Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New aspiration

The things changed quickly and suddenly, I was studying in the last 3 month by force, this is my habit I’m always put myself under pressure to do my tasks whatever the task is.

But now I getting to be organized man, and start planning my time in efficient way.

Things changed directly after Saddam hanging ,why I don’t now , since Saddam hanging I’m totally inspired ,but believe me what I did in the last 2 weeks was equal or may be more what I did in the uni last 3 month ,which seems strange for me. After Saddam hanging I did more research about him and about Iraq, I’m not one of Saddam supporter before, but I want to understand how one person can control the fate of the other people, it’s completely unbelievable, if u think carefully u will find that: Saddam was the cause of many people death from everywhere, USA, Iraq, Iran, Saudi, Libya, any country in the world u will find at least one person die because Saddam.

My point is how the fate of one person effect on the fate of other people, it’s my obsession now, I need to understand this strange relationship.

Yesterday I got the result of the first module, Alhmedullih I passed, I handed one last week, and I’ll hand another one next Monday, Alhmedullih thing seems to be good till now, I hope it will be continuous like this till the end.

I passed one job phone interview as well and I’m waiting the last stage of the recruitment process which looks difficult but I‘ll try to do my best.i hope all of u will pray for me.


Lebeeya said...

I'm so happy you passed the phone interview, inshallah you will also pass the other stage and get the job soon. I will id3i for you :)

About Saddam, well hey aleast something good came out of it ;)

AngloLibyan said...

Well done, Mabrouk and InshaAllah you continuoue your success.

maiuna said...

we wish you all the luck, God be with you, just do your best!

Chatalaine said...

I watched the video... wish I knew what he was saying.

Hamza-x said...

Hi Suliman , I can see you're doing just fine without me being there afterall, anyway keep up the good work , and as for Saddam , wasn't he a hell of a man the moment when they put him to the gallows?? as least none of Dictators now have this quality..or do they?? future will let you know !
b.s." how's Adel doing??"

Brave Heart said...

Thank u all for ur support

Leebya : soon i'll know if ur dau is acceptable or no.

maiuna: thank u for the first comment.

Chatalaine: it's poem talking about Saddam and how iraq lose by his death.

Hamza: i said Saddam not Hamza

Lebeeya said...

lol, well don't get your hopes up too high. I dont know if Allah will accept my duaa. Too many sins if you know what im saying ;)

Anonymous said...

go ahead and good luck,be better of u i am sure that u will succeed in every second u live do not u think that?