Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Awful Application

I’m very tired, I think I filled more that 50 application form in last 2 weeks, it’s too hard process, cos every company has its own criteria ,there are some companies u just send an email with cv and covering letter and another u must fill more than 10 pages of lies. My friend Hamza helps me too mush especially he has imagination mind and this sort of questions needs one like him .the most evil questions are those asking u to write about ur skills and how u can benefit a company, and u must write more than 200 words, imagine that 50 application with at least 5 questions with 200 words these mean I must write 50000 words which PHD, since primary school I don’t like writing especially “Alanshaa w altabeer” and now I find myself forced to fill these awful applications. I hope to get at least one chance from these 50 application to start a new career.In Libya the process is completely different; just bring a photocopy from the certificate, photocopy from the id, and after that it depends on ur luck and ur “wastta”.

I remember when I start my career in Libya, it was by wastta.

Ohhhhhhh I must let you now, I have another application to fill. If you have any advice tell me plzzzzzzzz


Lebeeya said...

Can I help you fill in some applications? :)

Best of luck with finding a job! Its a difficult task that we all go through atleast once!

Dont worry something will come through, hard work never goes for waste :)

white african said...

ooooh you poor thing, i echo lebeeya's offer of help, although i dont have much experience in filling application forms.

now i know who to ask for help when the time comes for me to fill 10001 applications :), you certainly have the experince.

inshallah you will hear from one of them at least, if not, i can threaten them for you, offer is there if you need it...

Brave Heart said...

Thank you sisters about ur offer
i will u send some application very few not more 30 to u.
u know what's the funny thing in this process ,i forget what i written in these applications ,and to which company i my phone rang ,and lady spoke with,told me I'm from company x and wanna make phone interview with u now,i told her I'm ready .but the problem i don't remember when i applied for this company and in which sector they work in,i don't even remember i heart about this company be4.the funny question was why u chosen our company ? i told her cos u r very famous and anyone hope to work with to improve his experience and knowledge.
pray for me and make Dues to make this lady believe me.

Anonymous said...

Good luck....with the enshaa w taabeer....LOL

That's way too much, especially the lying questions..

honestly i never filled an application since high school..

so wish you get a good job after all this hard work

Brave Heart said...

Ema believe i struggle to write one sentence how i can write 200 words ,in the secondary school i was the stupidest student in Ensha w altabeer and alnahw ,to be honest i don't know the relation between these questions and the careers.

cofman said...


I enjoyed the video on Italy very very much ..
But listen friend, I am here to help you in every possible way…
If you ( or anyone ) like some assistance in how to job-search, where, what to say, what Not to say, etc etc ( and some tricks ), I will do my best, any time … I have some experience, but what is more important:- I will try my best … good luck

cofman said...

Come to my blog, and as soon as I know of you and the subject, we will arrange everything