Sunday, May 02, 2010

Facebook cousins

Whatever arguments facebook has made since the website exist, I admit fb is really good place to link u with ur friends and family members especially if you were abroad. Despite the privacy issues and how our information being exposed to companies and organisations you never heard about them, which in my point of view is not that problem, because I come from one of the third world countries where we have no control or right against who or why and how our information is used. We believe that government knows everything about us, and that’s why I don’t care about privacy issues in the facebook.
My experience with fb is positive in general, because through it I knew many people and been introduced to many others who I though in one day it is difficult to contact them or have chat with them whether because the geographical distance or because we do not have any previous relation and it was impossible to get his contact details.
The other positive thing fb enable me to is to know and reconnect with my cousins, as I am originally from Al-Bida but born and lived in Benghazi my relation with my cousins was very weak, where my relation with my friends and neighbours were very strong .My relation was only with my first tire cousins not anyone else, I remember I met two guys here in the UK and surprisingly they were married to my cousins which I never know or met before, but through fb I was able to find other cousins and know them more in depth, I discover that my cousins are every where in the earth. I get to know some living in US, others in Canada; most importantly I get to know cousins who just live ten minutes away from my home in Benghazi which I never thought they are exist. Now I know more cousins in Benghazi, Tobrock, Tripoli, and most importantly in Al-Bida where my great tribe belong to.the last one I get to know was week through Abduallha (Thanks man).

It is the same with blog, through blog I was able to know more Libyans which Im proud to know them. Now through fb I am able to know my cousins more and more and Im really proud of them, all of them are successful persons in their field. Im wondering now if my grandfather and grandmother have fb accounts.

Moral of the post (I learnt this from Lebeeya) facebook is good tool if we know how to use it correctly.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back Again

Sallam guys
it is a long time since my last post, a year and 10 days exactly. Also I should admit this post is response to Lebeeya campaign to bring old blog family back to life.
I have an interesting experience and I think I will benefit from your input about it. as all of us know facebook is take over all the websites and become more important than any other web site. my point is I have to faces or two personality in the facebook which I founded very confusing and not comfortable. I have two account one by my name written by English and the second with my name but written by Arabic. The reason behind of creating two accounts is that. I used to write some status about Libya in my account but this bring more complains from my friends especially who live in Libya and they complain this might affect them because they are in my list (which I believe it is a silly thing). However, I respect their opinion and created another account just for Libya issues and I added only people who has the same interest. The account has my name, my picture, the same information but by Arabic. I thought by doing this I will be ok, but what happened was totally different. I lost the ability to make any states whether in my original one or my new one. Also I started to feel as I am two person and two personalities. I lost the desire to communicate with my friends in both accounts as I don’t know, which personality I should use.
I need your advice shall I keep both of them or delete one of them or just leave it as it is?

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