Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Birthday


Anglo-Libyan said...

happy 31st :o)

PH said...

Happy Birthday BH :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Brave Heart,
Happy Birthday!
Sing for all the years you have been granted,
Each blessing sing, each child, girl and boy!
Verses sing for all the things you've wanted:
Each victory, each pleasure, and each joy!
No matter age or illness, sing undaunted,
Though you may be by dreams or memories haunted,
Yet sing, and life and love this day enjoy

enlightened spirit said...

Inside every older person is a younger person - wondering what the hell happened?

Cora Harvey Armstrong

nice greeting card I like it; it seems that u r surrounded by a lovely gang.

HAPPY 31st, and many happy returns.

Good Girl said...

Happy birthday Brave heart and many more times inshallah.

Motherland said...

Happy 71st Birthday BH ....oh i think your birthday is 31/08...any way inshallah you will reach to your goal soon. best regards

Crowded Mind said...

Salam ya Brave

31 mara wahda mashaAllah you're old ya 3ami I thought you're 25 or less
I'm kidding happy 31 enshaAllah you'll live more and more happy happy happy years
I like the pic
We used to do this too its nice
soory for the delay
happy birthday
fe aman Allah

Crowded Mind said...

I read the post
every one called you lazy
I laughed alot
change your name brave you're not deserving this word
brave with lazy no no no no it can't be
fe aman Allah

white african said...

happy birthday :)

march seems to be the month for birthdays.

hope you live to see many lazy days :)

Brave Heart said...

Thank you bro.

thanks. where were u been?

u always cheer me up, thanks so much

Enlightened spirit

nothing happen still the younger person control the older person.

u r right they are very nice guys

Thank u so much

at least i'm not 72 :-P


Hahahaha. ok 3ami is better than jadi. i think u mean 25 after 100 ;)
about lazy thing don't believe them they are jocking B-)

Thank u, 2873645482 ameen for ur dua

dusk till dawn said...

salam Brave heart
i know its late , but i wish is a wish ha ha, so bro i wish u a very happy 31st birth day, full of happiness and cheer ,

Lebeeya said...

Happy Birthday Braveheart :)
I wonder how it feels to be 31 years old? Sorry for rubbing it in :P

Arab Lady said...

Belated Happy Birthday & best of luck with your studies.

Brave Heart said...


no worries bro and thank u for the wishes.

it's exactly same the feeling when you have 1232 assignments and still 3 minutes to handle them :-P

Arab Lady
thanks so much, where u been?

3abtash said...

happy bday
have fun

Living Away said...

happy birthday!!

Brave Heart said...

3abtash, Living Away

Thank u so much

UT said...

Happy Belated Birthday !

Wishing you the best in life........


LoveLyH said...

كنت محظوظه وقت بعتلك عالفيس بوك وقلتهالك بس شورني التهيت بالفيس بوك ونسيت البلوق
غير اننا ديما نتلاقوا علي المنسجر
المهم لحقت عليا وبيبدي الفخش البوني يعني

ربي عيطيك ع قيس نيتك يا بطل

sadeem said...

Happy Birthday :)

Be sorry the congratulation lat... :D