Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lilly: The World Map Master

She is very intelligent girl


Living Away said...

oh god, she has a very good memory for sure and she is sooooo cute!
i lived in the usa for almost 5 years and i met a lot of phd students that have no idea where were brasil, germany, russia and so on...
that little girl could teach them a lot!

a_akak said...

just goes to show how kids are and masha allah

fe aman allah

a_akak said...

just goes to show how kids are and masha allah

fe aman allah

PH said...

Mashaa Allah smart girl, if only they used a new map without the USSR though :P.

thanks for sharing, salaam

dusk till dawn said...

woooooooooow bro thats what they say some body got a brain, she is so cute ,fun to, iam sure she will do beat us all. thanx for sharing ,

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Brave Heart,
Mashallah what a brilliant little girl. May Allah bless her and her family always.

Good Girl said...

Hi Braveheart:
This is really so clever based on her age is less than 4apparently......majority of adult amaricans donot know their own countrey though......LOL.

Motherland said...

MashaaAllah ... Do u know some one like she in Libya but older than 4 may be 14 or 24.

Maya M said...

To me, this seems a bit scary.

Motherland said...

Brave Heart .... seems the last subject let Libyan friends go a way ... Best regardS

nasimlibya said...

masha allah

Brave Heart said...

Living away
u r right she has good memory, not just American even some European doesn't now anything about the other world.

kids have the best memory compared with adults.

welcome brothers, she is really smart

235365 ameen to ur dua

WHAT'S happen with u guys, American are nice not like their president.

DO U MEAN BH, the guys still here no worries they never scar.

why it's scary

Nasim Libya
welcome to my humble blog

Maya M said...

It is not clear from the video whether Lilly has acquired her knowledge of geography spontaneously or has been taught/trained.
If this "splinter skill" has been acquired spontaneously, then Lilly has strange interests for a 2-year-old and, hence, a non-standard pattern of strenghs and (inevitably) weaknesses. This is, in fact, a proposed definition for disability. When a child has a non-standard mind, people invariably make his life difficult by vain attempts to rearrange his mind for their convenience. I know this because my son has hyperlexia (speech delay and early reading). Everybody is obsessed with his speech delay and its consequences and nobody gives any credit for his reading ability. And reading is a much more useful skill than map knowledge. Several commenters pointed above than many adults in the USA and elsewhere don't know what Lilly knows. This is because they don't need it. I would never say that any sensible adult (other than a geography teacher) should waste his brain cells on memorizing my country's location.
If Lilly's parents have taught her the map, then I think this is 1st degree child abuse. Below, I am translating from Korney Chukovsky's book "From 2 to 5":
"When the Industrial Revolution approached..., John Locke gradually started to adapt children to the coming era. The slogan of child upbringing became: Enrich the children as fast as possible with the most useful scientific data - geography, history, math; down with everything childish, inherent to children, all sorts of plays, nursery rhymes and amusements! Only what is adult, scientific and useful is necessary. The Locke system managed to process the poor children in such a monstrous way that by the age of 5 they were able to locate any country on the globe. Unfortunately, by age 10 these tiny copies of Locke were becoming idiots en masse. And what other than idiot can become of a child who has been deprived of his childhood?... Hundreds of years were necessary for adults to acknowledge the right of children to be children... At last adults understood that if you give a globe to a 3-year-old, he doesn't want to listen about continents and seas. Instead, he wants to roll, rotate and catch this globe - so he needs not a globe but a ball. A ball is more healthier than any globe not only for the physical but also for the intellectual development of 3-year-old children..."
Sorry for the too long and serious comment.

NONO said...