Thursday, December 28, 2006

welcome 2007

First of all Eid Mubarak for everybody, I hope the New Year will bring new hope for better goals, and peaceful life.

I think 2006 was a quick year I do remember everyday on 06, to be honest in this year there is a big war or fight between brave heart and himself to adopt a new strategy in this crazy life, I did between 80 to 90% of my goals in o6 which it seems good, but my problem I can’t satisfy easily even I reach my goals, it seems I did nothing, that’s what I feel when I obtain my goals. It’s annoying me it makes me crazy.

For 07 the plan is ready, firstly finish my study which will finish in September, secondly I hope to secure a good job directly after finishing the study, I start to fill the application forms and I’m waiting the interviews.

The big challenge for me is how to pull myself out from watching Aljazeera and Alarabiya TV, believe me these two channels make me crazy ,I can’t leave them and when I watch them I feel sick and hate myself ,do you remember the last time when you heard a good news in Aljazeera or Alarbiya.

Plz pray for all Muslims in Iraq , Palestine ,Somalia, and Afghanistan ,may Allah bring fair solutions to them next year.


Lebeeya said...

Kul 3am wenta bekhair braveheart :)

I am really happy that you reached most of your goals in 2006, I am sure you worked really hard :) Inshallah all your goals, dreams and wishes will come true in 2007.

Don't watch the news all the time, It will just make u depressed!. Inshallah 2007 will be a better year for Al Ummah Al Muslimah, including all the countries u mentioned!

AngloLibyan said...

I hardly watch arab TV, very depressing.
Eid Mubarak to you and the family.

Chatalaine said...

Happy new year to you and your family braveheart!!

piccolina said...

glad u have done alot in 2006 , that was great keep it on and inshallah u'll make it much better year after year :)
my 2006 was good and bad but hhonestly the bad time was like 70% of it !! so as u can see i can't wait for 2007

>>Sama Oman said...

Happy Eid
Happy New Year.

Well Done!!!!
al least, you did lots of things in 06
and you can complete the rest in 07!

Leave AlJazzera and Al Arabiya for a while too....enough Sadness and madness >:(

Wish you the best

Take Care

BYE :)

lostkitty said...

EID Mubarak to u too!

I'm impressed - not just that you had definate goals but that you achieved such a high % of them! Thats amazing.

And the news is depressing no matter what you watch - I dont know if its possible to ignore it all. I think u just have to live with it and be thankful that at least you care. It'd be worse if you were one of those people who just didnt care for others.

Anonymous said...

wish you Happy Eid
and a Happy new year

A.Adam said...

Happy eid and happy new year wishing your the best in life and as friends said leave it :)

Brave Heart said...

thanks all for ur support and ur wishes ,Eid mubark for all inshaliha.
sama oman , lostkitty:
thanks for ur lovly comments

Highlander said...

Kol sana wa enta tayeb !
I stopped watching the news - but now i read - which is worse !

cofman said...

A very happy new year my great friend Brave Heart, and to every member of your good family - And a happy new year to every reader and visitor of this wonderful blog