Sunday, April 29, 2007

Libyan funny story

As most of u, I think have not any ideas about Libyan military system, for that I hope to share with u some funny stories about Libyan military and some of my experience with the military, in Libya after u finish ur graduation u must serve in the military for certain period in order to get job with any sector or company after that, if u don’t serve the military u wont get job it’s easy like that, after u finishing the military period which now just 3 month, u must serve each year one month in ur original camp, actually this month is some times be good because u can find wasta and just go in the last day and collect ur paper shows that u serve this month and u can join ur job, and most of us do that in other word it’s holyday month, or some times ur luck is very bad and they will take u to serve in Libyan border with Chad or Sudan or Niger.

Now come to funny story that pushes me to write the post, last month my friend sent to me an email asking me to contact our camp manger to let my friend go and come at the end of the month to collect his document shows that he serves the military during this month. Actually this camp is my camp as well and I know the guy who manages the camp, he is a General in the military, I told my friend just go to him and tell him B.H ask u to let me go and come back at the end of the month, keep in ur mind my friend is an engineer and has a master degree in the engineering and a supervisor in one of the important companies in Libya

my friend went to this guy and told him B.h eyslm alik and blab la bla , the guy ask my friend how he contact me, my friend told him we always chatting by the messenger, which the guy ask him what is the messenger, my friend explain to him every thing about messenger, which the guy found it amazing and told my friend it’s good invention and ask him to explain to him more and more, the surprise is this guy is managing the most important commutation camp in the military and he doesn’t know any thing about email or messenger or any thing relating to the internet, I wonder if Ameica wants to invade Iibya as it did with Iraq , how Libyan military can face them or how it can mange the communication, I think they will use pigeons is more faster than emails. This is the situation of our military and its leaders they don’t know about any thing in technology even the easy thing messengers or email, the other funny thing is that the guy told my friend he can’t let him go for the whole month but he will ask him to come and serve one day in every week this mean 4 month, now I need from u imagine what kind of service can an engineer do it in the military camp, I’ll give 2 sec to don’t go away, my friend duty was preparing tea for the soldiers, or work as security in the main door to check every one entry the camp and register his name in a paper, remember again my friend is engineer with 7 years experience, supervisor in important company.

This is a funny Libya and how the military function, I have many funny stories with Libyan military and police I think I’ll post about them another time

Monday, April 16, 2007

Brave Heart's life style

1-First of all if you have advice to me about how I can blog a youtube clip tell me please, cos since I transfer to new blog by using my email as username I can’t blog any thing from youtube.

2- Eating habit, I told white African in her blog that I never cock before, and she can not believe that. I swear I don’t know how to cock, in Libya I was frying egg every day 2 some times 3 times a day but here I can say in nearly 3 years I fried egg 3 or 4 times only, my daily food is constant I think since I start study since last October

2 tuna +cheese + hareesa toasts, and one fruit cocktail, I never use the gas, I never use the microwave, I never buy rice or meat, one time when my friend Hamza was here we bought chicken and we didn’t know how to cock it, I think it remained one month in the refergrater, till it called the police and ask him to let us cock it.

My shopping is the same does not change since I came from Libya, always the same stuff, I’m shopping now from tesco and I believe I’m the fastest person in Uk do shopping because I know the places and straight away take the stuff and go to the till, I think it will not take 3 or 4 minutes to finish shopping. My shopping is 5 skimmed milk, 6 fruit cocktail, 6 tuna in brain, one bag of toast, 2 sweet corn, this my shopping since I came from Libya some times there are more stuff but not always.

3-these some pictures show that how I’m messy person and how my room is. i’m that kind of person who loves living inفووووووووووووووووووووووووووضى

some times i forget my clothes in the washing machine for 2 or 3 days some times a week if nobody use it.

i know u will be shocked from these pictures but it's the reality. and i believe 100% if my mum see these picture her pressure will increase and probably it might take a plane to here to sort every thing, she always telling me that i must live in the jungal not in the city.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Are Libyans mature enough?

Since I came to England I met many Libyans from every kind of people, from Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata even from Kufra, the funny guys were from Ghrian, I met those who consider them selves as politics, business guys, student , even I met Libyans who don’t know why they are here.

Before I came here I have a picture about Libyan abroad, they are intelligent, smart, hard worker and the most important thing I thought they are civilized people, to be honest I was chocked, the first thing the Libyan mind doesn’t change any more still close on itself , I’m rarely I met Libyans has friends from other nationality, they try to find their friends from the same city or even the street in Libya and that is it , no more relation no need to interact with other cultures , I think being in England is big chance to know people from every where and know how they think, eat, sing every thing about them. But we Libyan still close mind and when u ask some one why u don’t make friends from other nationalities the answer will be what I’ll benefit from them?

Other thing is that Libyans r divide to many funny group, if we take it from religion view, they divide to salfi people, akhwan muslimeen, jihadist, and all of them they believe in Islam but they hate each other and if u speak or make relationship with any one belong to one group others will see u as an odd thing and stupid person and come to u and tell u all bad thing about these people.

Qurma is the best job for us as Libyans and we can spend hours and hours in Qurma and trying to convince others by our stupid opinion or ideas and if u don’t agree u will open the hell doors in your face.

Other thing we can’t be independent any more, we must have someone who make every thing for us, one take u from the airport, rent a room for u, enrol him in school, open a bank account to him and the most difficult thing is to get good job for him all this u must do it for him when he is sleeping in his room, the reason is he can’t speak English, which is reasonable reason if I don’t see people especially girls from every where, Brazil, china, Poland, eastern Europe do these things by them selves and they don’t know any English word and they don't relay on anyone.

You can’t satisfy Libyans they always see the empty half of the cup and always have excuses about any thing .

I think we have deep social problems inside our society in Libya or here, I think we need an impact to restore our values and principles and being one respected nation.

In the same time, there must be some good people and respected, but they try to be away from this sick society and keep them selves away from this headache.

The funny thing I have strong relationship with three guys I never met, I just know them by the phone, I’m always wonder about this relation how to be strong enough just by knowing them by phone, I swear if I saw them in the street I wont know them.

Any way this our society and we must repaired by any way, I think I mixed things up.