Saturday, July 12, 2008

Libyan be4 100 years

how cool is that?


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Motherland said...

Its God punishment ...girls natural beauty are extinction from Libya you can not see it ever in our country now Allah Allah ... Best regardS

Crowded Mind said...

welcome Back even with those lovely pics
WHere are you now east west north south Bengo or UKO

Keep blogging Brave

Fe aman Allah

Hamza said...

Where the hell Have You Been all this Time?? I've lost all your phones and e-mail address as my e-mail at which I keep those stuff is hijacked long time ago,anyway it's nice to know that you still alive and kicking"I guess?"

Brave Heart said...

i think u need glasses man

Crowed mind
thanks sister, how r u, I'm still in uk wawaawawaw

I'M FINE MAN WHAT ABOUT U, R U IN Benghazi or Bida
u could get my phone number from Emad

Anonymous said...

Stop steeling photos from

Anonymous said...

Photos are from