Sunday, May 02, 2010

Facebook cousins

Whatever arguments facebook has made since the website exist, I admit fb is really good place to link u with ur friends and family members especially if you were abroad. Despite the privacy issues and how our information being exposed to companies and organisations you never heard about them, which in my point of view is not that problem, because I come from one of the third world countries where we have no control or right against who or why and how our information is used. We believe that government knows everything about us, and that’s why I don’t care about privacy issues in the facebook.
My experience with fb is positive in general, because through it I knew many people and been introduced to many others who I though in one day it is difficult to contact them or have chat with them whether because the geographical distance or because we do not have any previous relation and it was impossible to get his contact details.
The other positive thing fb enable me to is to know and reconnect with my cousins, as I am originally from Al-Bida but born and lived in Benghazi my relation with my cousins was very weak, where my relation with my friends and neighbours were very strong .My relation was only with my first tire cousins not anyone else, I remember I met two guys here in the UK and surprisingly they were married to my cousins which I never know or met before, but through fb I was able to find other cousins and know them more in depth, I discover that my cousins are every where in the earth. I get to know some living in US, others in Canada; most importantly I get to know cousins who just live ten minutes away from my home in Benghazi which I never thought they are exist. Now I know more cousins in Benghazi, Tobrock, Tripoli, and most importantly in Al-Bida where my great tribe belong to.the last one I get to know was week through Abduallha (Thanks man).

It is the same with blog, through blog I was able to know more Libyans which Im proud to know them. Now through fb I am able to know my cousins more and more and Im really proud of them, all of them are successful persons in their field. Im wondering now if my grandfather and grandmother have fb accounts.

Moral of the post (I learnt this from Lebeeya) facebook is good tool if we know how to use it correctly.


[Lebeeya] said...

First of all, you need to update more often. The last post was Sunday, March 28, 2010 and it is now Sunday, May 02, 2010!!!!! I know you are busy with stuff, but POST MORE OFTEN!!!!!!!!!! make the site so alive that i feel i have to keep checking it 10 or 15 times a day. ...

I agree Facebook helps you keep in touch and find people you’ve lost touch with. This is very convenient, because it’s easier to write on someone’s wall to let them know you are thinking of them.

However, there is no way you can compare Blogging and Facebook, they do not directly compete with each other. The two platforms serve different purposes. Facebook is for keeping in touch with people (which is impersonal) and blogging is a place to express your thoughts and views (which is personal).

The moral of the comment: Blogging is better than therapy ;)

Enlightened Spirit said...

Lebeeya ... Do u know that this particular post for Brave Heart is delayed for 3 years... Don't u agree with me that he should pay a penalty of late payment fee?

Here is the prove:
He wrote on one post in 2007:

" Alslam Alikum Guys, hope everything is going well with all of you, as all of you noticed that the blog family became very quite last two or three months, Lebeeya is in the top of the list, which she must be busy with her study and work. other reason i think the facebook. has something with this quietness, at least with me, which i'll write about it later inshaliha."
here is the link:

Brave heart...
Agree with most of what u have said...
Moreover, sometimes I find it funny when people blaming facebook for the privacy issue. For me it looks like opening all ur windows and doors widly, pulling the curtains off, then blaming people coz they have looked inside.
There is many ways to control your privacy in the facebook, u can control who see each word and each pct, and each video u put separetly, and at the end u have the choice to not put a private things and info there if that really bothers u.
Some others complain about the applications. I really can't undersatnad that. I don't personally add any application, just very rarely I do that. When u go the grocery do u buy everything ? The grocery is selling something u don't like. Does that mean that Grocery is bad?
Just chose what u like and leave.
Then some others hate facebook because of the silly tags. Ok wake-up, what u really complaining about here is ur friends and relatives not facebook . Surround urself with great people then talk about the silly tag. And as we can't control people mode and taste, facebook put a simple solution for this, Just remove the tag if u don't like it from the begining, and u will not get any silly notification. Does ur friend feel offended by removing the tag. Com'on do u have that kind of friends in ur list ??? Don't blame anyone, Blame urself.

And finally comparing facebook to bloging...I respect all opinions but not necessarily agree with it... This comparison is like complaring a phone to a Book... as Lebeeya said they are not comparable at all...

Did I talked too much, I should have wrote a post about that instead of commenting here.

Keep the posts rolling Brave.

Lubna said...

i totally agree facebook is great IF we use it the right way !

glad u r getting to know ur relatives .. that is what i do too !

[Lebeeya] said...

Enlightened, I'm totally impressed with your detective skills. I’m offering you a position as Vice President of LBMB. You can't turn down the offer. You start work right away.

I totally agree with Enlightened, there must be a penalty for the 3 year delayed post. That’s approximately 1095 days we have been waiting for you to write this post. In addition to that, there is a penalty for not updating your blog regularly, with inflation at around 585.0%, I don’t even understand inflation but I know that’s a big number.

A large sum needs to be paid to compensate for the damages caused. However, we do not accept cash, so you must pay in the form of:

1) New post every day (starting today)

2) You have to LIKE every post by enlightened spirit multiple times, by clicking on the Like button at the end of her posts.

3) Join the LBMB campaign and get at least 4 bloggers (DaMoon, Starlit, Romana, and Mani) to start blogging again.

Kindly note, the above terms are not negotiable.

abdullah SH said...

1st of all u `ve now another penalty " why " ? u wrote my name n wrong way ehe ehe ehe " cry face " abdullah ya ebny ...

wat i can say after DR.PHIL i mean E.S comment ^_^
facebook 4 me succeful website bt as any tecnology thers positive & negative points ...

4 me postitve endless points & negative may 1,2,3,points ^_^


Brave Heart said...

nice post, I mean nice comment :p
u scared me wlahi, it is a three years now since this family was developed, i feel it is just a week or so, how these days pass so quick? will agree with 100%

now u prof Lebeeya is the one should the penalty read this "Lebeeya is in the top of the list, which she must be busy with her study and work" now lebeeya tell us what sort of work or study that last for three years without any update, we lost any connection with for three years that is why all of us were under depression and decided to not blog any more till you come back, and thats what i did. please ES tell the truth and dont support ur gender and say who should pay the penalty.

agree with all what you say, we who control our pages not others. i should say most of the time I get annoyed with some picture tags especially the ones have more than 87684 ppl on it and most of the time i dont anyone only one or two, one day i found 98 unread msg in my yahoo inbox because of this which was silly. in the other hand it is really easy thing to say eid mabrak and this staff in quickest way to large group they know each other and have the same interest.
and as you said removing tag is the simple solution no one will keep his eyes to see who still tagged and who remove his or her name, it is his choise.(YOU REMOVE YOU TAG LEBEEYA FROM MY PICTURE IM REALLY ANGRY AT YOU NOW AND I FEEL OFFENDED)
what i meant by comparing fb and blogging is that, through you i was able to know all of you which really im proud of, I have a very good friend through blogging, through fb I was able to know more my close relatives whom i never know or met before. not comparing the function itself.

welcome back, hope everything is ok with you. my last fb status is about one of your relatives in London :p

u offered me vice president position in secret and now you gave it to ES without any notification, thats not fair. ES this will happen to as well be careful from our mad presented you should keep her always happy otherwise she will kick you out :p

I prefer to pay all my mony than obey to these terms because
1- if i write post everyday, ill be entitle to noble prize of literature which is not good for mankind
2- what you mean by that? i think you mean ES writes no sense posts and we should just keep her happy. thats not true she writes a very nice posts better than her president :p
ES i told you be careful, now she jealous from u, because your writing still

3- i dont know starlit? is she omani?

Mani and Romana disappear since 1876 i think they are in the heven now.
is M Naili (on fb) is Damoon or Mayson i get confused with sisters.

now lebeeya i know your strategy which is attack is the better way way for defend, be ready for my strategy as well, i promise you, u will lose LBMB next election against ES.

Brave Heart said...

I didnt mean you :p. dont talk with my cousin again otherwise ill kill you

[Lebeeya] said...

First of all:

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم، بأن في آخر الزمان تتكالب عليكم الأمم كما تتكالب الأكلة على قصعتها،

Secondly, the friendship between enlightened spirit and me is built on solid ground. We send 7 hearts to each other via Facebook and that’s as deep as a friendship can get. So the FITNA you are trying to create will not work because 7 hearts are a lot of hearts. Enlightened is an incredibly valuable asset to LBMB. I would step down from my position and hand it to her any day!

I offered you a ‘support staff’ position and not the VP position. Stop putting words into my mouth.

1. Not a good enough excuse. Now start writing your new post for the day.

2. ES is a passionate writer and all her posts are great. Now go LIKE her post.

3. Starlit is Piccolina's sister.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam All,

Ok out of all this I had to crack up at this "Mani and Romana disappear since 1876 i think they are in the heven now." I swear I had tears running down my face and then to top it off Lebeeya mentions she and Enlightened's super-duper bond by expressing their 7 hearts on FB-----BEAUTIFUL!

Oh I'm soooooooooooooooo glad blogging is back. I'm feeling more inspired.

What better way to start the week off then with laughter so hard your stomach hurts and tears are running into your morning cup of coffee, which thank goodness wasn't in one's mouth when the laughter began.

Enlightened Spirit said...

Brave Heart ...
Your attempts to sneak to the main chair of the LBMB have failed this time. You chose the wrong place to start your wicked acts.
All the blogshphere know about your evil political intentions to get to the main chair of the nation. And you realized how important is the LBMB and how it can help you acheieve your vicious target.
Lebeeya have told me how you tried to deceit her when she offered you the "support staff" position. Instead of accepting that you start persuading her to get the Vice-president position. But my smart brilliant president "Lebeeya" detected your evil plans, and quickly withdrew the offer.

And all that wasn't enough, when ur main attempt failed you started a a sequence of corruptive acts:

1- Creating a FETNA between LBMB members "Enlightened Spirit" and Lebeeya.This is the biggest sin, we don't even have a section for it in the LBMB. We didn't realize that it might ever happen.

2- Assumption that Enlightened Spirit has no sense of judgment and she just support her gender.

3- Ignoring and pretending that he doesn't know Starlit, who was an importan old member in the Libyan blogsphere. Even though he was entering her blog and commenting about her post. And also confusing about DaMoon and Maysoon. Although he have DaMoon in his facebook friend list and he still don't know who is she!!! that is unforgivable ignorance

4- Spreading the rumor about Romana and Mani's death. We consider that as a bad omen. Definitely not allowed in LBMB.

5- Hurting abdullah's feelings making him cry, and he didn't even try to apoloize. That is over the limit.

Ms President
This is my recommendation:
This member who call him self Brave Heart ( The real Brave Heart is suffering in his burial coz such a man have his name) Brave heart jeopardize the serenity and peacefullness of the Libyan blogsphere. Urgent act must be taken, to get this evil thoughts away from his head.
I am afraid that an execution might be possible solution for his case. But I believe that you will be more skillful in finding a better way to deal with him.

[Lebeeya] said...

ES you raise some valid points in your comment. Superb analytical skills and Brave hearts offenses are bigger than I contemplated. I am glad you pointed them out to the juries/general public.

Thinking primarily from a punishment/justice model, I am all in favor of the death penalty for Brave heart. However, looking at it from a political point of view, this is bad PR for LBMB.

We need to strategize!

abdullah SH said...

braveheartless ...
1st of all u should say thanx ya abdullah 4 introduce me 2 my cousin

2ndly ... say i apologize 2 hurt u by wrote ur name wrongly " u know am so sensitive " ^_^

for E.S & lebeeya
ya gurls ths is so coool dnt let him breath realy now i feel so sorry abt him he looks like " without tooth " ya nari & by libyan language " mes7o beek "

n next time dnt b superman `e women esp libyan women ^_^


Brave Heart said...

glad u like it, u r my best bloger ever (u and lebeeya know why :p)
hows my princess Ameera we didnt c any recent picture for her.

Even you, Brutus (ES)
This is the last thing I can expect it in my life! Lebeeya managed to make fitna between us, she uses emotional tricks on u, and because u r very kind person u believed her, u still have chance to come back and realise the reality which is that (u r better than lebeeya sn u should be LBMB president not lebeeya)this is the only thing scar her and thats why she made this fitna between us, I told her i prefer to be SS under ur management than to be VP under her control

please wakeup u the one should be LBMB president not lebeeya

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