Thursday, July 17, 2008

Libyan Women Again

As usual I start my day by exploring Libyan websites looking for good news, but as usual no good news. I found this article wrote by Mr Khiri Abushaqour who seems he is living in UK for long time as I understood from his article.
His article was as a comment in one of Tansim’s posts about Libyan women. You can read Tansim post in this link, and Khiri article in this link.
First I would like to introduce Tansim for those who don’t know her, Tansim,her sister Dunia and Khalid are Libyan youth who really has potential to be our new journalists, the guys have the potential to be something in Libyan media if they have chance, all of them they totally understand Libyan situation and mentality and they try to make some differences in the way how we are looking to the matters. I totally believe these guys will have a great future in Libya and they will have the power to change things in Libya when the time is due.
Now I need to make our contribution to the debate. As Mr Khiri has made many invalid points in his comment, Mr Khiri as many others still link the bad situation in Libya and the Middle East to the religion. He still believes women wearing hejab by force or because they have lack in their confidence, I’m not sure he got this result.
As far as I know most of girls wear hejab by their own decision no one force them to wear hejab and most of them are successful ladies weather in professional life or academic one. I’m not sure why people always like hejab as a sign of oppression, may be Mr Khiri was affected by western propaganda about how Muslim women are forced to wear hejab which is totally wrong. I invite him to go and see in uk not in Libya what the percentage of Libyan girls living in uk are wearing hejab with their decision (keep in mind no one can force you to anything in uk otherwise you will be in treble).
He said ” Statistically and factually, Libyan women today, in general, are oppressed, prudish and backward thinking as opposed to free, open-minded and forward thinking”. Also I don’t know from where he got this result, in any normal society if the women are backward thinking this mean men are backward thinking as well because both of them in the same boat and the same condition, we can not imagine a healthy society by one wing, this lead us to an obvious result which is the bad situation of Libyan women is because they are part of the society not because they are just women, and he referred to that in his article by saying “In the 70s, women were in a much better state in terms of their aspirations and achievements” it is obvious as well this was the situation in Libya as whole women and men not just women because the political situation in that time. This point lead to me to assume Mr Khiri has left libya in 70s and that can explain why he see hejab as strange thing, that’s because the numbers of Libyan wearing hejab(in today view) in Libya was nearly zero, I have an old addition of AL-Arabi (Kuwaiti Magazine) in 1968 shows Libyan girl students wear miniskirt in the secondary school which was normal that days, but doesn’t exist now because of the Islamic awareness that exist today not because they forced to. As you may know Islamic awareness starts in middle of 80s and spread after that, where Mr Khiri was living away from Libya.
In my point of view Libyan women have all the right in Libya, they can work, drive, travel and if there is a problem is because of the traditional habits not because of the religion.
Finally: I’d like to focus on these points
Wearing hejab doesn’t mean the woman or the girl are oppressed.
The religion is not bad thing, but how you explain your believes is the danger and critical thing, we should blame people not the religion.
I have one question to Mr Khiri please explain to me why Turkish women are fighting to wear hejab? Do they like to be oppressed?
I ask all the Libyan blogger girls (Lebeeya, WA, CM, enlightened spirit,Ameera ….etc) to explain their ideas and views about this subject doesn't matter you wear hejab or not to explain to Mr Khiri or me who has a wrong undersatnding of the subject.


PH said...

Nice piece. I would also add that the lack of Islamic awareness was partially the result of foreign colonization which fought Islam and tried to impose secular values ( as a prelude to eradicating Islam), in the same way western countries are trying to do today; and they used their military presence and control of our natural resources as a means of coercion to impose on the majority the rule of a minority (that was nothing more than their puppets) like the Iraqi's today in the green zone.


Anonymous said...

brave heart
your english is so bad why dont you read khair's article again? you have taken it out of context just to make a stupid post

ph without d, you are so anti west yet you live there, I bet you got your education there and used it for your advantages, if you hate the west and westerners so much why dont you get back to your country? or does that mean you will loose your western life of luxury, you are so FALSE.
talk about double standards


PH said...

"ph without d, you are so anti west yet you live there, I bet you got your education there and used it for your advantages, if you hate the west and westerners so much why dont you get back to your country? or does that mean you will loose your western life of luxury, you are so FALSE.
talk about double standards"

I didn't get most of what you wrote; but I'll try to answer what I understood.

First I'm not anti-west, not all westerners support colonizations nor do they all support the Iraq war nor do they all want to impose their culture on everybody else. Plus, the majority of those who support the wars and aggressions against the middle east only do so out of ignorance or as a result of manipulation and deception by their ruling elites, so I don't really have a grudge against them either. The west is too diverse for me to hate they only thing I really hate about it is its politics; but I hate all politics west or east and all politicians.

As for my education, no it wasn't all in the west. I only studied primary school( I studied two curriculums ) and grad school in the west. and I paid for the education I got there; I wasn't living on social welfare nor was I a citizen of the countries I lived in and I never applied for any country's citizenship even though I was nominated for one.

For the sake of argument I'll assume I hate the west and westerners and I'll assume I live there, and you tell me why I should leave their countries that I entered legally and with their consent when they are in our countries illegally and through the use of either military force or political coercion ( sanctions as an example ) ? shouldn't they leave our horrible countries first ?

As for your reference to double standards are you implying, based on your logic, that foreigners living in the middle east should become Muslims and embrace Arab culture and refrain from criticizing it otherwise they are hypocrites ? I like many aspects of many cultures, and I embrace the aspects that I like of any culture I encounter and reject anything I dislike. I don't have to restrict myself to one culture nor do I have to declare my allegiance to any culture to be faithful to it, every culture has its good and bad. The only reason I don't pick on the Arab culture is because everybody else is and nobody is replying to that critique. I'm just pointing a finger back . At the end of the day what I say, unlike the mudslinging being thrown at Arabs and Islam, isn't used to justify war and destroy countries.


Brave Heart said...

It's really shame after 30+ years in the west u didn't learn the basics of debate.if u like the west values u must adopt their value in every single aspect not just for hejab, try to be more democratic person otherwise u'll have double STANDARD. I asked about ur views and ideas, i didn't ask about my English.

I sent an email to Mr Khiri to make his contribution to this debate, we will see he will do or not.

Anonymous said...

not so cleber brave heart
yes I am in the west, west libya that is.
I have never lived in the west and have no intention of doing so.
again your bad english got you.
I simply asked you to read that article again.

Maya M said...

Yes, some people (not all female) do like to be oppressed.
Freedom is a burden. Non-freedom brings some troubles indeed but is generally more cosy. You needn't think and decide. There is somebody else to think and decide for you.
The hijab in particular is an easy source of self-esteem. Some of our barehead Turkish students struggle so hard with science, language and everything. At the same time, their hijab-wearing countreparts just wrap their heads and do not care about their performance anymore. Dolce vita.
I am a bigot and a troll again, am I not? Visit our teaching labs and then let's talk again :-) !

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Brave heart, it is a good subject for a debate.
the debate is already going at Mideast youth website with Khairi, Tasnim and others...
why not join it there, here is the link:

Motherland said...

Brave Heart ....
شكرا على إثارة الموضوع وكما قال السيد خيري فى مقالته انه يتمنى ان يستمر النقاش ولو بشكل استفزازي, أجد نفسي اتفق معه , حول ان النساء فى وقتنا الحاضر يختلفن عن نساء الماضي فى طريقة التفكير وفى تطلعاتهن وانجازاتهن وان نساء الحاضر ينحصر تفكيرهن أكثر فى رموز معينة مثل الحجاب مثلا وأشياء أخرى ...
ولكن يبدو ان السيد خيري كان متأثرا بشخصية نسائية معينة فى السبعينات فأعطته ذاك الانطباع لانه يظلم نساء اليوم عندما يشملهن بأنهن لا يستطعن موجهة تحديات اليوم والمستقبلِ، لذا يهربن إلى الماضي فأقول له ان نسبة النساء المتعلمات أى المتطلعات للمستقبل أكثر بكثير من الماضي وأنهن يتمتعن بقدرة كبيرة على مجارة الرجل أكثر من أى وقت مضى ولكن غياب الإعلام عن إبراز هذه القدرات هو الذى جعلك تعتقد ذلك حيث ان التأثير الاعلامى فى السابق كان أقوى من الأن إما فصلك بين النظم السياسية والمجتمعات فذلك شى غير طبيعي إذ ان الاثنان متلازمان وربما يكون ذلك السبب فى عدم فهمك للواقع الذى تعيشه المرأة المسلمة الأن ودليل ذلك مقارنتها بالمرأة الغربية التى تختلف عليها فى تطلعاتها وأولوياتها الاجتماعية والاقتصادية إما بخصوص الدين والحجاب فأنت ذهبت بعدا بقولك ان الدين هروب من الواقع الذى نعيشه ...ياسيدى ربما أنت تعيش الحاضر أكثر مما ينبغي و ربما يكون اهتمام المرأة بالحجاب أكثر من تطلعاتها وانجازاتها أليس من الأفضل ذلك على أنها تهتم بحقيبة الماكياج والبوى فريند والنايت كلب مثل المرأة الغربية اعرف انك تريدها ان تعطى لواجباتها وانجازاتها الوقت الكافي مثال امرأة السبعينات كما تقول ولكن امرأة السبعينات كانت أكثر غربية من امرأة اليوم كما ان تعلق العرب بماضيهم لايعنى أنهم لايعشيو الحاضر ولا ينظرون إلى المستقبل ولكن الظروف السياسية هي التى جعلت من حاضرهم بهذا الشكل السىء وان التفكير فى الماضي وفى الإسلام لهو شى جيد واني لاقول لك الا كما قال سيدنا عمر رضي الله عنه حينما قال نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام فمن ابتغى غير الإسلام دينا أذله الله ونسال الله الإخلاص فى القول والعمل
Best regardS

WEDA said...

salam ... really who is abroad all this time wat he still remmember our home is ..2day libyan girls r so successful openen minded they don't need any pressure 2 put on hijab but they do it cuz it's farad not as a style or force 4m the family...sorry but if any onr thinks that it's pressure he must never tried hw u feel motr free & comfortablle with hijab ...even her e in libya...

CrowdedMind said...

Thanks Brave for mention me in your post to add this comment

I just can't believe that

lack in self confidence

It hurts
Hijab is the sense of security..
It protects me from everything and It's a very comforting feeling to me to have my hair concealed from men
It makes me look beautiful and makes me look confident and shows people that I am Muslim and people will respect that.
and will help keep a relationship with Allah

People generally respect women with hijab and try to help them whenever they ask.
Cosmetically, hijab protects our skin and hair from adverse effect of sun exposure
no need to spend extra money on sun blocks,hair conditioners :-).

It respect women`s mind and to make them exclusive to their husbands

I would like to invite Mr Khiri ...I'll introduce him to one of the best Libyan girls
all of them with Hijab ..I'm sure he will change his mind about the lack in self confidence

At the end no one forced me or my friends to wear Hijab
Its my choice and proud of it

fe aman Allah

Khairi said...

Brave Heart, thanks for your email and for the invitation.
You said: “this mean men are backward thinking as well because both of them in the same boat and the same condition, we can not imagine a healthy society by one wing”
I did mention that men are taking advantage of their dominant position in society to oppress women, and this a criticism. There is no question in my mind that the source of the problem is the men. When you are oppressed you do not wait for the oppressor to grant you your freedom. If you want it you have to fight for it. Men will never willingly give up the privileges they have, so it is up to the women to make a strong case for themselves and win their rights which they deserve. When that happens, the men will have no choice but to accommodate themselves within the new society where all are equal.

You also said: “and if there is a problem is because of the traditional habits not because of the religion”
Religion in Libya is mixed with tradition and both are almost inseparable. Many traditional habits are attributed to religion and visa versa. In any society there are good habits and bad habits. Normally anyone can make a case for a bad habit to be scrapped without fearing that he will be reprimanded, intimidated or attacked. But if it is perceived to be part of the religion, then it becomes a big problem.

In my opinion, Hijab is a tradition which is not part of the faith and so it should be considered as such. If we have to, the traditional Libyan ma7rma (headscarf) and skirt (long or short I don’t care) is much better suited for our society and should replace the total covering which is alien to us.

Now, if you disagree with me by believing that Hijab is an essential part of Islam, then I become a non muslim and should be punished for that. This is how Libyan women are intimidated by our pseudo religious society which leads those who do not want to cover themselves or do not believe in it to cover anyway. For this reason I find it necessary to criticise your Islam which gives me no room to disagree with you. Btw, I know many extremely goods musilm women who never wore the Hijab or any thing to cover their faces or heads.

PH said...“I would also add that the lack of Islamic awareness was partially the result of foreign colonization which fought Islam and tried to impose secular values ( as a prelude to eradicating Islam), in the same way western countries are trying to do today”
Sorry PH, but the above is only a figment of your imagination. This is exactly what your enemies want you to believe in!

Motherland, I appreciate your introduction but I did not say that today’s girls are less clever or hard working than those in the past. The girls I met and knew (in the neighbourhood, at school, at university, relatives, etc .. not all but a large proportion) were broad minded, had seriously big ambitions and were not bogged down into silly things like Hijab or other ridiculously unimportant issues. Academic achievement is not an end in itself, and I can site to you many examples of Libyans I met who gained their PhD in UK, yet their general knowledge and common sense can be equated to no more than my sweet 10 year old daughter. I have experience with some Libyans considering a masters or a doctorate degree the end of this world. I can understand that this certificate is an important step for anyone’s career, but to regard it as the ultimate in achievement is a big no no. In summary, I insist that the majority (not all) of Libyan women today are narrow minded, inconsequential and insignificant in the role they play in society as a whole and I believe the Hijab has a lot to do with it. From what I read so far, no one had convinced otherwise, although as I mentioned many times there are always exceptions to any generalisation.

As far as politics is concerned I did not talk about it as I am of the opinion, after some experience, that there is no point in criticising the politicians because they are a direct reflection of their society. If we were to have better political systems, it is a must for the society to change first, otherwise (as is the case in all Arab countries) we end up in a vicious circle. Even when political leaders are changed, the same problems remain and in some cases they become much worse.

Read more of my comments on the Middle east youth website (
Thanks to you all.

Anonymous said...

hey Anglo, what's the problem with Braveheart blogging about something he read in another website?,

At least Braveheart linked to the pages he took his info from!

Do you want me to show you were you have stolen news from another blog without even mentioning it?

Why didn’t you say what you had to say on the comment section of that blog, instead of stealing its thunder in less than 24 hours time?

And how dare you ask Braveheart why he didn't join the debate in MY, despite the fact that you didn’t ask yourself the same question when you stole news from a fellow blogger???!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

brave heart why did u remove a comment caling anglo a rude name but not remove a comment calling him a thief?????????????????? both coments were made by the same coward

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Brave Heart
first of all let me make it clear that I did not put my opinion on this subject on your blog or the mideast youth website for the very simple reason that I left Libya 28 years ago and therefore I do not think it is right for me to comment as I do not really know what the situation is like in Libya, everything I know usualy comes from Libyan blogs.

regarding the comments made about me here, it seems I am the flavour for many insulting comments on my blog and other blogs, my comment to you was very clear that it is a good subject, the person hiding behind anonymous that insulted me here wrote " And how dare you ask Braveheart why he didn't join the debate in MY" when my comment very clearly said " why not join it there, here is the link"
there is a big difference here, I was only encouraging you to make the good points you made here on the other website as well, there was no suggestion on anything else what so ever and I do apologise to you if I was not clear about it but here I confirm that I only meant you take part in the other website as well.
I have been called many bad things recently by people that seem to speak very good English, a lot better English than most of us can read or write yet they do not have the courage to show their names, to be called a theif and I did see the rude comment made about me by the same person which you have deleted by now.

I have always remained polite and even when I said something wrong about a blogger by mistake, I did apologise publically and privately to him so I am not going reply to the insulting comments.

I thank you and hope I did not offend you in any way as I promise you non was intended and I hope that you continue to blog on this subject and others.

Brave Heart said...

Hahahah man, u really funny, man there is technology called IP tracking , u can use it if u want.

M Maya:
i agree with a Freedom is a burden, thats why all Arab are suffer when it comes to freedom not just women, as u see when it comes to a sensitive topic we can not handled it in professional way and we take it as personal issue.i think there is no link between struggle with science and math and give more attention to hejab as all woman western or eastern pay attention to her look more than anything else .
my point is linking hejab with been oppressed, stupid, intelligent, self confidence is not right.

Thank u, weather here or there I'm looking for ur input.doesn't matter how long u been outside Libya, cos Khiri as well has more than 30 years outside Libya as well.

u brought good and valuable points and i agree with u in all of them.

weda& Maya

Thanks for ur input, thats what i believe, no one push girls to wear hejab, it's personal choice .

Thanks for ur input
"if you disagree with me by believing that Hijab is an essential part of Islam, then I become a non muslim and should be punished for that" i think this part is out of content and u use the same language of extremes, who just believe u r with them or against them. there is some rules u cant change them because they are essential parts of the faith and i don't from where u got "Hijab is a tradition which is not part of the faith and so it should be considered as such" it is totally what west try to market, if u said neqab, khemar i can understand but Hejab, this need more explanation from u.
anyway i can understand how u think now and let us see what others will say.

i think u answered urself u r coward. sorry for saying that, but u make it clear. this post about libyan women not for reading what u think about AL.i delete ur comment because it counters with my values and believes

sorry for that, please accept my apologies. stupid people are in everywhere

Lebeeya said...

If hijab for women was NOT mentioned in the Quran or Hadeeth, then having a debate like this is healthy as there would be no clear cut on the subject.... but excuse me the hijab is clearly part of our holy Quran and Islam. No sects disagrees upon the fact that it is mandatory for a Muslim woman to cover her hair.

The problem with us humans is that we get so carried away with life that we totally forget why we are alive and what our purpose is. We are alive to worship, please and obey Allah (swt).. all at the same time working and educating ourselves (to become better people to be able to obey and please Allah (swt) more).

For the sake of the argument, let's assume that hijab did get in the way of a womans career progress or did opress her... tell me, what would be more important, being successful in life or in after life? If this is what our deen says, then this is what I am supposed to do! If you don't believe in the religon, why follow? I believe for everything there is a 7ikma, it may not be clear to us what this 7ikma is, but it's there.

If anyone was to go against what the quran says, it indicates weak faith. However, It is a humans choice to interpret what they want, in whichever way they desire just to comfort themselves that they are doing the right thing. However , Good Luck to people like that!

If this whole discussion was initiated by a women I would be less irritated. How dooes a man know how we feel about Hijab? I beg people to stop making assumptions.

The intention may be to stand up for women, and I admire that but please pick a topic that we need standing up for. We are happy with our Hijab's on and feel sorry for people who got it all wrong! We do not wear hijab because we have low self esteem, we wear it because it is what we believe in. I am proud that I wear the hijab and never in my life have I ever felt that covering my hair has stopped me from anything!

Note/ I think anonymous commenting should be disabled as it seems many people are abusing the privlidge and it hurts me eveytime I read an offensive comment about a fellow blogger.

Libyano said...

It really irritates me when somone who is not even living in Libya, or hasn't lived there for a very long time, comments or discusses the libyan condition. You cannot do justice to what you are saying when you are not living the condition.

Hijab, is a fard... just like praying is. How come no one says we are forced to pray 5 times a day or that praying restricts us from progressing in life? Both Hijab and Praying 5 times a day are religious requirement.

Khairi said...

Guys, we are continuing to debate these issues on Midde East Youth website. Why don't you join us there.

Anonymous said...

I am a libyan Woman and i agree with khairi 100%, what is going on is this a competion on who can be the better muslim,why do you assume that all libyans have to believe in islam and have to practice it.I know for a fact that many have been forced into wearing hijab to be accepted by the society, and i know for a fact that even when selecting a bride hijab is essential "sounds like pressure to me" knowing how getting married is the number one priorty for woman in libya.Yes hijab is another excuse for men to oppress woman

Motherland said...

القلب الشجاع

في الحقيقة اننى دائما كنت مع الراى والراى الأخر وأنت تعرف ذلك تمام وقد ازعجنى طلب "الليبية" برفض تعليقات المدعوة "انونيموس" ولكنني بعد قراءة تعليقها الأخير اطلب هدر دمها وليس رفض تعليقاتها السخيفة هي وزميلها المدعو "خيري" وادعوهم إلى تقوى الله ومراجعة أنفسهم ومراجعة أفكارهم المغلوطة وإذا كانو يعتقدون أنهم أفضل منا في التفكير ولهم ذلك فليسالو المراجع الدينية عن أفكارهم الشاذة ليس عن ديننا الاسلامى الحنيف وإنما عن مجتمعنا العربي الليبي المحافظ الأصيل واني لأذكرهم بالسيدة هند بنت عتبة عندما جاء الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم يعلم نساء قريش أمور دينهم حال إسلامهمن فقال لهم إن المسلمة لا تزني فنهضت في تعجب واستغراب وهى المراءة الجاهلية الجديدة على الإسلام وقالت اوتزني الحرة يارسول الله .....هذه الجاهلية التي لا تعرف من الإسلام شي لاتزنى لأنها حرة فأين أنت من الحرة يا من تنبذين الحجاب الذي أمر به الله تعالى في كتابه العزيز وفى سنة رسوله الكريم ولو كنت ذات عقل وبصيرة لعرفت إن أوامر الله هي لصالح الإنسان كما تعرف الجاهلية من فطرتها البشرية خيرها وشرها وهى حتى لا تملك بين يديها كلام الله كما تملكين .


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! motherland "Hader dam" is that your responce, how mature! you think killing is the best way to deal with people that do not agree with you ,what a perfect image of islam you draw "thank you for proving my point".It is not against the law to show your hair in libya so people are free to do or believe in what they want and are not breaking the law.I could be a libyan and not practice islam I would not be breaking the law.

Brave Heart said...

First of all my apologise to PH, I didn’t mention to ur comment because I felt as they exactly mine, but to be honest with u I never blame the west about their crimes in the Muslim world, I blame Muslims for that. Why USA can not attack N. Korea till now? By the way we (me, u and Khalid) were selected as the worst Libyan bloggers. Congregations

My main goal from this post and other posts is to see how much we as Libyan are ready to discuss issues in mature and democratic way, I need to know are we democratic or dictators by nature? (Not republican)

Lebeeya, libyano
Some people are expertise in Quran and Hadeeth but they still argue, I know some people who were most effective and active peolpe on defending Islam and Muslims in certain period of their life and now change 180 degree and start to argue about hejab and Islamic values.

Thanks for that, but the debate there is going between u, Nassim and Tansim and well developed, there are many points to talk about, I’m sorry I missed that from the beginning. My point is that u don’t have right to tell the Saudi guy off, because just he is Saudi, hejab is an issue for all Muslims not just for Libyans. Western political values respect the other opinions and try to develop them in order to enrich the debate not just try to deleted or ignored.

Libyan women
Let me ask u a question, u’ll never marry me because I’m ugly or u don’t like me. If ur answer is the first I have to come back to u and discuss that, if the ur answer is the second I’ll respect ur decision. It’s ur decision I cant force you to wear hejab or practice Islam, we don’t have the heaven or hell keys. The problem is why if we don’t like something we try to confines others to do so, and think they are wrong.
About the society thing, it’s exactly the same in Europe, if any girl don’t have boyfriend tell age 18 and doesn’t drink and wear nearly naked, all her society start to think she is not normal, why we tolerate with this society and criticise our society. Could u please u and Khiri tell me which society’s value will adopt with ur daughters.

Hend Bent Otba didn’t live in the west; otherwise she might change her ideas and belives. Anyway I don’t agree with u in this particular comment.

PH said...

"First of all my apologise to PH, I didn’t mention to ur comment because I felt as they exactly mine, "

3adi ya rajel thats what I assumed.

"Why USA can not attack N. Korea till now?"

It doesn't have oil or gas and it doesn't control a strategic location , like Egypt, so it can be ignored and doesn't have to be engaged ;).


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Brave Heart,
Wow, wow, wow, I've been rather busy wrapped up in work and life so haven't until today read your post with all of it's colorful comments. I must say this is a very interesting and intriquing debate.

Although, I wish those that wish to debate in "annonymous" form would be so brave as the others to reveal their identity, otherwise it is as if talking to a wall or something. For it would seem this individual is passionate about their words even though personally I don't agree with their approach---passionate nonetheless.

Great post as always Brave your thought process and approach.

PH said...

Sorry Brave Heart seems I misread your question; but I don't agree on the US not being able to attack North Korea, don't forget they are at War. And the answer I gave you in the previous comment is to the question why the US hasn't attacked it yet.

salaam and sorry again ;).

white african said...

very interesting topic brave, hope your well bro :)

so when was the last time anyone heard a libyan woman complaining about the hijab?

i swear in al my years as a hijabi i have never complained about wearing what i see as my ticket to paradise.

i love being a hijabi and i cnt imagine not wearing it and i feel far from oppressed, backward blah blah blah.

for those who are intent on throwing negative articles on what i consider a blessing from allah ie the hijab, maybe they should consider the option of invetigating the opression of the fashoin industry now that would be interesting

enlightened spirit said...

we wear hijab coz we are forced to do so, and we are oppressed ??!!! :-o
are u people really discussig that ?!!!
Oh...Mr.Khairi u need to come home for a visit.

thanx brave for rising this issue, and opening my eye on something that I thought it became part of the history, but for my surprise it is still hanging out there in some people's mind, and these people are Arab, Libyan and Muslims !!!

Brave Heart said...

FAIR ENOUGH , alhmedullilh our oil finish :-P

because u love my though, i'll post everyday ;)

I never hear girls complain about Hejab,what i cant understand whats the link between been hejabi and been oppressed. it exactly the same men have beard, could we say they oppressed by their wifes or mothers or they don't have confidence in themselves

thanks for utube it was very nice.i join u and invit Mr Khiri to visit Libya or any Arab country he might change his idea

Khairi said...

enlightened spirit and Brave Heart,

Thanks for the invitation. I am dying to visit Libya and I want to do so tomorrow if anyone can get me security clearance (in official documents not word of mouth - I do not trust anyone with if they cannot back it up officially). Maybe, as you said, I will change my mind, even though with my own free will I doubt it very much :)

Can you imagine that I have not seen my country for twenty six years...? Now that is a life sentence!!

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