Monday, March 31, 2008

Funny leader

وأضاف الزعيم الليبي أن أهم ما في القمة العشرين أن "هناك اعترافا بوجود خلافات ومشاكل وكراهية وتخاذل بين الدول العربية, الأمر الذي تطلب خلق آلية لتنقية هذه الأجواء ولملمة الصف العربي ونبذ الخلافات".

وحول رأيه بشأن الدول العربية الغائبة عن القمة قال "يجب أن نسأل هذه الدول التي لم تحضر ممن تلقيتم الأوامر لكي لا تحضروا؟ نحن سئلنا لماذا حضرنا فقلنا إننا حضرنا لأنه لم يصلنا أي بلاغ".

I can't control myself from laughing when i read the last line.
we Libyan are very lucky,we have the funniest guy in the world

the copy rights for the picture are reversed to Al-Satour


enlightened spirit said...
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enlightened spirit said...

hey guys why no one is commented here yet?
where is ur readers brave heart?
Is this a taboo subject or what?
come on guys, be like ur leaders, have a sense of humor ;p

Motherland said...

Hi B.H ... you still crazy man? ...people do not like comment here because that is adventure want to change your bost to political site...that is discordant to fifa rules ...any way I proposal to gave enlightened spirit medal of brave .... you sure she is woman!!!!.... . best regards

Motherland said...

Believe me B.H ,Mr. olmart do not knew you, if he do ,I think he will change his opinion with Mr. abass .... best regards

Anglo-Libyan said...

funny leader??

more like مضحكة a clown!

hope you are well.

Gheriani said...

Seriosly, are you planning to come back home? I wish you good luck my friend.

Brave Heart said...

Enlightened Spirit
i think the guys don't have a sense of humor. but as motherland said u need a golden medal

u know the relation between me and Olmert.


Thanks for your concern, but believe me they are more stupid more than you think