Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thanks Google

I really would like to thank Google, if i can i'd kiss (him, it) I'm not sure which one i should use
Google helps me to find my childhood best friend, who i didn't see him for 14 years. Salem was living in Libya till 1994 when Qaddafi decide to send all the Palestinian people to Gaza and west bank, since that day i lost the contact with him, the last time we were in the last year in the secondary school and he got 96% as result, Libyan government refused to let him study in Libyan university because Qaddafi decision. anyway since that time i lost the connection with him. I tried many times in the last years to get his contact details but i failed.one day i decide to search about his name and i found one blog belongs to his tribe, i wrote a line asking about him and if anybody could send me his contact details, this was last January, since that i didn't hear anything, but yesterday when i open my email, i found an email from him, walhi i couldn't describe my feeling (i thought i don't have feelings) what surprise, in 3 hours we exchange 24 emails, and after that i spoke with in the phone, he is living in Gaza now and he is a lecturer in Gaza university. now i really think to go to Gaza I'm not sure how but i believe i should do.
this sketch is one of his sketches , he is a very talent guy
Thanks Google again


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you finally got hold of your long lost childhood friend
"in 3 hours we exchange 24 emails"...haha and your project work went where??

Fe Aman Allah

Anonymous said...

be careful wht you say about your leader Mr. Qadafi.

Qadafi 4 ever

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Brave Heart,

I could feel your overwhelming emotions for this exciting moment. Congratulations to you and your friend reuniting after so many years, alhamdullilah. It's a mixed bag of goods because sometimes those in power can either create or destroy something good.

CrowdedMind said...

(i thought i don't have feelings)

hahahah you're not a Dr so you should have a feeling (Once you told me that)
I laughed alot about the feeling part

I'm glad that you find your friend I think you left your study ememe 24 emails in 3 hours

fe aman Allah

Motherland said...

Oh u r B Heart ok u have good feeling but how u say i don't have feelings ...

"i really think to go to Gaza I'm not sure how but i believe i should do."

"I'm still looking for the truth,I know it is somewhere there."

I think there is big relation ... man may be u found the truth ,go head.Thanks God/ogle

Motherland said...

Salem was faced zionism enemy" Jwish people",but now he will faced twice enemy, jwish people and people loved jwish, I do not know, who is beastly than other.God with him

Best regardS

Benghazi Citizen said...

a wonderful news ,,really
Google,good job:)
Best regards to you and your friend..
I feel sorry for the way he had to leave the country..

Brave Heart said...

the guys in the office were suprise,because i used to laugh, smile,shout, kiss my laptop, they told me libya are really wried.

i promise if i lost qaddafi i'll use google, yahoo all the serach engine to not find him.

u r right, it is all about how human being can destroy other human being lifes.

Crowed Mind
hahaahh u still rememebr. Thank u.

Mother land
what u mean man?? as u see he has bad fade to meet me again.

THANKS BRO,many things make u sad in our country

hamza said...

I can't beleive that you run into this son of the gun!! if you're kind enough to send his e-mail address to me after his permission off course, nice Caricature by the way!!

herbalwellspring said...

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