Monday, December 03, 2007

Brave Heart Award 2007

Alslam Alikum Guys, hope everything is going well with all of you, as all of you noticed that the blog family became very quite last two or three months, Lebeeya is in the top of the list, which she must be busy with her study and work. other reason i think the facebook. has something with this quietness, at least with me, which i'll write about it later inshaliha.

walhi guys i think the year become shorter than a week, i hope this year was successful one and u were able to meet ur resolutions. i promised Highlander about my award which i want to share with u in the end of this year. i have the pleasure to announce my Award for the best blogger for 2007 and all of you are invited to participate in this award. as u dont know i'm big fan of football, thats why i take FIFA system to select best player of the year and use it in my award. the way is very easy each one of you can nominate his best five bloggers which he/she believes they are the best.( i know u'll all of u nominate me :-P) it's totally depends on ur views and ideas and i think most of us have open minds and will not feel offended cos she/he dont select him in his/ her list. this mean this award totally depend on selective thinking and not objective one. it's depand on ur thinking and how u can rate the other which point u think it's more important than the other.
ur list it will be 5 names and list it from 1 to 5, number 1 will have 5 marks and the number2 will have 4 and so on . at the end of the month will see which one got the highest marks to take his award from Brave Heart.
let's go on guys.


DaMoon said...

1- Lebeeya
2- Anglo-Libyan
3- Happymoi
4- Ema
5- Maysoon

a_akak said...

1 - DaMooN
2 - Anglo
3 - Happymoi
4 - Leebya
5 - Romana

not in any kind of order but the first 5 to come to my mind

Fe Aman Allah

PH said...

1- Highlander
2- AngloLibyan
3- WhiteLibyanAfrican
4- Lebeeya
5- a_akak

Anonymous said...

salam brave
how are you bro well nice page i didn't know it when i open it It looks different mashaAllah
oki I'll choose
2.Brave heart
3. Being me(BC)
oki thats it for me those people crossed my mind
fe aman Allah

Good Girl said...
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Good Girl said...

hello Brave heart:
well, everybody is star here, and would be extremely diffecult to have the rank, but here we are:
1- ph
2- AngloLibyan
3-dusk till dawn
5-Brave heart

All the best for everybody.

Hiba said...
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3abtash said...

well this is tough. but here i go.
1. Akak
2. maya
3. happymoi
4. benghazi citizen
5. lebeeya

Brave Heart said...

1- Highlander
2- Leebya
4-White African

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi.!?,I think it is hard to choes coueza
i love all libyan bloggers but here you are;.

Anonymous said...


Hiba said...
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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

hey there;
i remeber this old bloggers that i was viewing befor.
3`Tareq(Tareq's Adventure)
and this is one of the new bloggers
5`Cnn Libya

good luck 4 all

Hiba said...
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Hiba said...

Brave Heart
من حقي نختار اربعة مرات علي كل مدونة من مدوناتي صوت
وهو أني مش حانحيرك هلبة بس مع تعديل بسيط في الأرقام

1-Gheriani's Weblog
5-Benghazi Citizen
بس عندي تعقيب ياريت نختاروا احسن مدونات من بابن المنفعة مش من باب الصحبة الي تجمعنا بأصحاب المدونة
لأننا لو بنحسبوها هكي مش حاتكون عادلة لأن كل واحد بيختار صاحبه ويظلم الغير الرائعين زي اخونا الغرياني و أخونا غازي ...وغيرهم كثيرين ومخفيين...
حسيت أن من واجبي نوقظكم لأننا في كل مناسبة أو إجتماع أو مؤتمر يطلب من الجميع ترشيح الأفضل كل واحد يختار أصحابه ومعارفه و يتجاهل المميزين

كانت مجرد ملاحظة نتمني أنها تنحط في الإعتبار...
وللناس الي إختاروني والله أني مانستاهل لأن في ناس أحسن مني
تكتب بحبر من ذهب
وتتكلم بلسانا


PH said...

Brave Heart I think you should do something about the anonymous voters who just popped up. Especially since you don't have a subscription to sitemeter to verify that they are all unique voters and they all have the same writing technique and spelling mistakes :P.
Not that I care much for the results of the competition its just for fun, but I don't think they should be allowed to ruin the competition, nor should their action be tolerated.


Brave Heart said...

leo, sam, yasser, libyanlostmind
did u understand what Ph trying to say???

no worries man, no one can dump BH, i know who this person is.

PH said...

"no worries man, no one can dump BH,?

I knew I could count on you ;).


Hiba said...

ياودي سلومه فالح
قصدي Brave heart

اما ردك علي الجميعة كأنك شاد عصا متع فهمتوا شن قال
وكان مافهمتوش توا نوريكم هههههههه
عليك جو...تي فوتهم بالمسطرة المسطرة الطويلــــــــــــــــة

وكأنكم ماسمعتوا ولا قريتوا شيء..

Anglo-Libyan said...

Eid Mubarak to you and your family

dusk till dawn said...

salam Brave heart
well iam going for
1: Anglo- LY
5:benghazi C. i made all this for the old bloger and the new to, gd luck all

Omar Gheriani said...

Happy and joyous Eid for you and your family.

2 u ALL said...

مشكور على التواصل ..!! وكل عام وانت بصحه وسلامه وعافيه ورزق وفير ..!!؟

Highlander said...

Brave Heart first of all Eid Adha Mabrouk to you and your loved ones !

Second of all this is a great idea and I hope you are tallying the choices my 5 choices are as follows :

Anglo Libyan

Anonymous said...

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