Thursday, March 29, 2007

March's issues

There are two main issue I faced this month, first one I was surprise how many of bloggers or their relative were born in March, I will start by last one lebeeya and her father, Ema’s father, a_akak (Ahmed), Damoon’s sister, Hannu and finally myself, seven person from this a small community were born in march, as I mentioned before most of great men were born in march, this mean I have chance with Ahmed to be some thing great, the definition of great mean I can be a president of Libya of the head of the Mafia I don’t care, about our other halves I read that great women were born in the month number 13, what do u think ? I need ur views.

The second issue was the marriage problem; I think I was talking about this issue nearly daily in this month, which is very strange for me, because I don’t like to discuss any subject more than one time, the start was by my younger brother who sent my family to ask his lady’s hand for marriage and he is planning to do his wedding next summer not this one, his action opened the hell’s gate in my face, all my family start shouting and asking me when u will married and how , why blh blh blh , this kind of useless conversation, I told them I actually married with an old English woman who is 80 and I’m waiting her dead to take her money and go back Libya, I think it’s reasonable reason, my mum asked me (plz BH, I need to see ur children be4 I die) I told her mum u still 50 years this mean depending on the statistics u still have another 25 years to live , which she replied by anger voice ( this kufar’s country destroy ur mind, the life in Allah’s hand not in the statistics books, complete ur study and come quickly be4 u change to Abu Jahel) she told me.

The second time I face the marriage issue when I read in bander blog about ftwaالزواج بنيه الطلاق) ,it allows man to married with نيه الطلاق for 1 or 2 or 3 years when he is outside his country especially when he is in west and there is one condition he must don’t tell his wife about that, how come I don’t know, it’s clearly HARAM, I DON’T KNOW HOW THESE sheeukh think. To be honest I heard this ftwa when I arrived to uk nearly three years now from some Libyan sheeukh in Manchester , and one of my friends told me there is one shekh married more than 12 times using this ftwa, which I replied to him that’s why Qadfi control Libya more than 40 years.

Third time one of my friend who is Algerian need to married one girl and she is Yemeni, her father ask him for £6000 as a MAHER, I told him her father need to sale her not to let her married, and 90% he will buy QAT by your money, I think high number of MAHER is not fair for the both side man or woman, in Libya I think the situation is better than here, the normal rate of Maher is 1000 LD which is good for both sides.

Actually I have many points about marriage issue, I think I’ll blog about it later with your help

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday, as u see I’m getting older and older, if I consider the statistics this mean I reach the middle of the road of this live, the nice thing is that I read that Osama Ben laden 50th birthday was 4 days ago, he is older than me by 20 years, this mean we born in the same week, actually there are many famous people they have a big effect on the world were born in the same month. I wish when I’m in my fifties I’ll have the same effect of Osama on the world but in different way.

Actually I’m 31 years now by HJRI age, I was born in Rabia althani month, the same month that prophet Mohamed was born, and it was Monday as well, the same day.

All this gives an indication about how much potential I have to be one of these who change the world, but I don’t know in which way I can do that, my best friend always telling I have potential to be Almaseekh Aldjal. What u think?

The last time I celebrate my birthday happen when I was ten or nine I don’t remember, it was a traditional in the building where I was live, all the families gather together and everyone bring his gift and make a small party, my last gift was a guitar, I’m always like to have guns and swords as gifts in that days.

My problem is that, I’m looking older than my age, people give me an extra 10 years at least which I find very funny. I have a number of these funny situations which I’m find myself laughing and laughing.

These are my two younger brother and sister, every time I took them me by my car or buy some chocolate for them; people said ربى ايصون انشالله – ايتربو فى عزك , u have a cute children, which I find myself just smiling and say thanks, but inside me I wish to beat them.

In my previous job I attend a meeting with head manger of or company, and he introduce some stupid points which I explained to him it’s wrong and was me only who argue with him, during the argument he asked me, where u were working before Mr B-H, I told him I just graduate last year and this is my first job, directly he asked me what’s ur DOB, I answered, 1977, suddenly he start laughing and told me, walahi I think ur DOB is 1877 not 1977, keep that in ur mind I was in that time just 24.

Now anyone ask my about my age, I replay u can guess, any guesses I’ll agree with him because the most clever one will give an extra 5 years.

My brothers and sisters always telling me that “alhmudullih u r male, because if u r female u will never married” at least I’m lucky from this view.

Any way please, please, don’t cost urself and send any gifts by royal-mail, DHL or TNT, just visiting my page, it’s the big gift for me, but I don’t mind if u send an e-card.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Strange decision

yesterday I read news said that, Libya will not allow women less than 40 years to travelling alone, she must travel with Mohrem, it seems Libya every day going back rather going forward, the problem is the Libyan government is not religious government, that is the main reason for me to ask why why why, I cant understand the benefit of this decision, as an individual I wont affect by this decision,

But this gives a clear indication about how Libyan government think, rather they try to solve women problem like divorced problem, high unmarried percent, they try to make it more difficult, what is the different if a woman travel from Benghazi to Tripoli (1000 km) without Mohrem and woman travel from Tripoli to Tunisia (350 km) she must have a Mohrem, it’s totally not logic.

I think Libyan government try to play with religion issue to let the extremes religious groups attack each other in the country, and the victim always the people.

I know there are some groups they don’t allow a woman to go even shopping, and I think Libyan government play a danger game with the religion issues, if they need to implement Islam laws we will be very happy, they must let people go to pray Fajer without fear, prevent the interest banking for working in the country, close the hotels which dirty women work with, not just take a stupid decision has no benefit.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

i hate writing

walahi guys i'm really suffer these days because of my dissertation, when i started my studies i thought i do engineering master not English Literature master,engineering masters means as i understand using equations, computer systems, numbers any thing related to logic thinking, but my master is totally different, this uni make me crazy ,their system is to write an assignment for each module u attend and each assignment u must write between 4000-5000 words ,do u believe that ,the problem is u r not allowed to write what the others write before,u must understand the subject and write by ur words.
my problem i hate writing and always i like writing every thing as short as possible, even in my language Arabic i can't write 3 sentence in any subject i remember my Arabic teacher in secondary school ask me after he saw what i write in alensha subject "يا ابنى هل انت متاكد انك درست موضوع الجمل المفيده فى الابتدائيه او لا"
in secondary school my degrees were very good in mathematics ,physics,but they were very poor in arabic language.
i hate writing
even in my job in libya , i was responsible to write weekly report about my department ,but i failed and always the management cut days from my wages cos i didn't write any thing .i'm always telling them if u need any information just ask me i will tell u no need to write.
one day they ask me to write report about one problem, i did in 3 sentence do u believe, seconds after the manger read the report ,he phoned me and cut 3 days from my salary and give me lesson in how to write report.
back to this crazy uni my dissertation must be between 15000-20000 words and i just write 2000 ,i know i still have 6 months to finish, i passed two module now and the module tutor's remarks lie on my language body and how i must extend my writing vocabulary in the subjects in the future ,i told them in the future i will use the sign languages in any study i'll do.
what is ur advice?help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz