Friday, January 19, 2007


كعادته دائما فى مثل هذه الايام من كل عام يقدم
brave heart

حفظه الله ورعاه التهانى الى كافه الرعية بمناسبة السنة الهجرية الجديدة وهذا ان دل على شى انما دل على ايمانه وتمسكه بعرق الصداقه والعطف مع رعيته. ويعلن حفظه الله وادام عزه بان البلوج مفتوح لاستقبال التهانى على مدار الساعه

i was asked by Lebeeya to share my personality analysis with you to comment on it, to be honest i didn't like this analysis ,but any way that is what the computer think.
i read long time ago about the personality, there is an idea said any person has three personality ,the first which he believe who he is ,the second what the people believe who he is,the third one is mixed between the two previous ones which is most likely true.
this the personality analysis:

Brave Heart seems to be a task focused person but someone who likes to be given direction. He will put a lot of energy into achieving the goals that he has been set. He does not show a strong personal competitiveness. He may focus on just getting done the things he is expected to do rather than focus on achieving personal goals. He may not find it easy to balance the need to get results with concern for the people he is working with and he could be perceived as insensitive at times. He may not find it

easy to empathise with other people and could misunderstand their intentions. He does not find it easy to anticipate their reactions or to plan how to avoid conflict.

He may be somewhat suspicious of others and feel that they may not be doing their fair share of the work. He probably works hard himself and is likely to feel annoyance rather than sympathy for people who seem to be always in difficulties and do little to help themselves.

He can become frustrated in a situation where priorities are continually changing. He probably prefers to work within a structured environment where there are clear goals and no surprises. He does not seem to be the kind of person who expects life to be easy. He is probably willing to put up with tough conditions at work and may be effective in a role where the conditions are hard but the difficulties are predictable. Alternatively, he may prefer to work somewhat independently of others rather than in a supervisory role so that he can control his own time and priorities.

Major strengths:

- Tough minded, does not expect life to be easy

- Task focused but not personally competitive

- Energetic and hard working

- Likes clear direction and goals

Possible development needs:

- May be insensitive and tough on others

- May experience stress at times

This questionnaire includes an assessment of 'Image Management'.

The Image Management score suggests that in answering the questions Brave Heart may have presented a more positive image of himself than the average person would do.

now tell me what u think


Lebeeya said...

Hey, its not so bad, I like what they said about you. You are goal oriented, hard working and tough.

Being tough on others is a good thing, you cant be soft with anyone these days. And, Stress! Everyone gets stressed out. Its normal :)

Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed reading this. Now tell me which is better, my analysis or this one?? lol

Brave Heart said...

Ohhh Lebeeya ,it's hard question.let me challenge ur ability of analysis.
can u know me if i make comment in ur post with ANONYMOUS. i mean every one of us has a sound in his writing,can u know who makes the comment or no ,let me test u ,next post ask all the guys to comment with ANONYMOUS and after that tell us which comment belongs to who,i challenge u lebeeya,who will when?

Noor said...

happy new Hijri year dear. wish u the best and all happiness.
that was so funny words indeed! shared it with mona. :)

Lebeeya said...

That is an interesting idea! :)

I might just try that. Thank you. But I am sure I know your writing style very well, so it will be easy for me to know you even if you posted a comment as anonymous :)

Brave Heart said...

WELCOME Noor,wish u the best u.

lebeeya,am i clear like this

Anonymous said...

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