Monday, April 28, 2008

The Road to Iraq

I read this article yesterday, the article is very well written and I think it analyzed the subject in fair way, as you may read this articles, it investigates why the majority of Arab fighters (Mujahadeen) in Iraq between 2006 till 2007 were from Derna. Libya was the second source of the Mjahadeen after Saudi Arabia, but Derna was the first as a city followed by Mecca to supply Iraq war by Majaheedn, and I believe if I still remember Benghazi was the third city in the list. The good thing in this article is that, it shows that how wrong were the western political analysts who tend to say Muslims go to Jihad just because they are poor as the first reason and they try to escape from their bad situation and the second because they are sexually frustrated and after dieing in the war they will marry 72 virgin women in the same time. Well these childish explanations are one of the reasons why the war last till know and we don't know when it will finish and how it will finish. From these points the value of this article comes, the writer himself talk and investigate the Mjahadeen's families and reaches to conclusion is that this guys never went there because they are poor or sexually frustrated but because they have faith in their religion and to defend their people, I think these article must be send to US administration, CIA , and the American army in Iraq, to understand one thing as far as they stay in Iraq as far as Mjahadeen from Derna, Tunisia, Cairo, Jadha, Birmingham, London and New York as well, will come every day to fight them. As far as the article is good in general as far as I feel offended in two times, first when he say women from eastern Libya go to west Libya to work as prostitutes to feed their families which I believe he was given wrong information, I don't say there aren't any prostitutes in eastern Libya, but the way he mentioned was unfair and unacceptable at least for me, and the second one I believe he creates the story from his mind when he said one father of these guys promise him if he bring his son back from Iraq he will slaughter a camel for him, as I know in eastern Libya when we promise we promise to slaughter sheep not camel, which I believe it comes from his western image about Arab life they think Arab life is depending on three main things, oil, camels and four wives.

This is the English Versoin of the article
Finally I think this poem can explain why the guys might go to Iraq

Sunday, April 13, 2008