

white african said...

wow brave you went to the march? thats really good, i was there as well came all the way from manchester, pretty good march but i was expecting more people, oh well good try.

thanks for posting up the pic :)

Brave Heart said...

بنت الديرة:
انشالله ديما فرحانه وسعيده
لكن تاهيلى امريكا مش عمه امريكا زوجه اب

white african:
r u sure u r there?i believe now that i saw u,but i wasn't sure

life's cycle said...

i am so happy that there are still people like u and people like i saw in your pics that do not afraid to speak .
but u made me lought on the pic that u saied the man who ate shalfotta , that was funny .
well inshallah what u people did will the world hear it and do the same .... good for u and thx for sharing .

AngloLibyan said...

I usually dont miss marches like this but I could not go his time, i have been before with my children.
thanks for the pictures, really nice.

Brave Heart said...

life's cycle
i'm glad that u enjoyed the pics, i believe that lebeeya hate all the Chinese now

it was very nice day ,the weather,people every thing was nice,i think there is another one in June u can planed from now

Lebeeya said...

It's great to know people are protesting against war! I wish I was there. I really liked all the pictures except the shalfuta eater picture! ;) If I was there I would have been following the chinese guy asking him, "where is shafluta? tell me the truth???"

Thanks for sharing. I love pictures :)

onlibya said...

Coming to a theater near you, .....soon.

Brave Heart said...

lebeeya: u welcome there is another one in June ,i make an invitation for u from now.

u welcome

lovelytripoli said...

People revolted reject war on Iraq and Palestine last year and I regret that I was not there when they did,Maybe This summer I should be there and the pictures of the Brave Heart heart will have me?
Then take care of me..LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Highlander said...

thank Braveheart for these photos and sharing with us your day. I echo Lovelytripoli and hope to be there this summer with you Anglo Libyan and her :)

don't get discouraged maybe governments will listen if they keep hearing protests ...

Brave Heart said...

u both r welcome , i will very happy to meet you at any time

cofman said...


I always thought you were a great guy

You know something?
I am soo proud I met you, you are a great man, no doubt

If I had half a chance, I’d be in every march / protest / you name it, and I’d be there
( there are sooo many things I don’t agree with, and like to voice my opinion loud and clear )

thanks for the pictures, and for your beautiful comments
( a great guy & good comedian )

Anonymous said...

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