Saturday, December 30, 2006

Another Bad Day

i still didn't sleep from friday 9am till now Saturday 8pm ,really i feel like my head will explosion,the reason is not because i celebrate Eid ,but because Saddam executed ,it's really shocked me , how these stupid people can do that in EID day ,these stupid people like Almaliki ,Alrubiai,Alhakim and Alseder gave Saddam a big price they make him a HERO,my points are
1- if Saddam kills 600000 in 35 years ,American troops and shia militias killed 750000 in 4 years 2- if Saddam dead now,who will tell us about the facts for Iran war and Kuwait occupation.
3- what's the benefit for Iraqi people now ,they will benefit nothing
4- Saddam was mean nothing since Baghdad was fallen down in 2003
5-Saddam was killing the people not matter are they Sunni or sheai,or Kurdish ,Saddam was killing just to protect his position as a king of Iraq actually he was more than a king,but now people are killed for any reason just because they are Sunni ,do u believe that if ur name is yazid ,moawia,or marwan this mean you will go to the sky in the first class with Almahdi Army Airlines.
6-Saddam was bad leader he destroyed Iraq,but that doesn't mean the new Iraqi leaders is better than him ,at least Saddam build strong army and control the country,but these new stupid leaders are mixture from thieves and killers.
7- Iraqi people deserve Good Leadership better than Alsistani,Alseder,Talibani and Maliki.
8- my last point is I think nobody can stand up like Saddam did today and he knows that he will die after fiew seconds this shows how this man is strong ,he is really an Iraqi brave heart

May Allah forgive every Muslim and Yarhmna ajmaeen
I hope we will not celebrate any Eid in the future in this way
Eid Mabruk for all


Lebeeya said...

Eid Muabrak Braveheart!

"Saddam was mean nothing since Baghdad was fallen down in 2003"

Very True! As I said, It would have made so much sense to me if they caught him the day before Eid then executed him on Eid. But holding him in for 3 years, then waiting for Eid to kill him was a bad bad move, why were they in such a hurry? What was the rush? The guy wasnt going anywhere.

Anyhow, its not like we can do anything about what happened so try not to let it get to u so much and stop watching Al Jazeera & Al Arabiya!

Eid Muabrak again :)

LittleLibyan said...

Eid Mubarak to you too! Kul sana wa anta bekhair!

piccolina said...

when i first heard about the news i said to my dad " they should not kill him coz that has no pain , they should do it everyday by many way but don't kill him " my dad was like " no " so later when i saw him hanging and dead i felt so bad and i said " ohhh i'm so sad for him "
i know 0 about him and all the bad news coz i just hate watching cnn and stuff , i opened the BBC WORLD site last night to see what did they say about him ,, u won't believe that i didn't move for like 3 hours reading about him and watching videos and pictures of his BAD BAD life
i just wanna say something . in his old picture there was a devil in his eyes , in his few last pictures before he was killed with few days , u see a good pure face , you feel that he is a good man !!!
ina allah hgafor ra7eem . i won't judge if he is bad or good , we r all humans and only GOD can judge us

Hamza-x said...

Eid Muabrak again and again and again !!

Brave Heart said...

thanks all of u ,and happy new year,i enjoyed shwaiat.

i started to watch space toon,it's more funny than aljazeera.

Little libyan
we need more contribution,not just in Eid's

all we dont like what he did in the past ,but believe me his last moment was great one.

how is Manchester

Lebeeya said...

Braveheart, shin hada.. 3alash no new post?? Min zaman you didnt update your blog.

Haya post!

Randa said...

لا تأسفن على تقلب الزمان لطالما ،، رقصت على جثث الأسود ..كلابا
لا تحسبن برقصها تعلوا على أسيادها ،، تبقى الأسود أسودا والكلاب كلابا